EP-15, Traditional Uses Himalayan Herbs, Garwahl Uttarakhand, Interview 4K

I am Mahesh Rawat From Uttarkashi Uttarakhand I am a Himalayan trekking guide From 22 years field experience I found Atees at Bhavani There was a landslide so I could get it This tuber is old (mother) This one is fresh(daughter) This plant is highly medicinal This is Lehsra We dry this We then crush it Add ghee (clarified butter from cow) to it It is excellent for fumigation It bis used extensively in Garwahl regions This is Chora This is found at elevations of 2000-2500m above msl We use it as a condiment in tea and food This is Jatamansi We dry its roots Crush it Mix ghee with it Use it for religious fumigation Its of high importance In Vedic rituals of Havan, yadnya Puja etc This is a mountain leafy vegetable We call it Khoya It is an excellent nourisher It is even better than spinach (palak) Its food in mountains There is then the Deodar tree We procure oil from it It is useful in itching and other skin ailments It is consumed around 2-5ml Regular use alleviates many disorders ME: How isn the oil procured? We keep small pieces of crushed bark in a vessel We then put fire over the vessel after covering it Due to the stem The bark exudates oil Which get collected separately This is a green leafy vegetable It is only found at elevations of 12500ft The food we bring for hiking Gets spoilt in such long treks/hikes So we use this vegetable as food Its high inn protein Mountain goats /& other livestock graze on it Even locals who come here feed on this vegetable This is Bakhreta (botanical identity unknown) We cook it by first cutting the leaves in small pieces Then we boil it in water Then we squeeze it dry And then we cook it in oil/ghee with spices and salt I want to inform viewers that If ou want to visit Sahastratal Than the route from Kamad is the best. It is around 46 kms The traditional routes from Malla & Buda Kedar Both these have steep & stiff gradients Kamad route though long Is mostly through Bugyals or meadows And is relatively easy This route is laced with rare flora And I assure you will enjoy bit.

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