Ejection Fraction Measurement and Heart Failure

Ejection Fraction Measurement and Heart Failure

heart failure is a term for a heart that is not able to pump enough blood out to the body when a heart problem like heart failure is suspected your health care provider may wish to order a test of your hearts ejection fraction or its ability to contract well and pump blood out to your body the ejection fraction compares the amount of blood in the chamber to the amount of blood pumped out the percentage pumped out is your hearts ejection fraction when your hearts ejection fraction is normal about 50 to 70% of the blood is pumped out of the chamber during each contraction with a normal ejection fraction your body has the blood supply it needs to perform your regular activities a borderline ejection fraction means that your heart is pumping out a little less than half of the volume of blood in the chamber with a borderline ejection fraction symptoms like shortness of breath may become noticeable during regular activities because oxygen-rich blood is not getting adequately pumped out to your body a reduced ejection fraction is when roughly 40 percent or less of the blood is pumped out of your heart with a reduced ejection fraction symptoms become noticeable and may even happen during rest performing normal activities becomes harder to do the good news is that many people are able to improve their ejection fraction and reduce symptoms with proper care and treatment talk to your health care provider about your options and if you’ve been diagnosed with heart failure tracking your symptoms can be an important part of living a longer and healthier life together we can rise above heart [Music] you [Music]

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  1. Was that an actual educational handout towards the end of the video? If so, where can I get it for my patients in cardiac rehab??

  2. plz tel me my mother 1 valve MVR replace befour 3 months & now eco Finding ( EF )25%
    what do iam The LV Valve value 47% not working properly dysfunction.
    plz help me

  3. im at 40 per cent. I have heart failure. had my m.i. over a year and a half ago. now my ins refuses to pay for the echo im supposed to have to monitor my condition. they say its because there was 'no change' in my fraction 5 months ago, so they wont allow me to have as they call it 'not medically nessicary'!!! but how can they know theres currently no change if I haven't had the test done in 6 months???? makes no sense to me. i thought someone with heart failure NEEDED to have tests done every 6 months to make sure im not suddenly dying faster.

  4. After having been misdiagnosed as having bronchitis and the onset of heart disease (he had an enlarged aorta), my husband was eventually admitted to Northwestern Medicine where he was properly diagnosed as having Left Ventricular Non-compaction cardiomyopathy (familial). He also had Central Sleep Apnea. According to tests, his arteries were pristine; no blockage. After a week in the hospital he was released and put on meds, 2 liter fluid restriction daily and a low sodium diet ((less than 1000 mg/day). He also wears a defibrillator vest, at least until his next cardiologist visit in Feb. Because his body is tolerating the meds so well, some of them are being doubled. His bp is stable and good and he manages his weight. He is back to work (at his age, working is still crucial to his self-esteem) and has resumed his normal duties. Hopefully, with his new lifestyle and his meds, at his next cardiologist visit, his ejection fraction will have improved from 16%. He is 66.

  5. They said my EF was 20 last week when diagnosed but I generally feel fine, other than having to prop my head up at night and maybe a little morning sickness. It's still scary though and I'm hoping to bring that number up in time.

  6. very nice video. In Ayurveda, there is a treatment of Ejection Fraction which is done by herbs and herbal remedies which does not cause any side effects. Planet Ayurveda offers Total Heart Support Capsules and Arjun Tea which are very useful in heart problems.

  7. My estimated EF is 45-49% which I assume is borderline but I had an episode of congestive heart failure since then I had my aortic valve replaced ,I am hoping that this will improve my ejection fraction .

  8. Hii…Plz explain the reduce 40 percent ejection process and how to do something for archive to normal Laval….Plz tell me sir

  9. had a massive M.I. 2 years ago. I didn't know I was having a heart attack I just thought it was arthritis burning in the last vertebre of my neck. it took 28 hrs for me to beleive the e.r. docs when I was told 'SIR. PLEASE SHUT UP AND LAY DOWN, YOU CAN DIE ANY MOMENT. WE HAVE TO TRANSPORT YOU TO EMERGENCY HEART SURGERY. WE DONT UNDERSTAND HOW YOUR STILL CONCIOUS WITH NO SYMPTOMS.' PLEASE LAY DOWN BEFORE YPOU COLLAPSES SIR. I had no pain, no pressure, no confusion, no trouble breathing, nothing hurt. nothing went trippy. nothing seemed weakened or dizzy. nothing. I was sure the docs were kidding with me for coming to an e.r. to beg for narcotics for what i thought was mild arthritis discomfort pain, when everyone is so up-in-arms about narcotic addictions today. I was only 42 and never been really sick in my life. I smoked since 10 years old, 33 years, so I knew I was crusin for it, but not in my early 40s. maybe my 70s or 80s but not early 40s when I still feel fine. 100 per cent blocked and didn't get treatment in time. so I have CHF now, and my ejection fraction is right at 40 per cent. and IT AINT COMIN BACK as the tissue has necritized. so now im 45 years old just being monitored to see how long it takes for my good side to weaken trying to compensate for the dead tissue. to slowly drown to death in my own heart fluids and blood. a terrifiying prospect. one I did to myself. DONT SMOKE CIGARETTES KIDS!!! THEY CAN KILL YOU EVEN FASTER THAN YOU THINK! DONT BE ME!

  10. I am 74 and my EF (Ejection Fraction) was 65% from a nuclear stress test two days ago! I really feel fortunate after reading everyone’s posts.

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