Endometriosis Natural Treatment Options (2019)

Endometriosis Natural Treatment Options (2019)

Hiya, Dr Christy From The Food Psychologist
here to help you overcome your hormone problems on your terms so you can become your healthiest,
happiest self. Now is you have been diagnosed with endometriosis
and are really struggling with period pains, heavy periods and your dreading that monthly
endometriosis pain. In this video, I’m going to be walking you through your endometriosis
natural treatment options and revealing my 6-Step protocol for alleviating your endometriosis
symptoms on your terms. As a Dr of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist,
Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Expert I am passionate about helping you alleviate
hormone havoc by working with your body. Now not only have I successfully helped clients
living with endometriosis to take back control of their endocrine health I have also successfully
overcome endometriosis myself. So if you are struggling with endometriosis
and you are looking for endometriosis natural treatment options you are in the right place.
I going to share with you my 6-step protocol designed to help you treat the cause of your
endometriosis so that you can feel better on your terms. First though, let’s take a look and what
endometriosis is and the impact that this condition can have on your health. So let’s dive in. What Is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a painful hormone condition.
It occurs when the lining of the uterus that’s the endometrium grows outside of the womb
creating painful lesions. These lesions often form in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix,
vagina, bladder or bowel. Your endometrial tissues are what thicken, break down, and
shed during your menstrual cycle. These tissues still undergo the same process;
however, this happens outside of the uterus. Now because there is no point of exit, your
blood and endometrial tissues become trapped and irritate surrounding tissues. Endometriosis Diagnosis Now if you have been diagnosed with endometriosis,
you are not alone. According to End to Endo, a leading endometriosis research company,
approximately 10% of women are diagnosed with endometriosis during their reproductive years. But what causes Endometriosis Causes There are FIVE factors can increase your risk
of developing ENDOMETRIOSIS: The first one is age. Now most cases of endometriosis
affect women between ages 25 and 35. It is rarely diagnosed in women over 40.
The next is ethnicity. Caucasians are more prone to endometriosis than Asians and African
Americans. Women who have never given birth. Especially
when they are older, are more prone to endometriosis. Blockage in the Uterus: Any uterine condition
that blocks the evacuation of normal flow will increase your chances of developing endometriosis.
Heredity: Endometriosis can be genetic. So if your mother or siblings have endometriosis,
then you are at high risk to develop endometriosis as well. Now of course although your genes
are important, they don’t necessarily determine your biological destiny (thank goodness).
So there is a lot you can do to start supporting your body. There are many signs and symptoms associated
with endometriosis. So let me give you a quick rundown of some
of the signs of this condition. Uterine cramping
Uterine pain Heavy bleeding
Period Pain Excessive bleeding during or in-between your
periods Pain during sexual intercourse
Painful bowel movements Infertility
Constipation Diarrhoea
Nausea Fatigue Now if you are facing any of these symptoms
of endometriosis, then the good news is that I have a 6-step action plan to help you. Now to find a natural cure for endometriosis,
you need to recognise the innate wisdom of your body. You must focus on identifying and
then removing the obstacles affecting your endocrine system and causing your endometriosis
in the first place. Now before you can begin making changes, you,
therefore, need to define what is causing /triggering and exacerbating your endometriosis
in the first place. This is a vital step because achieving healthy hormones depends on treating
the underlying causes, not merely suppressing or masking symptoms. So let me explain that in a bit little more
detail. For example, if the oil light goes out in
your car, it is a sign you need to take action and refill your oil tank. The light is the
signal that something is wrong and you need to address the underlying problem. Makes sense
right? It’s similar to our bodies. Symptoms are
merely signs that something is out of balance. However, conventional approaches to ill health
typically focus on suppressing or completely masking those symptoms, so we no longer feel
the pain or we not longer see the problem. And we take the painkiller to dull the period
pain or we take the contraceptive pill to stop the bleeding. But none of these doesn’t correct the underlying
imbalance. This type of approach ignores what is causing
the problem and what it does is offers us a quick temporary fix. Over time the issue
manifests as a deeper problem. We are effectively smashing the oil light, so we don’t need
to see the flashing any longer, but we are not addressing the underlying issue. In order to do that, we need to get to the
cause. To pinpoint and identify that biochemical imbalance you are facing. The causes, triggers or factors behind your
endometriosis. Then once we have identified those we can start to create a customised
treatment protocol tailored to rebalance those underlying factors. Now this is not a one-size
fits all or cookie cutter approach. This is true integrative and personalised treatment
strategy, and it all begins with getting to the cause. Now when we are looking at a way to treat
endometriosis naturally, you need to consider your endometriosis from many different angles.
Believing that endometriosis is about more than just period pain, heavy bleeding or uterine
pain what you need to do is you need start compiling that information so that you can
begin to understand how to treat the cause of your symptoms Rather than merely suppressing your endometriosis
with painkillers and synthetic hormones, you need to look to find a more holistic approach
which aims to explore the reason behind your endometriosis developing in the first place.
And that’s Step 1 of my 6-Step protocol which is get to the root cause. Now before you can begin to make changes,
you need to define what is causing your endometriosis in the first place. This is a vital step because
achieving healthy hormones depends on treating underlying causes, not suppressing or masking
symptoms. After you define the cause, you then need
to tailor your treatment strategy based on your personal biochemical needs. If you want
to enjoy healthy hormones, you need to discover the causes. Of course, many of the factors are interlinked,
and chances are you could be facing several of these imbalances. And that can make it
tricky to pinpoint the extent these are affecting you based on your symptoms alone. That is why I often recommend functional medicine
testing. For example, there are a number of tests,
which could be beneficial for investigating the underlying factors triggering your endometriosis
now I have provided links for these below this video. But one test in particular which
I typically recommend for endometriosis is known as the Rhythm Plus Test. In fact, this
test is so popular amongst my clients facing hormones problems that I created a whole other
separate video about this, which I will link to in this video. So once you have pinpointed the underlying
imbalances triggering your symptoms, you can then make targeted diet and lifestyle to rebalance
and support your body. This takes us to the next step of the protocol. Step 2: Supercharge Your Diet Now once you’ve figured out what is causing
your endometriosis, the very next step is to make sure that you are eating the right
foods. This is essential for giving your body the building blocks that it needs to heal. Step 3: Eliminate Problem Foods Now before you can alleviate your endometriosis
symptoms, you must eliminate hormone-imbalancing foods. It’s time to get honest about what
is keeping you stuck. So to successfully end your endometriosis symptoms, you need to recruit
your kitchen to your team! Knowing which foods to avoid has become a
nutritional minefield. So if you would like more details of the specific foods to exclude
if you are facing this condition make sure you stick around to the end of the video because
I have created a list of problematic foods that you may want to consider avoiding. Step 4: Supplement Supercharge The next step is to take nutritional supplements.
Once you have identified the root cause of your hormone imbalances and you fully understand
the necessary changes to your diet, the next step is to ensure that your body has adequate
nutrients. And for that it’s time for a supplement
supercharge! Now I want to give you my recommended supplement regime, which I typically prescribe
for my clients. No more staring at store shelves, scratching your head at the supplements, trying
to figure out which ones to take. In fact, I have put together the perfect combination
of supplements, so you can feel truly confident that your body is getting what it needs. I
will also have specific nutrients that have been proven to benefit this particular condition.
If you want more details of how to access this then again make sure you stick around
to the end of the video. Step 5: Clean Up Your Thoughts Now many of us underestimate the power of
our thinking and the effect this has on our body. Too many people discount the notion
that your thoughts can exacerbate and trigger your symptoms. Although I understand that
it sounds a little bit “woo-woo,” I completely believe in its truth. You may be aware of simple connections between
your mind and your body. Some examples are blushing when your feel embarrassed or getting
a “funny” feeling in your tummy when your nervous. However, when it comes to more complex
emotions, we often don‘t consider this relationship as being paramount. Research over the last few decades has found
that emotional and psychological states create chemical reactions in the body. And this highlights
the critical role that stress can play on our hormones and the importance of mastering
our mind. Step 6: Dive In Deeper There is only so much that I can cover in
this video. The body is very complex; therefore, rebalancing it can take time. Which is why
I want to help you get started. Now to help give you a starting point for
taking action all you need to do is come on over to The Food Psychologist and download
my End Endometriosis Toolkit. This will not only help you figure out the
best diet, supplement and lifestyle changes to introduce. It will also include a rundown
of all the foods which could be exacerbating your imbalances, and you may, therefore, want
to avoid, it will also give you a rundown of all the supplements I recommend for Endometriosis
includingthe dosages which you can then download and print off. In this toolkit, I’ve also included my top
testing recommendations these are designed to help you investigate which underlying imbalances
that I was talking about earlier in the video that could be affecting you so that you can
start taking the guesswork out of your treatment strategy, get to the root cause and then create
a customised treatment protocol Simply click the link before this video and
download your free toolkit now and start taking action. So now it’s your turn to tell me – Which
underlying imbalances do you suspect you may be facing? Leave your answer in the comment sections
below this video. And make sure you come on over to The Food
Psychologist and grab your free toolkit. And if you want more expert health guidance,
free recipes, toolkits and wellness training to help you begin to overcome your hormone,
digestive, skin, mood or energy problems on your terms so you can become your healthiest,
happiest self then come on over The Food Psychologist and become a Food Psychologist Insider. Details
of where to join for free can be found below this video. If this video was helpful, be sure to subscribe,
share with your friend, and hit the like button so I know to make more videos like this! I’m going to see you in the next one and
until then remember, your body never works against you so put it on speaker phone and
let it guide you to health and happiness.

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  5. I haven’t been diagnosed but I’ve always had very painful periods. Birth control helps me a lot I take 1mg of progesterone and 0.02 mg of estrogen. So barely any estrogen. I’ve noticed if I deplete estrogen rich foods out of my diet it really helps with the pain and regulates my periods. That’s means no soy, dairy or fast food and cutting down caffeine.

  6. Hello mam…I m having bilateral endometriosis since last 2 year…I have gone through leproscopy once….But again the same problem arises….I go through a lot of pain vomiting during my periods…..And I m 2 years married bt having no child….Please help me out ..I m in big trouble

  7. Thank you so much for freely sharing this information. My wife was told that she may have Adenomyosis. She's had an endo for many years. I am just now finding out the severity of this as she was told that she should probably get a surgery when she can't handle the pain anymore. Her body has been over producing its own progesterone if she's around children, newborns too often she will actually start to lactate. She has a high pain tolerance but unfortunately it makes us aware of problems after they're a big problem. I'm going to learn your regimen and food kit and take care of my wife thank you for putting so much detailed information together for the public.

  8. what would you recommend for a 15 yr old young lady whom is already a vegetarian but continuously still suffers from Severe Stage 4 Endometriosis, Endometriosis of the Bowels, Adenomyosis and Mayer- Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome 1 ? my daughters Specialists only want her on Lupron. 🙁

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  12. So many views and so few likes because this video is just lot's of bullshit! I advise people to look into Keto and Carnivore diets! People waste time on serious stuff to get views! This woman is wasting your time! Trust me try the stuff I said and ignore what you have heard!

  13. Thanks for sharing this video with us. In Ayurvedic system of medicine, the treatment of endometriosis is possible with the help of herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Endometriosis Care Pack for the effective, safe and natural treatment of endometriosis


  15. Hello there, my name is Nicole and I am living in South Korea. I watched your video just a couple of minutes ago and was wondering how you got diagnosed with endometriosis. I heard, and please forgive me if I missinterprated what you spoke about, that the only way to know for sure that you have the disease was by surgery. Is this wrong? If I can prevent getting surgery and become healthy to have children that would be marvelous. You see, I'm almost certain that I have the disease but I don't want to get surgery in fear that I might not ever be able to have children. I would appreciate your opinion. Thank you

  16. I was later that week identified as having 2 medium-sized fibroids which placed a massive pressure on my own bladder. Within just Four weeks of pursuing this fibroids solution “Kαmwοt Sοnο” (Gοοgle it), both my fibroids had minimized by 70 percent and also the 2nd ultrasound taken 7 weeks after I started out your own plan, had found that these two had been totally eliminated. .

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