Endometriotic Cyst Ayurvedic Cure Without Surgery – Real Testimonial

Hello Sir and Ma’am. Welcome to Planet Ayurveda. Ma’am first of all I would like to know your names. My name is Sarika. My name is Tarun Malhotra. I would like to know from where you have come? Sir we came from Yamunanagar. I want to know regarding your health problem for which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan. Sir since last 2-3 years I was suffering from Endometriotic cyst because of which I went for operation in August from PGI. But I again had the same problem in December and January. So we again consulted an Allopathic Doctor who suggested for operation again. So at home, I searched on internet and found about Dr. Vikram Chauhan regarding Endometriotic Cyst and its treatment. We saw his testimonials. So we personally contacted Planet Ayurveda and talked to Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I continued the treatment as he suggested for two months. When we went for ultrasound again after two months-allopathic treatment, we found that the cyst in my left ovary which was about 46 * something mm was completely cleared. I used to suffer from severe pain during my periods for which I had to take 6-7 pain killers and the intake of these painkillers was reduced. Ma’am, Can I check your old reports? Yes you can. Please first you show your old reports. This is your report of 22nd February 2016. This is the conclusion which shows that you had cyst in both left and right ovary. Please show the reports after Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s Treatment, what was the success rate in results? Yes Sir. In this you can see that the left ovary is normal. This is your report of 13th August 2016 in which it is seen that your left Ovary is normal and your treatment of right Ovary is still going on. Ma’am anything was recommended regarding Dietary changes from Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s side. For Dietary changes, Dr. Vikram Chauhan suggested to include maximum fruits and liquids as much as you can in your diet. Ma’am, what type of prescription was told? Like fried food… No Ma’am, Prescription like medicine. Medicines, he gave like Chanderprabha Vati, Kachnaar Guggul. Please show us. Supari Pak that was to be taken 2 times a day with milk. Thank you Ma’am. We are glad to know that you got successful results with treatment from here. Ma’am for all other viewers those who are suffering from this problem and watching this video, would you like to give them any message? Yes, my message for them is that if they are totally fed up with allopathic medicines. And they are very upset and not getting any results from this treatment then they must go for Ayurveda. As Ayurveda has successful treatment for every disease and we surely get successful recovery from it. Secondly the main thing is that it do not cause any harm to our body. Thank you Ma’am for coming to Planet Ayurveda Centre and you gave such a good information to our viewers. Thank you…. Okay thank you so much.

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