Dynamics of Building a Successful Homeopathic Practice- Dr. Munjal Thakkar

Dynamics of Building a Successful Homeopathic Practice- Dr. Munjal Thakkar

SO I say building a
successful homoeopathic practice is like taking
the bull from its horns. Why the bull is involved haan I was
wondering why this bull thing come to me because the 1st thing that
happens is you are scared, out in the world you are scared. Don’t know what is to be done. You in the nice secured bubble of the
college and out in the nasty world. And that too business of which
we are no taught the B right?? You are taught academics,
academics and only academic and we are brilliant with that. So the bull came
because of the fear and then when you have fear you
don’t even know what to do with it. And anyway the only option we
homoeopaths have is to face the bull. We don’t have option like the MBA’s where we
are going to have a job into a corporate. Especially when I was out,
there was nothing. Trust me! Now there are opportunities
cropping up for you guys. So this idea of bull came to me. So what happens with the bull.
This!! Yeah This!! Or this!! Yeah We always wish the later happens but unfortunately putting down
the real story of homoeopathy is 1st the former happens. From the batch of 100 I don’t see more
than 10 students getting into homoeopathy. You all agree with me on this. And this was the reason I
thought we did this talk last year in Ahmedabad and I was really
thinking that what happened to me when I went through very very
difficult time with my practice. Because I had nobody,
no know how. You tell me an acute case or
chronic case I have a know how, let anything come to me Let even a cancer case come to
me on my 1st day. I will do something atleast. But what do I do to this bull. I don’t know at all,
I have no knowledge. And I come from a family from last
3 generation all are into service. So whatever business genes
we have all have subdued. Yeah. Only my mom came from
a business family. But that’s the X
chromosome you know. So that was silent and I
did not know what to do. So I was pained one with the
fact that the students I teach I only see 2, 3, 4, 5 countable
actually into practice, sustaining into practice,
sustaining the heat of practice. But most of them try for a year then there is something else and then
there is something else. We don’t know what is happening. Guys homoeopathy cannot afford
to lose a single individual, I am so convinced about it. Not one student has to
leave the field and go because he doesn’t know
how to set up a practice. It is with this intention with this aim,
that I thought of this idea last year and I believe it is the
biggest blind spot of the whole homoeopathic community
we never ever talk about it. So I don’t want one of
you, not one of you to leave the practice for any
damn reason, any damn reason. Each one of you will ride
the bull that is for sure. So I said I will put actual
figures of practice. We see what happens. So that you have really grounding, ground
feel even before you are into the clinic, for those who haven’t started and those who are into very early years can
also figure out how it actually goes through but the note is
“this is my bull”. Your practice may not
behave like this okay but there will be a range, there won’t be a two
very different things. So we do the actual case. What according to you will go
into building up a good practice. With whatever
knowledge you have. What do you think.? Anybody? How do you think you can
have a good practice. Imagine you didn’t listen
to dr dinesh before.. results results number one Number 2: three things the patient coming
doesn’t expect much. how can he does not expect much sometimes pt come and say
we saw your board no but does that
goes into building. What are the building, prerequisites
of building good practice. No1 – results, honesty. Availability. So we stop at 3, there
can be many more. I had all three of
them yet I failed Failed not once on 3
separate oaccasions. So the biggest blow that a homoeopaths
gets is to his self esteem. Imagine failing for 3 years
and 3 different attempts, standing in front of the
bull again say come on. It requires something. It’s the faith,
it’s the intention. When I failed I also thought I should change
my field and go somewhere things are easy. I tried also. But that inner being doesn’t
suit so I came back. And then see what happens. The first step that needs to be done is to
define what you want to be accomplished. What your success is, what success means to
you. Ma’am you have asked this question. What is success for you and what
success for me is different. So better quantify,
exactly, precisely. I said I want to see one new
patient every week when I started. This was my quantification and I am going to put all my energy into
getting that 1 patient for the week. So each one of you have to
define very very sharp. There can not be I want big practice.
What is big? I want to be rich, what is rich? Everything is very relative. So you
have to define what is your success. Till you don’t do it.
Your energy is scattered. You have no goal to go. Once you define. We’re going to come back to
this 1st slide at the end of the session. Once you do it. Put all your
energy, all your energy. When I failed, I went to Dr
Sankaran and told him what to do. I said there are no
opportunities in homoeopathy. Most of you also that know. He told “no opportunities,
create one” That struck me you know. If you have no opportunities go
create and opportunity for yourself. That’s what you have to do. I
took that and I went with that. That one advice changed
my life completely and then trust. You trust in your efforts. Most homoeopaths don’t
trust in their efforts. They are governed by what the patient
feels and reacts to seeing them. Yeah, that’s what we do in. But
you have to trust what you do. This will only come when you have put
down your goals in front of you. Stick up the goals on your
wardrobe everyday read it. Every single day read
it without fail. Morning- evening. Specially
when you go off to bed. I will tell you the reason
why when you go off to bed. And trust the universe.
That is going to happen. You know shahrukh khan’s
dialogue._om shanty om what was it? I forgot
that dialogue. Fantastic dialogue. the entire universe
will help you achieve your goal… Go listen to it. Its
very very empowering. So lets see the trend. You see the blue line that was the
number of cases I saw in the early days. And after that and after 5 or
6 years you see the red line. So something happened and you
see many lines near the blue. So the initial year there was
more or less no progress. Static. if I saw 1 patient I continued
seeing 1 patient only. Didn’t move then
something happened. So I am actually going to
put down what happens. RESULTS! My early years 40%
good follow up. Patient felt they were
getting better whether they were getting better
or not I don’t know. They perceived it. Well but there are very few who
actually perceive it that way. Most of the time you have done some good
to them, I am not talking about cures. I am talking about relieving their
suffering, simple, bottom line, every single of you
can give some relief. I am not talking about
brilliant cures, relief! And 54% dropped out. I did this statistics after 5 or 6
years of practice. I was shocked. Same number exact. And I thought I am learning. I am upgrading myself
every single day. What’s happening. If in 5 years of active learning
I gave my 100% of free time when I sit without a patient, I would
sit and read about the subject. I said I have to excel
there is no other way out. With that effort in 5
or 6 constant years this is going to be my
statistics it going to be very unlikely in next 10 years
this is going to change. Now what.? So what changed then why
the number of patient increased. Sir you had a question know.
RESULTS! Results constant but patient
number goes up. Why? So I thought lets look at what’s happening.
Why this happened. These are actual figures. So I said let me look at the dropouts.
What’s exactly happening with the dropouts. The 1st 30% of the
total dropouts, 30%. 100 patient dropping out 30 are dropping out are
1st followup dropouts or very early dropouts
with 3 months. And I believe this is the trend cutting
out across the board in homoeopathy. Barring after a different level. In the 1st initial level to
the middle level this is going to be the trend, I
am pretty sure about it. 30% of the patients and
then interestingly. 30% of the patient dropped because
of the perception problem. Perception of what? Perception of how they
perceived you. They didn’t liked me with beard
they left me. True!! I yawned the other day, you yawn in
front of the patient, you are sleepy, you are not doing the case well.
She went, never came back. So this perception it shows. And then the perceive
homoeopathy. this will work slowly, what you will do. They would call up, ‘I want you to see my
son, he is an asthmatic; right now he has got asthma, once he
settles down, I will come to you.’ Still I experience that. Okay. I believe lot of
us experience that. once acutes settles they come to us, when acute returns go back
to the allopathic physician when acute returns go back
to the allopathic physician. Because homoeopathy
can’t do anything. hen what happens when you are
actually in that trap. Six months, six attacks and all of them
he will go to allopath and you are waiting one day he will give
you an opportunity to treat the acute. And at the end, my son’s attacks are
remaining constant what are you doing. What am I doing and they
will eventually leave you. So patient perception about
you or about homoeopathy that is another factor I felt very
critical and you see the two. The 1st follow up dropout and the patient
perception are very proportional and I believe this was the
trend that happened here also. Now you see the 1st follow
up dropouts after 6 years from the previous one
have drop down to 26%, 4% shift is actually
not big shift you see I would say anything more or
10 or 8 would be of some significance. But interestingly the perception
issues, 24% again that dropped down. When you put it together it comes down
to 50% and in previous years it was 60%. 10% is significant shift. The other factor that
you feel is distance. Distance perceived or actual between you and
the patient is a major reason for drop out. So very important is to
connect with the patient. Then you have very
very tiny things. One is there are people
who have this tendency, they go to all the possible doctors they will stay for
one or two months, they have 2-3 follow ups and eventually leave!! people who say they don’t have time. So those people are
going to be there. Okay then. There are patients who
actually dropped down who are incurable, very
difficult pathologies; cases with advance stages of cancer, bad parkinson’s. So bad pathologies. And bad pathologies combined
with they are away from you. Then surely very difficult
cases to manage. I will tell you. I am just
telling you the reality. This is the ground reality then we
see what to do about ground reality. And why this ground reality
is actually happening. And then you have people
who have medical mistrust across the board Doctor ne patients who believe Doctors
are setting to extract money There is nobody else. So those
are the people you will meet. Very few 5%. Then there will be some people
who have issues with money. See interestingly here was 5% and here also
it came to 3% so there is no big change. So what about charging?. I don’t charge the same what
I price in two different states of my practice
they were different. Yet the number of
people are same. So this is the issue with drop out.
What happens. Why do they drop out. This is reasonably, I
have gone through every patient and checked why
they have dropped out. And I have put it down. There are
some you don’t know why the drop out. So that blind spot
will always remain. Now lets check of good follow up. As you see
bad follow up you also see good follow ups. Why are the people
following up with you. 70% people followed
up because of result. So results are very important. But not just results,
not just results. Result but the
services you deliver! What you mean by
services you deliver.? Availability. Be there 24*7 there is nothing less
than 24*7 there are no holidays. 24*7 and at the time we started practice.
We never had mobile phones. So things would be difficult
at that time but now. We have the god yeah. The mobile and the internet. So 24*7 services to your willing
to be with them any time. Especially children cases, 2am in the night,
I remember one patient, early days. there were new wireless
phones out in the market and I didn’t
want to lose even a single patient. So I carried that big Reliance handset
and went to the movie theatre And this guy he called
me on other landline. The wired landline fortunately
my mom was there. And she said this guy has
gone to see a movie. And he is in Chennai. And this guy very
very panicky patient but by god’s grace he called up my house
at 1:15 and I was there at home by 1:30. Immediately I called him up. And I told okay take this medicine
and his child got better. Till date he was my
very very 1st patient. Till date when he will
introduce me to anyone, he will say this doctor This Doctor called me back at
2:00am after watching a movie This is what I mean by service.
Your service is. forget everything, your availability
has to be flat. Give your mobile number to your
patients, initial days give. Open yourself completely, tell
them you are completely for them. Don’t be Miser. Got it. Then, there is one interesting shift
if you can make out from the graph. There are people who
will follow up with you because they have faith in you.
this doctor will do good to me Everyone of us have
those kind of patient. don’t know what he sees in you. That same patient
previously he came he didn’t like your face
earlier and he walked away and this guy feel, this doctor will make a
difference. And they will stay with you. You never ever lose
these patients. They are gold, even if they leave
you, they will send patients. Never ever lose the faith
of the patients that is the toughest thing to get. Its
tougher than the result also. One of the contributing
factor to bring this faith is the result one of
them just one of them. If you see from 5-6 % it shifted to 22%
that is the reason why patients came. Number of patients went up. The faith in you!
The faith which you create in the society. I am not talking of patients,
I am talking of society. Mind you. And good
communication and results. Now if you check the
results 42% good results out of 49% of the total population
that came to me and dropped out, out of that 42%
are good results. Infact I have separated but in actual
practice the good result, the faith all this come together haan. it is not that the one’s with good
results are only with you because
of good result and the one’s having faith are only
because of faith, that is not how it works This is all package
that comes together. So what happening. What didn’t change, the drop
out rate and retention rate. The good result rate also didn’t change,
failure rate also didn’t change. 1st followup drop
outs didn’t change. The faulty perception didn’t change
and cost sensitive didn’t change. And what changed. Retention due to
better services, better communication and trust in the physician. Now if you look at this, what is the
implication of all this statistics. What is the implication. Haan I believe I can
safely extra pull it. This is going to happen across
in any homoeopaths board. Anybody the total number
of patient might change but this is going
to be the pattern in any homoeopaths practice and even in some doctors
across medical field also. So biggest importance of
this data sharing that I am doing is to give you a
focus in your practice, don’t go and start changing
people perceptions. You will break you head,
nothing will happen. Don’t try and get too frustrated
about the failures you have but at the same time
don’t get complexioned. Giving a good result instills faith
in the patient, remember that. But at the same time
don’t get desperate if you get 1 failure, you lose your self-esteem And when he is better
he is like a king, he knows everything and
he can treat everything. So practice is a balancer. Go to the best of the Homeopaths. You will see one week. Superb
result, superb result; everyone is doing well and you start feeling good
and then the very next week even the patient with a
boil doesn’t get better; this is the fact that I have
seen over so many years. So now you have kind of
equalized everything if patient is better there is something that
is working for you okay. So now lets talk of the factors that
are really in your hand to control. So what are the
factors in your hand. How you can build trust. Your availability
is in your hand, the service you deliver
is in your hand. Your academics is in your hand.
great.! So chief determinants of
retention is you give some relief to the
patients in his suffering, 2. The services you
provide is trust. Communication is one of them and there
are other factors one or the other which indirectly off course comes to
you is Mr A has refered Mr B to you. Mr B is not getting well
with you for some reason. But Mr. B trusts MrA If I am referred by him, this Doctor should be equipped). Because some day in the past you have treated
Mr A very well and done good to him, that has instill the faith. Don’t leave the opportunity Every single moment. Right now in the moment I am working building
trust amongst all of you. It’s an unconscious process.
Just happens. Just be aware of it little
bit and you see the magic. What are the chief determinants
we already discussed. I noted on trend if the patient
getting better or not getting better. If he persists beyond 3 months very
likely he will persist beyond the year. Or atleast up to a year. Once you
cross the barrier of 1 year. And couple of more moths. Because one
year he starts getting restless. its been a year now. Couple of more months.
2 years confirmed. You can take my word on you. and if he crosses the barrier of two years.
Then you have him 5 years for sure. This I know for sure. And once the 5year barrier is crossed
he is with you for life time. Even if he goes to an allopath
for any other reason, , whether you were contactable
or not contactable. He is with you. today my 1st patient in
Ahmedabad whom I consulted. I took a mattress and sat down,
like how the collectors have one and I had no clinic. I made him sit across on that same
mattress and asked him to give me the case. He has shifted to
Canada for last 8 years and trust me he still follows up with me
every every month he will give me followup the whole family. And they have never taken allopathic
medication even if they are there. They struggled and waited to get
the homoeopathic medicine there. That is the level of faith that you have to create
in every single patient, your attempt has to be that you may succeed or may not
succeed is a secondary issue. Communication skills! What dinesh was talking about. Talk talk talk!! And talk whats in your heart. Don’t talk anything less
than that or more than that. Just be honest. I remember these allopaths
would come and ask me what do you think you
can do with sterility. So the common answer would
be ehh we can do everything. Who’s sterility I asked
him male or female. ok He will say male. it depends on what is the cause. But next question he
will not ask you. You know what are you implying. You are telling him. Look
guy I am not any ordinary non thinking homoeopath
as you guys think. You know I can tell you fantastic
communication methods. I shifted to ahmedabad the story I will
tell you later not a soul knows me. Trust me, not a soul. Last six generation
have never stepped in to ahmedabad. I had only visited ahmedabad twice
before see a friend of mine and IIM. So what to do. Patient came and I knew my forte. I was very good with
medicine, clinical science. Very very good. So what I did he came with a
prolapsed disc His detail examination did. You
know how a detailed examination of a neurological examination will take.
It took me good 45 minutes. Every dermatome I checked 45
minutes at the end of 45 minutes. I could precisely tell which
dermatome the sensory loss is there and I put it down in the
note to a neurologist. I wrote his detailed history and examination finding and I said this seems to
be my probable diagnosis but I would like to know
your very valuable opinion. That patient went to the Doctor and
next day I got a call from him. Fantastic!! I said what happened. He said I read your note. Even GP’s(general
physician) don’t write like this to me. Even MD physicians
don’t do this to me. I got a stamp. In two weeks time his son
was there as my patient. Same thing happened one child came.
Autistic child. And I worked a lot with
spandan with autistic. I saw him and noted his complete
history, filled 2 pages. then sent him to the
pediatric neurologist Again she comes and
congratulates me. Congratulations. These notes even my MD
pediatric students don’t write and you as a
homoeopath is writing. In two weeks time she
came with her son. They will never forget you. I used my forte. Remember
each one of you has strength, each one of you has
some strength. Capitalize completely on it. Don’t leave
it. For me medicine was my strength, academics was my strength.
I captured on it. You may have
something different. Communications! No 1 is talking. When you talk never deny
patients perception. Patient comes and tell you
Because of your medicines I got worse. Don’t get into an
argument with him. You will never win. I
had this one patient. don’t know what happen to him He took 1 dose of the medication and
after 3 days got an aggravation and then he fires me. he came to me saying such and such thing
happened to me and I had to rush to my allopath
and things got serious etc etc So before that patient
attend to me. Assistant attended and
she got into argument. She said Homeopathic medicines
don’t cause any side effects and this is not possible as we have given
you the best dose. Return my money back as I will
put across legal charges on you I heard him, then I spoke. I said I am so sorry that this has
happened to you and you have to suffer. Moment I said, he calmed down. Why because you address
baba you are suffering. And he is whether he has perceived,
real, because of any other cause for him its his reality. You have
to address it and endorse it. And I said ok. Then I said my side of story. So explained him,
yes it is an Homeopathic aggravation I asked him have to seen
an allopath in early days? He said yes they gave penicillin
test dose after which some patients died I conveyed what I had to convey to
him, he accepted he was there at back. You don’t ever fight the
patient perception. It is reality for him. It is reality
for you. You can’t change it. You only have to move over it. Accepts is present I told you. I will tell you another story. This patient of mine he
didn’t follow up. I made a brilliant prescription.
This guy didn’t follow up. I normally call after a month.
I normally call up the patient. But at the same time I never call
up the patient more than two times. Beyond that you appear
cheap, so you don’t call. So I call up 2 time.
if he doesn’t come, then leave it If he does not answer
then don’t call up again This I learned from doctor sankaran.
Like what dinesh said. Toh I call. It made
tremendous shift in practice. So when I called him he blasted me. Your medicines are useless I have
thrown it out of the window. It was like a shock to me.
I said what happened. Last time I had diarrhea and you
didn’t pay attention to me. d you didn’t pay attention to me.
This never happens to me. I usually pay deep
interest to what patients say. And this is happening really with you.
Then you have a reality check then. I will take it damn seriously. Number 2 even if I
have not done it. But patient perceives it. Means
usko top priority. Red alert! If patient perceives you
are not paying attention to his complaint you have
to have reality check even if the patient
perception is that way. Then you make sure you don’t
create that perception. Then I heard him. I
said I am so sorry. He disconnected my call, now what to do?. I can’t let patient. if patient leaves that’s not a worry. But we can’t let go with this idea
that I’d not care for his complain never ever leave this patient. So I waited. 2 days later, I sent him
a good text message I personally believe that I
have put all my heart and soul and actually I have put all my
heart and soul in his case. But yet if you feel that I have ignored
what you complaint is I am very sorry. Don’t be afraid to say ‘sorry’.
Leave your ego aside. Say it Then he calmed down. I said I believe you are
very emotional so I couldn’t put my side. This is all I messaged. He called me up on Diwali time
saying happy new year. Sealed. Relationship sealed. Never leave these relationships. It will hurt you
very very badly. Take this as a rule and go home. Never ever leave these patient. Then we talked. I said I completely accept. What was
the problem you know then I realised. We homoeopaths We keep writing all
the time, yes…. Yes…. Diarrhoea…
I am dying…. In that the patient felt this person
has gone…. Slept Look at the patient and tell him… I am so sorry you are suffering.
Touch the patient). Touch the patient. Magic touch!
Magic touch. But just don’t do hoon hoon. I am paid for it and that’s
why I am telling you don’t speak like that. And then there was
another patient. Now she is a psychiatric patient bipolar disorder you are doing well, o you are on minimum dose of
antipsychotic medication. Why not to stop and
see what happens. 1 hour later I got a messag). What will happen to you. I will
have to go through all this. Whats your problem. whether it is Bipolar or schizophrenia patient
should never feel like this is happening that
you have not cared for, see these are bottom
line zero tolerance. You know what is zero tolerance. You define zero tolerance
things for you. My patient can never ever feel, that means perceive that I am not caring for
them and two I am ignoring their complain I actually may be but
this is zero tolerance. So now what to do. Never call up when the
situation is tensed So the internet god. Ya I
call it internet the god, I sent him a long email. Nice worded that I am so sorry
that you are hurted by what I said Always begin with a sorry. However big a Homeopath you
may be even if you are treating only
incurable cases still begin with a sorry). Sorry is the golden
word to relationships. It’s the key forgiveness. I am serious about this. I
take it damn seriously. Forgive people and they will forgive you
for murder also seriously. So I wrote a nice email after I saw I have put
down the whole proceeding when he started I now
carefully monitor her. So I put that proceeding that
this is how we have done. So believe at the end of
it you certainly feel that I am not unsympathetic
toward you suffering. Best wishes.! The mail goes the next
day she is in clinic. Communication is critical
then, use the media, use the media completely
with all your arms open. You know what I want to
tell you what is media print media. What Dr
dinesh was telling. Writing Dr. Dinesh
was doing that. Media media media use it but trust
me it is a double edged effort. I have created a whatsapp group
for my patients wherein when I update them
about my Bombay schedule, Over!) Patient tell me I have having fever.
I am dying 105 degree fever do something on whatsapp. I said nothing doing. I don’t respond but you really feel
like this patient is really serious. I say please speak to me receive the call normal hai.
Call you back. Moment that happen you tell him
next time nothing on whatsapp you have to speak to
me or you email to me. Email is safer,
better than whatsapp. Number 2 or number 3
whatever is the number, never pass instruction
on sms or whatsapp or whatever whatever… I
will tell you one example. One lady has diarrhea and she about
to start or started antibiotics, she took antibiotics for 2 days and
then asked me what should I do prescribe something. I said stopped the medicine I wrote that much
and sent her the message. For 6 months she was missing. Stopped the medicine. We had a good connection.
So the risk I could know I could know what went wrong After 6 month she came back. What
happened you stopped the medicine. She was doing well. She was
doing well in 6 months gap. She stopped so I
asked what happened. Arey doctor you only told me when
I have diarrhea to stop medicine. Arey I told stop temporary my
medicine not told permanently. Now she was doing well so
she has came back to me. And her whole family was being
treated so I had opportunity to ask. Make a golden rule. No whatsapp no messenger
Nothing. Do not reply, just asked them to speak to you. No instruction on that. Then comes the golden
most important. NETWORKING. Your NET WORTH is directly
proportional to your NETWORKING What is networking. Anybody? What is networking. Connecting with people. Simple. Any profession every profession you
have to invest time in networking. There is no compromise on this
I didn’t do it I failed badly. I am telling you everything you do. I did
at a later stage you do from day zero. First active networking me, most important
discover your non medical strengths. forget the academics
whatever you love to do figure it out. I told you na, dr
dinesh also told you. What is true to your
being you discover that. You like dancing great dance. When you dance you
connect with people no! You connect with your
colleagues, you connect with your teachers, you connect
with ABCD you program. You connect. You please discover
what you love to do. If you don’t know today sit for 5 days
go to siddhivinayak temple and meditate, figure out what you know.
You surely know it. Without it. If you go around alone carrying
the flag of your academics, nobody will ever know how
good you were at academics except that two neurologist. But I am not undermining the
value of academics haan mind it. You have to have this. True meaningful relationships
outside your fraternity. Last year we did this Tedmed. So tedmed is forum where
creative ideas from different fields influencing
medicine came together. So we had people coming from all
kinds of fraternity. In this place and then no displace this place
is itself has fantastic ambiance. Homoeopathy can do this.
Homoeopathy has this. If the flag of Homeopathy flies high,
you can assume even you will fly high I had invited one or two people. That institute ah
fantastic after 1yr also. And last time when I was here at tos
consulting there was one doctor calling me up ke I am a senior psychiatrist here and I
heard about your institute from doctor somebody who had
come here last time. And I want to see you. Bring him here and I will show him this institute
and tomorrow he will definitely send me a patient,
why wouldn’t he? He wanted to do some programme. Cut across the board.
Anyone and everyone. But it has to be meaningful, it has to
be genuine. It has to be with integrity. And it has to be done consistently.
Most important. What is the golden
rule of networking. Givers gain. Give give give. I was talking to this friend of mine whom
I mentioned know IIM Ahmedabad wala. He became the CEO of the company. So we talked about networking. I asked him what do you
understand what is networking. When I started my Bombay clinic. It is unconditionally
giving like a mother. Bottom line. Open your heart and give. You have to give and you have
things to give. Trust me on this. How many of you feel you can
give something to this world, not just homoeopathy. Raise your hands those who feel
and those who don’t know. Hello..! great so
everyone has it. Whatever you have give. It will come back
to you ten folds. Start from money. If you earn 100rupees give 1rupee if you earn 1lac then give 10% of it. Without any bit of…Make it a rule.
Golden rule. It will come back to you.
it will connect you. If at all you are very very poor and
trust me I am making no jokes on that. You can give love to people.
Unconditional love to people. It will come back it will
build your practice. Do this and do this to
your patients also..

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