Ep.54 Tarou’s Back! Weekly WoW Report 7/25/11- Patch 4.2: Firelands Fun!

What’s up guy and girl players of WoW. Tarou
here bringing you this week’s WoW Report Episode 54! For more FREE WoW guides subscribe and
check out my website at tarouwowguides.com Hey everyone. First off I want to apologize
for my absence these past few weeks. I’m having some troubles in real life that were tying
me up from focusing on videos for all of you. Contrary to what some of you might believe,
I do actually have a life outside of WoW which I’m sure all of you do as well. Anyways, I
should be back into full video production starting this week. Thank you for being patient,
all the support, and especially for the latest accomplish of hitting 50,000 subscribers.
Alright, now onto this week’s WoW report. Patch 4.2 has been out for a little now and
Dream Paragon have been working their asses off to take out Heroic Ragnaros. He’s finally
just a bunch of ashes now and mad grats to all of them for their hard work and dedication
to raiding content. On the new Hyjal daily side, things are progressing
nicely and players should be unlocking vendors already. Servers are also seeing how far off
the balance of factions are. I know on my server it’s pretty insane since Alliance outnumber
Horde by atleast 3 to 1. Just makes it all the more fun for PvP’ers like myself but other
Horde on my server find it extremely frustrating. I’d be more frustrated if I didn’t have anyone
to kill. To each their own. Last up in general news, Swifty got banned
recently and it seemed to really freak him out. Glad to see he’s been unbanned and glad
to see all his supporters. My message to Swifty is pretty simple, a perma ban doesn’t really
mean a perma ban. I’ve been perma banned tons of times. Don’t freak out. You just need to
call Blizzard and talk it over when it happens. Don’t give up and as long as you didn’t intentionally
do something wrong several times, Blizzard is very understanding and will help you get
unbanned, as well as credit you for lost time. Auction House News: Sales have been awesome since the release
of Patch 4.2 for all professions and even straight farmers. From here on out things
should get even more explosive upward in the Volatile, Ore, and Truegold markets with players
slowly starting to get all the new recipes for their professions. The big Volatile that
I think will bounce back is Fire. Right now it’s getting crushed but they should start
changing soon. PvP News: Season 10 is underway and tons of teams are
progressing nicely. There was a little hiccup from Blizzard concerning some stealth changes
to gear from Season 9 to Season 10 where iLvl 365 gear was replaced with iLvl 371 once Season
10 began. I’m glad they did this but their failure of communication caused a lot of us
to dump all of our honor during the transitition week when we could of held out for better
gear. Luckily, Blizzard manned up to the issue and fixed it by refunding 4,000 honor to all
players who spent honor on iLvl 365 gear during the transitition week. Blizzard News: There is a new World of Warcraft Starter Edition
that replaces the old trial edition. You now can reach level 20 without any time restrictions
that were once placed on trial accounts. You can also now create a blood elf and draenai
as well as the gold limit increased to 10 gold so you can buy your level 20 mount. With
the launch of this new Starter Edition, all existing trial acounts, including expired
ones, have been reactivated. Also in Blizzard news, Real ID gets a new
feature available for testing that allows you to invite anyone on your Real ID friend
list to join you in dungeon adventures regardless of what server they play on. Just look for
the + next to their name and make a party to play with friends from another server you
wouldn’t otherwise be able to play with. And now on to this week’s Q&A session. Q1: When will you release the rest of your
Lowbie Series? A1: Sorry for the delay. It’ll start rolling
out in a few days and continue almost everyday thereafter. Q2: When will you release more gold making
guides? A2: I’m working on several right now and should
have something out soon for any profession I haven’t done yet for Cataclysm. Q3: Have you hit 1 million gold yet? A3: My Adventures to 1 Million: Gold Capped
in Cata June recap will be out next week and answer that question. You’ll have to wait
until then. Yes, I’m evil. That’s it for this week of Tarou’s Weekly
WoW Report and I hope you liked it. Stay on top of the news, economy, and updates
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for more FREE WoW guides and news! Thanks for watching^^! “Now go leave a comment below telling me what
you think of this episode!” Well, I’m just glad Blizzard refunded everyone
4,000 honor.

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