Easiest way to treat kidney stone with Ayurveda …. By Dr. Swapnil Darunde

Easiest way to treat kidney stone with Ayurveda …. By Dr. Swapnil Darunde

hello friends, 1st of all sorry fornot posting any video since long, i was busy in clinic and patients . todays topic is kideny stone and easy Ayurveda treatment this problem is very common now a days . what treatment Ayurveda have and in easy way ? Before we discus about treatment , i wud like to tell you an example for better understating the treatment suppose there is one very hard stone and you wanna break it into pieces but its so hard that its unbreakable with hammer too… so what idea i need to think to break it .. if i deep this stone in a glass full of oil for 5 days .. After 5 days that stone will b soft and easily breakable … and exactly same thing happened is kidney stone breaking now ill tell you how to do this in treatment in scientific way with references and evidences… these are some references in ayurveda textbook which all ayurveda practitioners use in world . there it is mentioned that for the treatment of kideny stone one should have one spoon of cow’s pure Ghee ( clarified butter) before meal and one spoon of the same after 3 Hrs of meal .. this way of having butter , lubricates and kidney and urinary system which helps in softening the kidney stone just like same way as i told in example in given earlier .. and after this one should take the ayurvedic medicine which i mentioned in description box.. so this is the easiest way to break kidney stone all evidences of this, i used too post on my facebook and instagram pages Respect women….. start from your family , neighbour , colleague, and women around you…. one day this will build a healthy nation..

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  1. Being a allopathic student i do follow your videos and i like some treatment of aayurveda … bt sir in this video i have doubt . You said tht if we are taking GHEE for 12-15 the stone will gone away in small particle.
    So here is my first doubt , as we know majority of people in punjab ,UP and almost 90% people in haryana they include ghee in there diet everyday. So if they are taking for a long time means they should not be suffer from kidney stone???? Bt the fact is they are suffering more from kidney and gall bladder stones.
    2nd doubt is tht the oil or ghee you used in the experiment for stone was a in vitro situation. And after eating ghee, it will get convert into the TRIACYLGLYCERIDE then this compound combining with apo protein will go to the blood. So here the chemical structure and composition in vivo situation has been changed. Therefor, will it work at tht extent like a vitro situation???
    Don't be offensive these are just my doubts.. i would love to see your comment and hoping a positive reply from your side.

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