Dry Socket Treatment: Home Remedies Relief Pain After Tooth Extraction Wisdom Teeth Symptoms My Why

Dry Socket Treatment: Home Remedies Relief Pain After Tooth Extraction Wisdom Teeth Symptoms My Why

Dry Socket is characterized by pain that begins
to skyrocket 2 to 4 days after you had a tooth extraction. Anything before that is a sign
of just regular pain. If you can’t get in to see your dentist you
can go get clove oil contains eugenol which will relieve your dry socket pain. Which is
treatment dentists use to sedate your dry socket pain. Go to the store and get clove
oil, apply it to a cotton ball and lightly bite down on it.
You can also take Ibuprofen which helps control the pain also in reduces the inflamation that
causes the pain. Now dentists prescribe 600 to 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen to help get
rid of your pain, however, you should take whatever the bottle indicates. Some people
find it soothing to take crushed ice water and let it sit at the back of the mouth to
relieve the pain. Instead of lying down you might want to sleep
with your head propped up as lying down increases blood flow and throbbing.
You can also go to the store and buy anbesol or orajel as they are topical anesthetics
and you can gently place it on the area to sooth your pain.
Some people have reported biting down on a tea bag actually gives them relief from their
pain. Tea bags contain tannic acid which helps stop bleeding as well.
If you get dry socket treatment everything is going to turn out fine, meaning it is going
to heal just the same. Its just a matter of controlling the pain while it settles.
You should always get in to see your dentist for any tooth related pain but hopefully these
will get you some temporary relief. Also remember to like, comment, and subscribe.

49 Replies to “Dry Socket Treatment: Home Remedies Relief Pain After Tooth Extraction Wisdom Teeth Symptoms My Why”

  1. This is exactly the information I needed! My two lower wisdom teeth were extracted six days ago. I was still experiencing throbbing pain on both sides of my mouth. So this evening I used the syringe that my dentist gave me to irrigate the sockets. ( I was actually supposed to start this process yesterday but I forgot.) I was shocked to see food particles being flushed out since I thought I had been extra careful with my brushing and rinsing. Were these food particles causing the pain in my sockets? Are my sockets now infected? Will the sockets heal properly? After I flushed them out, the one on my left side felt somewhat better. I need to go to bed but my right socket still hurts like crazy. I just took 400 mg of Ibuprofen. I hope this helps. I'm scared to take more than that because I have been feeling dizzy and queasy all day. My post extraction checkup appt is tomorrow afternoon. I hope I can make it until then! I really thought the pain would be over by now.

  2. Why do some dentist say not to use clove oil on yahoo answers. i know that seems like a weird question, but i'm trynna help out a friend and i don't want to do the clove oil if it's dangerous.

  3. On day 5 of having a tooth pulled. I followed all the guidelines but my blood clot was only present for 2 days Going to get some Eugenol oil today. The pain is so annoying.

  4. Well i got a minor whole in the same region from where the tooth was pulled..the dentist told me that it was deep tissue cut and i need not be worried…im not experiencing any pain but im actully worried! its my 7th day! post extraction of the tooth.

  5. I got my two right wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago. I just got treated for a dry socket today. Can I smoke? Or do I have to wait again

  6. I have 4 dry sockets right now. Avoid them at all cost! All my teeth hurt. Even my ears hurt. It's like having teeth pain and a slight influenza.

  7. got my tooth remove on the lower right jaw teeth number 31.its been 5 days now still feeling pain I call my dentist and he prescribe antiobiotic for me been day 2 now on the antiobiotic still feel a little pain but gonna c if this works.

  8. thank you. I feel much better hearing you say it will be ok. i dont have pain yet but i looked into the mirror to check my socket i saw bone got dizzy and passed out fell into the tub and hit my head pretty good

  9. If one is a sugar patient, the healing process is delayed and the post-extraction pain of the teeth persists sometimes for over a week. Diabetic patients need to control the sugar strictly on a regimental level for the wound to heal. There should be no smoking during this period.

  10. i have 2 dry sockets (i dont actually know) but i havent seen a dentist yet. Does the dry socket heal on its own if u dont seek attention??

  11. Orajel irritated the area and caused severe pain for me, use clove oil and leave some tea in the mouth for a while instead

  12. I am so pissed right now. I got my 4 wisdom teeth removed about 4 days ago. Just today I felt something that I thought was food stuck in my back molars on the right upper side of my jaw and it was very annoying to me. It wouldn't come out no matter how much salt water I rinsed with, so I started using my tongue to loosen it up. It wasn't hardly painful at all and I tasted no blood coming from it, so I had no cause of concern. When I finally removed the SOB, I found- to my immediate displeasure- it was not food, but some kind of white plastic, though very small and soft. I don't know what it was or what it was for, but I do know the surgeon left it there for a reason. It also had a bad smell to it and I tasted that smell in my mouth. I know that is a sign of dry socket. There was no blood, though, so I'm praying like hell all blood clots are still in appropriate place. I really hope this is me overreacting. But I really don't know what to expect.

  13. I had taken out upper wisdom tooth 10 days back and still having severe pain . radiating to temples and headache is severe.specially in the night after lying down to sleep.cannot sleep due to pain in head same side where wisdom tooth is extracted. advil helps but not much. any remedy?

  14. Thank you for explaining detail by detail. I was worried that I had a very bad dry socket but I think I don't. I got my molar pull out on Friday it's been 4 days and it still hurts but not to the extreme. Problably is just the normal routine of pain. My jaw hurts and the bottom section where my molar was that's the only pain I have. How can I clean it is there anything over the counter I can buy to clean the area

  15. I have dry socket start taking Metronidazole 400mg and paracetamols and ibuprofen still I have pain more than 24 hours
    Can I take pineapple juice

  16. Nice and straight to the point. I'm suffering with it as I write this. Clove oil does work and seems to last for 4-5 hours.

  17. Ohhh it suckssss!!!!!! Currently on antibiotics and my dentist put some fibrin in the socket. Im avoiding food for a couple of days and will be drinking water with my head tilted to the left. ?

  18. Day 5 since extraction (wisdom tooth) pain is getting unbearable, was refused painkillers by the oral surgeon and told to take otc paracetamol. – ended up having to buy dihydrocodeine illegally (Cheers NHS ??) and still in pain.
    I was given no after care instructions or apparatus to clean the sockets. No mention of clove oil or anything!

    How long does dry socket pain last anybody?

    I’m gonna end up buying skag at this rate lmfao ?

  19. @ Jay Wilmott you obviousely ARE a SKAG and a fucking coward…dishing stupid crap out but then discovering that you have no balls… deleting your comment!
    Grow up ya sad ass!

  20. I read somewhere and I don’t know to try it. What I read is you can use clove oil on cotton or gauze pad. Roll them in a ball so it can sit in the dry socket (hole) and add a few drops of clove oil and place the ball in the hole. This is my 2nd dry socket. Should I try this? Orwhat is advised in the video

  21. This is all bullshit.. Get back to your dentist asap.. This could lead to bad things like septice.. Your jaw bone is exposed for christ sake..

  22. If anyone sees my comment the ONLY thing that will work at all is dipping cottonballs in clove oil and putting it in the hole. Ibprofin and pain medication will not work. Your bone is exposed and the nerves are No drug will help it. Dentists use clove oil and gauze and stuff the hole. Trust me you want relief do this and thank me later.

  23. Clove Oil is the ONLY thing that stops the screaming pain of a dry socket. I have tried them all and ONLY CLOVE OIL WORKS. This guy is right. Without Clove Oil you will not be able to sleep and even with Clove Oil you will have to get up at night when the pain comes back again to put another Clove Oil compress on the dry socket again. My dry sockets lasted 10 to 15 days and it is pure HELL all the way. If you go back to the dentist he will use Clove Oil but he can pack it right down into the dry socket so that it stops the pain for a bit longer. You will have to have this done every day at the dentist for about 10 days so if you work you may have a problem getting there, but you can do it for your self with Clove Oil and cotton wool. Good luck.

  24. just got 4 wisdom teeth extracted exactly a week ago. had massive dry socket on my bottom extraction sights until yesterday. my entire bottom jaw to my cheek bones were in excruciating pain all day, because i didnt want to take ibuprofen because it would just get my hopes up about the pain going away, only for it to come back hours later. the pain is so bad. feeling way better now though after my dentist stuffed dissolvable gauze covered in clove oil inside the sockets

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