[Eng Subs]Redecorate the old house by our own hands

[Eng Subs]Redecorate the old house by our own hands

This yard is surrounded by walls and has a typical Chinese small door It looks pretty nice The previous owner of the house was very tasteful and designed the house very well But this house has been empty for a long time It was partially damaged The structure above the door is broken We’ll fix it today This part of the land in the yard is very fertile There seems to be sheep dung inside We are going to collect this dirt for succulents Forgot to bring a cleaver (a tool) I found some alternative tools,but this hoe is not practical, I will use this “spear ” instead I’m not sure about the name of this tool… There is something on your hair! Silly!HaHaHa… I was going to climb up the ladder to remove the tiles above the door, but the ladder is too broken to support my weight I’ll go buy a new one People nearby just said that there are no ladders on this street They told us that there is a place to sell ladders What’s the name of that place? Let’s go Try it This ladder is a bit flawed, so it’s cheap 80 yuan (about $ 12) The original price of this ladder was 160 yuan(about $ 24) but it is used, so it’s cheap Actually, it doesn’t matter how much it is, mainly because I like this color Be careful! Where is my tool? A tree grows on top of the door Cut a hole in this cardboard Let this tree stay here We put all the tiles on yesterday But today I found that the wood was bent Should not be stable We are going to put this thicker wood in The roof is too heavy to lift We’ll try it with “the principle of leverage” Try hard Scratched the skin He just accidentally fell A big hole in the back of the pants His clothes are covered with “Wangbacha” (a plant) We have renovated the walls and door of the backyard these days And…Who made this? It’s beautiful! We made the decorations hanging here Our backyard is very big We will continue to remodel our backyard Let’s look forward to it together

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  1. ребята , а можно хоть как то субтитры , не пойму почему уехали из того дома?

  2. Good to see u guys smiling and joking again 🤗🤗 Great job! For those handicrafts you made, if you put them up on eBay or something, especially the wind chime, some people may buy them. Cheers!

  3. 终于盼到你们出来了, 还是那么帅还是那么能干还是那么聪明! 谢谢小伙子们想着大家, 天气冷了注意保暖。

  4. Hello from America. Thank you very much for the English subtitles so I can enjoy the humor and hear about your plans to work on this lovely old home. Thank you for posting this video and sharing it with us.

  5. I really admire you guys always doing your best on what you do.. Pls more uploads.. Thank you and God bless you always

  6. WOW how exciting…subtitles for us eager English speaking fans.!!!! so happy to see the 3 of you in your making your home artisticly beautiful.

  7. Thank you so much for the subtitles! Will this new house be your permanent house or will you live here for the winter and then return to your mountain home for the summer? I love your videos. All the best from Montana, USA!

  8. 用泥土涂上去的?怎么感觉上一个台风就可以把《吹》下来了呢?😂还真的不怎么靠谱呀!期待你们能把不牢固的房子,把🏠造成坚固的房子!注意安全!加油📣加油📣加油💪🏻!

  9. 美化環境和舊屋的改造是你們的拿手,我看你們去上網承攬舊屋改造,幾件代表性的作品後,你們知名度就會打開!

  10. Thanks for the english subtitles!! Now, can you please subtitle all the videos you already made too? 😂😎 That would be awesome. Glad to see you guys are in better spirits!😁 thanks for video!

  11. Чуть не получила дрыном по лбу! Испугалась по настоящему! А по стройке – хорошая работа, молодцы, как всегда!!!

  12. Thanks a lot for my considering my request to add ENGLISH subtitles …. thanks a ton guys 🙂


  13. 你们真的很有才。 什么时候自己买块地造房子? 这样你们花的时间精力和劳动不会白费。 一直在为别人的房子修缮 离开了又什么都没有了。 这样的模式对你们帮助不大。

  14. 哥仨再次出擊 更神啦!
    但 又想實在太累 就甭忙了
    哥仨都別太忙太累 天冷 保重身體嘿!

  15. Молодцы ребята 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

  16. 这些冬天的夜晚,我对中国文化非常感兴趣。 请不要放弃插入民族音乐和传统美食。 最好的问候来自遥远的国家:)

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