DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Prevention Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Prevention Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody, it’s Doctor Jo. My friend from
the interwebs, Scottish Geeks, asked me to do some exercises on how to prevent DVT. So
let’s get started. So a DVT stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis. Which can be a very scary
situation and it can be life threatening. A lot of times when it happens, you haven’t
moved for a long time. So sometimes it can happen after a surgery, but sometimes it can
happen just on long trips if you’re not very active, like in a plane or just traveling
cross country because you’re not moving those muscles in your legs. So they way to prevent
that is to keep your legs moving and you can do some very simple exercises. Do them, you
know, every 30 minutes to an hour, especially if you’re in a long plane ride, like maybe
a 10 hour plane ride, maybe like a 10 hour plane ride or something like that. So just
to start off with, you want to do a simple ankle pump. And I’m gonna do it in a chair
cause most of the time you’re seated in those small plane seats or in a car seat that you
don’t have a lot of room. So just start off with a simple ankle pump. So pushing down,
coming back up. Nothing big, nothing crazy, but what that does is it works that calf muscle
like a natural pump to keep that blood flow circulating cause what happens with that DVT
again, you’re not getting that good circulation in your legs and then a blood clot forms and
if it breaks loose, then it comes up into your chest and then it can potentially kill
you. So that’s very scary. Do about 10 or 15, switch sides. Do both sides, make sure
you’re doing both sides for these. And then after you do 10 or 15 then take a little break.
Then with your feet on the ground, actually come up with your heels and then come up with
your toes. So just pushing up and then pulling up with your toes. So then this is getting
both sides. This is getting the front part of your legs and those calves in the back.
So same thing, just do about 10 or 15. You don’t have to go crazy with them. And just
get everything moving nice in there. Then take your knee and just bring it up, straight
towards the ceiling. So now you’re kind of getting the hip moving a little bit as well
as the knee. So again, 10 to 15, and then switch sides coming up this way. So this is
stuff you can do even if you’re in a small space if there’s a chair in front of you where
you can do big kicks, just bring those knees straight up. And then the last thing you want
to do, just kind of cross your leg over, and massage that calf muscle. It doesn’t have
to be anything specific or crazy, but you’re just kind of pushing around on the muscle,
massaging it a little bit. You can kind of push up towards your body like this, just
to get that circulation going in the calves so it’s not sitting there potentially getting
that clot. And then again, make sure you’re switching sides, massaging that calf muscle.
You can even, you know, kind of massage the whole leg if you want to, but the calf muscle
is the biggest one. So there you have it, those simple exercises will help prevent a
DVT, if you’re sitting for a long time, or if you’ve had a surgery and you’re not able
to do a lot of moving very quickly. So if you have any questions, leave them in the
comments section. If you’d like to check out some other videos, go to AskDoctorJo.com Don’t
forget to like us. And remember, be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon.

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this, it is an issue very close to my heart. well not too close lol Hopefully they don't move up that far. but yes thank you so much for this Doc you are awesome!!

  2. For some folks having a high platelet count can cause blood clots? I knew that sitting for long stretches can cause problems, but what about genetics and blood clots.

  3. sorry for delayed response you asked me Did you have an injury or was this just from over use? ,yeah you was right i think this happend of over use(rode bicycle for nearly two and half hours countinously) but unfortunately doctors on my location have no proper reason they even do not knowing or beliving this incedent, they always try to compremise me as this just pain due to over use and defecency they gave me pills for curing it.But am not full compremised with the results and still getting pain on knee mostly left one.. what would you suggest?

  4. Excellent video, I try to do as much movement as Economy Class allows and will be adding the knee raises and calf massage.

  5. Good video Dr Joe. This happen to me. I had a clot go to my lung. Very painful. they found it with a mri. Thanks for the info.

  6. I'm currently in Bali on holiday, I arrived last Friday after a sixteen hour flight (short stopover after a 12 hours flight) and my ankles were swollen when I arrived, although one ankle was worse than the other, the swelling has gone down considerably but not completely, but they are very painful and I'm finding it difficult to walk, could this be a sign of dvt?

  7. i"m a medical transcriptionist and I sit on the computer for like 13-14 hours continuously daily and sometimes I get pain in my lower calves or restless leg type symptoms, what should I do?

  8. so i am from pakistan since 8 years i am a dvt patient blood clots in my feets and also wound found in my feets and when i am doing exercise i am feeling pain ??????

  9. thanks for the info… had a dvt last year and and got thru it ok. don't want one agian will do these exercises

  10. I've had leg swelling (puffiness) since 2007 when I was in my early 20s I've flown planes several times, although the last time around I started panicking bcuase of chest tightness and lower back pressure when the plane was ascending/taking off.
    I went to the Dr. a few times over the past years and he never really mentioned much, just to lose weight and gave me water pills. It hasn't done me harm (i.e. I work out a few times a week running and am pretty active).
    I'm freaking out nowadays and don't want to go on the airplane to any trips because of my (minor) experience last time around (which might have just been an anxiety attack).
    This video is great as I sit for 10-12 hours at a time without moving (office job) and will give these a try., especially in early mornings, since I always wake up with sweaty ankles.

  11. Does altitude on a plane make DVT worse or is it the same as seating on a bus seat or just sitting at home?

  12. I have DVT in left leg and undergoing warfarin treatment. as design engineer I used to seat for 4 to 5 hours in front of computer.
    can this exercises help me to prevent future DVT problems???

  13. My question is this… if someone has undiagnosed DVT could these exercises be potentially dangerous? I only ask because I'm a web developer with 8+ hour days and I have been having tenderness on the underside of my right thigh. Doesn't appear to be swollen, just tender where my my leg would normal begin to hang off my office chair. Not to mention I had a bad habit of putting my left ankle over my right knee, adding even more pressure on the veins in my right leg. I suspect that DVT is a possibility so I have an appointment to see my doctor on the 10th. Worst case, if I do have DVT, could this possibly help force that clot from my leg to another, more undesirable, spot in my body? Would adding aspirin to my daily regimen possibly help combat DVT?

  14. Thanks, will follow your lead. Was told I could have it but I question do I have 2 have all of the symptoms which I do not or just some of them? No nausea, fainting, coughing up blood, no pain, no warmth 2 the touch. take 3 baby aspirin 2 keep blood flowing, great if could get feedback. thanks 4 listening.

  15. Hi Jo I diagnosed DVT at the age of 23 now I m 27 but still doctor told me to take warfin . its really depress me . doctor telling me that you have to take warfin for life time. Please advice. DVT and varicose vein in my left leg.

    And I love to go gym. Can I do cardio and fat loss exercises . today I having pain in my right ankle should I continue exercises

  16. Thank you so much for this video and important information. I lead a sedentary life because I craft a lot and sit most of the time. I do climb stairs about 4-5 times a day and walk my dog every day. I'm so glad to be able to do these exercises while sitting, no matter where I am. Thank you again.

  17. Hello doctor… could you help me to make a video for DVT Ecerxices to reduce the DVT problem , because my child have a DVT problem too.. Thank you very much

  18. For last 2 years i just started feeling pain in my knee .. with time passage it become worse nd worse… lumbar spine is also affected by this pain nd feet … consulted with doctrs lots of time but thy did not found any thing … i m just losing my patience …. its hurting my whole left side … infact my neck also … wht i should to do

  19. Im dvt patient since 8 years still using warfarin can i do ths exercise….nd what should i do bcz my legs become mch fat and my right arm too

  20. I just recently got diagnosed with a DVT and PE which landed me in the hospital for two days. I then found out I had Factor V Leiden which I inherited from one of my parents which most likely caused this issue. I'm only 31 years old but I learned a hard lesson that you shouldn't work yourself to death at a desk…

    If anyone of you want to check if you have a predisposition for abnormal blood clotting you can use your raw DNA information from ancestry DNA or 23andme to make sure your don't have a blood clotting disorder. You use promethease DNA to check if you have a likelihood of such. Hospitals do their own test but it's astronomical in cost… If comparing to the practically freebie from using the above method…

    If however you suffer from paranoia I don't recommend it. The other results might make you worried, your chances of getting other issues from the ones shown aren't completely accurate.

    I'm now on blood thinners for 3-6 months, I wear 20-30 mmHg compression socks that I bought on eBay for $20 for a set. You wear one on the affected leg when sitting,exercising, or throughout the day.

    To top it off on a better regime I recommend a standing desk adapter as of which I now incorporated, standing desks are pricey!
    I bought mine on Monoprice for $100!!! That's very cheap btw for one, I now alternate 1 hour sitting 30 minutes standing with stationary leg movement for blood flow.

  21. I'm active gym enthusiast and I got a DVT by working out legs. No one is safe, a small clot segment made it to my right lung. I was on heparin for 5 days, and then switched to elliquis. They found a DVT on my left calf. No symptoms, just freak accident. I actually went in to get allergy medicine and staid for a PE and DVT I had no idea I had.

  22. My leg +foot suddenenly ballooned. Went to ER amd was told had a DVT. Now I am scared to die. Taking Rivaroxaban. Will the swelling go away? I am walking alot. Tall/thin body.

  23. Mam
    My husband have this clot in left leg sins 2007
    Please give solution for this
    Dr.,treatment, therapy all was done but not a good result.

  24. Lately I get stiff calf pains after only an hour of sitting at my desk, Does that sound more serious? What type of doctor should I see to rule out DVT? Thanks

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