Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Treat Dog Stomach Problems

Hi I’m Dr. Adrienne Mulligan of Camp Verde
Veterinary Clinic in Arizona and I’m here today to talk to you about gastrointestinal
problems in dogs on behalf of expertvillage.com. There are two or three ways that a dog could
have gastrointestinal upset one is they could vomit and only vomit and still have normal
stools or no stools. They could have diarrhea with no vomiting or they could have a combination
of the two vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog has only has diarrhea this is usually
a self limiting problem that they have eaten something they shouldn’t it will usually clear
it self in a short amount of time and it is usually not life threaten. One exception to
this is if the diarrhea is red like red and brown like chocolate cherry milk if it looks
like that or if it is very very bloody then that might be a emergency that need to get
seen right away. Now if there is just a little bit of blood that could just be clitorides
from stress and so don’t get to excited if it is just red blood. When I’m talking about
red it usually looks like brown diarrhea but just has a red off red tan right through it
that is more series. Red, red, like blood isn’t necessarily so series call your veterinarian
and ask. At any rate you could help any dog with diarrhea by giving them imodium AD. Imoduim
AD this is a generic brand but imoduim AD is actually low perimode, hydrochloride and
it comes in 2 milligrams caplets or capsules and you want to give this about the rate of
for a big dog you would start with two and follow up with one every 6 hours until the
diarrhea stops. That is usually all in about 24 hour period. Diarrhea should stop pretty
quickly. If it is a small dog you would want to start with one and then go in a half so
this come in little blue tablets over the canter that you could buy so you could break
it down to much smaller doses. Little dogs get very small amount. You could also use
like kopectate and pepto-bismol and both of those would help with diarrhea as well. Now
vomiting you are not going to really give those things because it is probably not going
to keep them down. So with a dog both vomiting and diarrhea the best thing to do is get to
your vet as soon as possible but in the mean time do not feed your dog. Give them about
12-24 rest. They can have water but no food for 12-24 hours and then for any reason the
veterinarian is not available and they seem to be feeling better you could boil rice with
boil rice and hamburger pour out the fat and give them small meals of very bland food.
So those are the kinds of ease if your dog is going through a gastrointestinal upset
that is self limiting but if it is not clearing up and your dog is looking much sicker this
is really a job for the veterinarian and you should take your dog to the vet as soon as

42 Replies to “Emergency Dog Health Care : How to Treat Dog Stomach Problems”

  1. my dog made stool and blood was on it but she did not have diarhea, just hard stool. should i bring her to a vet or something.

  2. @angelicasky283 Personally I think you should contact a local vet or a Doctor that specializes in animal parasites, as the blood may be a sign of a certain kind of parasite.

  3. my chihuahua doesn't want to eat 🙁 but she seems happy but i dont know , i dont think its normal, 🙁

  4. My dog eats fine and drinks fine but he has diarrhea with blood not a lot but a little. He can't control it :c should I take him to the vet? I only want to take him if it's serious cause vets are expensive!!

  5. dog stopped vomiting but got that bloody diarrhea now. The doctor gave me those pills. I am giving him his meds so I hope it helps out the blood.

  6. My 10-month old Shih Tzu is having blood and mucus in stools. It started when I serve him Royal Canin kibble which is not his usual kibble. It has been two days already. What should I do?

  7. I have a problem. My dog's poop is black. He don't want to eat and his always sleeping. And his heartbeat is fast. Can you please tell me what is the cause and how can I treat him. Thanks

  8. My pitbull lays down everyday n barely moves. She drinks a lot of water, but throws it up right away. She doesnt eat either…I need help

  9. My pitbull puppy just lays there and whines he doesn't drink or eat I know his belly is upset because he has bad gas any suggestions?

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  11. Some stomach problems are caused by gluten.

  12. after viewing your video, I am grateful for this information, Sadie is a chihuahua at 5 months old. She is very particular on feeding. When she won't eat her soft noodle kibbles, I will boil some chicken, no salt or any spices, she will eat it. A couple of times, a scrambled egg. Is boiled chicken, and or a scrambled egg ok to give her when she wont eat her normal food?. I've tried a hard kibble for pups which was ok for a while, to wet food, ok for a while, now to this soft moist noodle, which she won't eat all the time. She's developed some diorreoa with spots of blood, dry hacking, and at one time yellow flem. All this has come up within the past two weeks. Yesterday she pooped on my couch, diorreoa, lightly bloodly. What should I do?

  13. I'm from India.My rottweiler is 3 months old and she has got gastro.Our vet is not able to cure her.I have already lost my 2 rottweiler dogs earlier due to gastro.Please kindly help about what medicines should i give her or what should i do.

  14. Love you and Thanks for the Help and being honest I was just double checking on what to give him, I knew about Pepto bismol glade that there's others to use. GOD Bless

  15. My puppy stop eating her chow , don't matter what I mix with it she not eating, all she want it chicken .She is not even eating the rice and this have been like this for three days now. She is drinking water moving round and thing but not like before sleeping more. It just making me crazy.

  16. Guys I need help please ? my puppy Chloe she's cold but I put a blanket on her but she throws up once in a while and it smells like feces

  17. My german shepherd did not poo from last 10 day and her stomach also swell , and 2 month ago she going through a operation but her problem was not solved she is still not doing poo……. please help pls pls pls

  18. My dog ate a liquid nutrilite tube supplement and is throwing up white foam please help! What should I️ do

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  21. He cant even pooty or urine he is crying all days with pain and even cant stant properly niether he cant walk any help plzsss

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