Episode 222: Cannabis Is Reversing Her Peripheral Neuropathy And Keeping Her Out Of A Care Home

Episode 222: Cannabis Is Reversing Her Peripheral Neuropathy And Keeping Her Out Of A Care Home

you’re listening to cannabis health
radio here are your hosts Ian Jessa and Cory Yelland welcome to another episode of Canada’s
health radio I’m Ian Jessup and I’m Corey Elland peripheral neuropathy a
result of damage to your peripheral nerves often causes weakness numbness
and pain usually in your hands and feet it can also affect other areas of your
body your peripheral nervous system sends information from your brain and
spinal cord to the rest of your body our guest today was diagnosed with
neuropathy 10 years ago and was told she would be in a wheelchair within 5 years
but with the use of cannabis oil she is defying conventional medical
wisdom and joining us today from Colorado is Stacey Scholes
Stacey it’s good of you to tell your story we appreciate it thank you oh
you’re quite welcome now how much better do you feel today
compared to when you were not yet using cannabis oil Oh 100% better
100% yeah I have many problems with the neuropathy especially with being able to
walk when did you stir your ankles and feet it’s really hard to remain steady
you couldn’t feel your ankles and feet correct now what did you first notice
that things weren’t quite right with you oh that was about 2005 I do a lot of
crocheting as a hobby and my hands were there was a lot of pain and I figured it
was just from crocheting too much so I stopped and you know four months later
the pain was still there so I kind of got the idea might be something else
where your feet bothering you at this point too or just around my feet were
bothering me but it wasn’t as noticeable as my hands I mean they had patches that
really hurt little areas I’m on my feet that if I walked around barefoot it was
like walking on glass in these these little small areas that’s the best way I
can describe it and of course those areas grew larger and larger and tell it
was encompassed the whole foot and you weren’t crocheting with your
feet were you well what was this pain like was it tingling what was it painful
yet originally it started out as it’s tingling so you know you just ignored it
but then it was almost like you were walking on the tips of needles or you
know thumbtacks and then it became sharper and at deeper pain in the area
like I said it’s where it eventually to cover both feet so that walking was
extremely painful after this condition kept getting worse
you went to the doctor what did the doctor tell you well originally they the
hands and by this time the hands were pretty numb and I know this sounds wacky
and I won’t make any comment about the doctor but they tried to tell me it was
from smoking I had stopped smoking from years previous and that made absolutely
no logical sense to me at all I’d never heard anything like this and he gave me
some name that apparently he said it’s like wearing a glove and you can’t feel
it and I kind of ignored it but then a month later the numbness had progressed
to about the middle of my arm lower arm so that threw out his theory totally and
then he said that he thought I should see a neurologist who made it with
Laurel and and that’s how it came about so the pain went all the way from your
fingers in your hand all the way up your arm it was increasing yes so it was
actually working its way up your arm it was working very rapidly yeah from the
time that I saw the neurologist and he scheduled me for tests and then I came
back and days later and in 10 days both the feet and the hands that had
progressed another inch up extremely rapid that must have been
concerning it was and that’s when he said that he when there was no way to
know a medical history that the only answer then would be that this was
genetic and there was nothing he could do they could treat the pain you know
but he’s the one who said that I’d be in a wheelchair within five years what did
that do to you psychologically when he told you that at first I was kind of
Numb your brain just doesn’t accept it and I eventually reached the point of
accepting it because he hadn’t made it he had actually said there’s nothing
that can be done there’s no way to stop it that there was a medication that
could slow it down some so it wouldn’t be as you know wouldn’t progressed as
quickly as it was and I had adjusted to the idea of that and a friend of ours
knew that I was diagnosed with neuropathy and what the outcome was
going to be and he’s the one who mentioned about Phoenix tears and in our
area I live in he’s a legal grower marijuana because it’s it’s legal here
but he’s the only one that I know that make Phoenix tears about every other
month and he makes an awful lot of it and he gives us away to anybody who has
cancer and he was willing to give it a try and I give him real credit for that
I’ve known for nine nine or ten years now and he still doesn’t did you try the
medication that the doctor offered you before you tried the cannabis oil yes he
did and it helped some but not that much what was the niacin and a triple line
it’s used as a it’s usually treated for psychotic episodes
but a side effect of it they had discovered actually slowed down
neuropathy so they put you on a low dose of it and it did help some but it wasn’t
gonna wasn’t gonna do anything long-term it was more a psychological thing that
you think that you’re doing something positive and you’re you know yeah
medicine is the cure for everything how long were you on that Oh probably about
two years and what was what was the antagonist I stopped taking and when I
realized that the Phoenix tears was making the change it had nothing to do
with the medication they had me on so I stopped taking it tell us about the
cannabis oil that you you started taking its Phoenix piers and the guy that I get
it from you know just said you know said you take about a grain of rice sighs and
I used to try and hide it in food so that it wouldn’t taste it because it
tastes hideous and then eventually just got some empty gel capsules and my
husband he’s the one who makes it he just starts started putting the stuff in
there so it’s just a pill another pill and you just take this rice sighs every
day um in the beginning for the first about three months I took it twice a day
once in the morning and once at night and then after three months I went down
to once a day and I stayed on the correct dosage
you know once a day and it was about size of a grain of rice but after a
couple years when the pans came back to about 75 or 80 percent I decided I
didn’t really need that much anymore because your body when a taking it that
wrong had already reached a tolerance level and I needed to just maintain and
so since then I about once a day it’s about the size of
a third of a grain of rice and even with it reduced that row the improvement and
the hands and the feet remain the same speed
it didn’t decrease it in any way so say see when you first started taking
the cannabis oil how soon did you notice that it was making an improvement in
your condition probably about three months three to four months I started
realizing that my hands went back to areas in my hand not my whole hand
started tingling again like it tingled one at the neuropathy first came on and
I thought that was odd but then I also realized that I could now feel at my
wrists and at my ankles so it had gone down about four or five inches from
where it had been when I started and it just increased they took a while for my
hands to come back to a when I considered an acceptable acceptable
range but the oddest thing I remember when when all of a sudden I could feel
in my hands again I spent about three days going around touching everything my
field texture again it had been 10 years since I could tell the difference
between something like corduroy or denim you know this is the texture and that
was really cool no doubt yeah go ahead did you ever use creams cannabis creams
or apply it topically at all yes I did and I really didn’t see much I didn’t
know to be honest a.m. to any difference using the cream at all so you needed to
ingest it ingest oil yes yeah I mean it probably works some but nothing like
ingesting it yeah well it sounds like you know pardon my expression but sounds
like you were pretty far gone with neuropathy oh yeah I mean I think it’s
true would have been in a wheelchair and uh
that’s kind of scary the idea of having to accept you’re
gonna lose your mobility and when especially when a doctor tells you you
know so sad too bad there’s nothing can be done that must be quite exciting for
you to notice that it was improving and you could actually feel things in your
hands because for quite some time you couldn’t feel anything and in the notes
that you said as you said you were dropping things because you could just
because I couldn’t care how hard I was holding or or you know how much
let’s pressurize putting on so I thought I was holding something and it landed on
the floor if you can’t feel you you really can’t judge was it difficult
doing things like cooking yes it was but the best I can say as I managed I had my
daughter and her son were living with me back then and their little boy was a
toddler and she worked a full-time job and she also went to college at night so
I was virtually in charge of him the whole time and so I I had to cook and I
had to be able to do these things and I just had to block the neuropathy and and
find new ways to do things Stacy you mentioned that it receded in
your hands how how did it impact your feet it was shooting my feet also but at
a much slower rate and I honestly think it has to do with the circulation of
blood in your body I have had peripheral artery disease also and ended up having
to have a lower a order transplant so my feet had not been receiving the correct
amount of blood anyway so obviously it wasn’t getting the correct amount of the
medication but after the surgery they progressed at a more rapid rate
but even now my hands are back 100% my feet are back about 80 85 % I figured
within the end of another year it will be 100% also your story about your
circulation in your legs reminds me of the interview we did with a woman in
Washington State who injured her leg in a boating accident very severely and
they were they asked her whether she wanted to have it amputated or repaired
in an experimental procedure and at the time the day before she said amputated
and the day she was to have the operation she changed her mind and went
for the experimental surgery and she said 19 surgeries since but she said
that she when she sat down she would lose the feeling in her leg and when she
stood up it was like her leg was asleep you know how that feeling you get yeah
yeah there’s just kind of numbness there and what she did is she took some
cannabis root grounded up in a coffee grinder put it in pills took one a day
and the circulation in her leg came back was amazing Wow
that is amazing I find cannabis is amazing natural drug and my husband who
follows her site mentioned to me just the other day that you know and he’s
been following it for years and he’s never once seen anybody say anything
about neuropathy so he asked me to do a brief little thing about what happened
with me with the neuropathy and it led to this and that led to this that led to
this yeah excellent we haven’t had many people on Quora can you or call any one
who had neuropathy I don’t think so no I know there’s lots of people out there
that have neuropathy either as a result of chemotherapy as a result of diabetes
but I don’t think we’ve spoken to somebody who specifically had neuropathy
so you’re our first Stacy cool you’re our guinea pig okay that’s okay
it works for me and I hope other people with neuropathy wore it nice try it soon
I can’t guarantee guarantee it will work but it worked
well for me that’s what I say and I’d like to get the word out Stacy when you
had this condition and it was at its worst and what was it like for you to
walk Oh very difficult I ended up getting braces
for my ankles just at a drugstore and when I wore them it was easier to walk
but when you can’t control your ankles at all it’s almost impossible to to walk
or balance and the ankle brace has helped enough that I could still get
around but it wasn’t gonna be for much longer
did you fall at all I think two times yes and do you think you know you learn
and like when I walk I try to always have something to hold on to I also had
a cane to help with the balance you know you just adapt
unfortunately you accept negative outcomes it surprises me that some
people are unwilling to experiment with improving their health and I’m speaking
specifically of cannabis now they just go along they just go along with what
the doctor said and the doctor said that you would be in a wheelchair in five
years and judging from the story that you’ve told us in the progression of
your neuropathy you probably would be in a very restrictive state in a wheelchair
today almost definitely I think my legs and arms would be 100% dead to me
yeah that’s incredible now when you said when you started taking the cannabis oil
did you get high oh yeah you do and that’s one thing that I’ve recommended
people try it that have cancer in that and I always give him the warning then
you know it took me about ten days to adjust to the having all that in my
system and that was very difficult for me I spent 10 days totally out of it
I remember my husband asking me questions and I was literally drooling
and I had to answer in my head but I couldn’t get it out it was ridiculous
and then you know after about five days it wasn’t quite as bad and by the tenth
day I wouldn’t say I got high but a drinker would say it was like a buzz you
know so you’re rebuilding up the tolerance to it exactly and by two
months it truly didn’t affect me anymore physically that’s why we tell people
just start slowly start slow build up slowly yeah I should have but you know I
just you just went for it I did exactly what the guy who gave it to me said you
know it was you know he told me to take size of a grain of rice twice a day for
three months and then reduce it to once a day and
that would take care of it you know he was right he just didn’t I don’t think
he knew that I had very limited experience with any type of pot really
that’s that’s a fairly big starting dose or yeah I guess it can be for some
people well it was for me but you live to talk about it and you have feelings I
did and that’s the important part of it did you notice any other changes as a
result of taking the cannabis oil no I really didn’t I would but that again I
was sleeping most of the time you know that wouldn’t want my body adjusted to
it I didn’t have what they call the bun CC or any of that stuff it just made me
very tired and and very slow I know the feeling the first time I did it Stacey I
took too much and swept quite a bit and had dreams that I never thought of
heaven and I haven’t had since did you have dreams too I don’t know I am
answer that question I was so out of it and by the time I started coming back no
I wasn’t having dreams but I wouldn’t be surprised if I did you didn’t want to go
to any rock concerts or anything no no I just wanted to sleep now have you beat
under how long we’ll beat or my brain came back have you been back to your
sort story go ahead no I was just gonna say it came back
my brain has have you gone back to your doctor at all
no I hadn’t even been to see the neurologist at all although I wouldn’t
get to it now the reason I didn’t go before is because I didn’t want to he’s
a senior doctor shall we say and I did not want to have to explain the one that
I had been using an illegal product for the improvement but now that you know
it’s legal here I wouldn’t mind seeing him at all and telling him how I how it
went away well when your feet are 100% you should go in and kick up your heels
and yep do you remember me well I know I could never I’d never be diagnosed with
neuropathy now even with my feet the way they are I know the tests and I know I I
know there’s no way that I would come out with neuropathy
what is the test well there was a lot of the one he does in the office is the
simple one is they take a sharp object and they just poke it all over your hand
and they mark this spots that you don’t feel and same with your feet and you
know the chances I’m hitting a spot on my foot that doesn’t respond is pretty
low so I’m impressed Stacy and if he sent me with to the hospital to have the
test run again there would be the same problem
I’d never I’d never be called having neuropathy yeah if someone did the tests
on you today and said what the hell are you doing that hurts No
yeah yeah you know and I’d be more than happy to tell them how what I did to
treat it and how well it worked for me Stacy have you talked to other people
with neuropathy about the use of cannabis baby pardon have you talked to
other people about who have neuropathy about the use of cannabis I don’t know
anybody else who has neuropathy oh okay I known different people that have
cancer and I’ve talked to them about the cannabis and the ones that were
interested I refer to my friend who also supplied them
I’ve known three people the word stage four cancer two of them with lung cancer
and one was stomach cancer and all of them are 100% cancer-free and they went
on the protocol of 30 grams in 90 days you know only difference was as I warned
them you’re just gonna be out of it for about two weeks and then all of a sudden
you’ll be fine again yeah no were there I got 30 grams reminds me member we did
the interview at the people in Milwaukee with the father and daughter and she
transposed the number she said yeah 90 grams in 60 days yeah but it worked
whoa yeah it worked it worked what did he not what count yeah he had colon
cancer with a big stick such tumor and then they spread it all to the bladder
and prostate remember oh yeah and they wanted to remove his bladder and
prostate just got him yeah yeah yeah he got turned around
good yes he’s fine today so if you know if you want to take 90 grams in 60 days
go for it no like I said mine was bad too but you get past it and it worked
and that’s all I cared about it worked Stacy when do you think you’ll be 100%
when will one will be neuropathy dissipate in your feet I think we’ll be
gone within a year my guess would be in the springtime you say your feet are
about 85% back yeah and your hands are 100 baby pardon
are your hands 100% back oh there are a hundred oh yeah they’ve been for about
two years now wonderful so are you back crucial huh
oh yeah uh-huh I’ve never relaxing for me so and you’re
able to do that oh yes no problem why that’s nothing back to how I used to
do it as a teenager and intricate stuff I can do you know like tea I can thread
a needle and sew and did you ever think you Stacy did you ever think you’d get
back to that point of being able to do that uh not without the Phoenix years I
wouldn’t where do you think you’d be today if she hadn’t done Phoenix tears
do you think you’d be in a chair in a wheelchair yeah probably in a nursing
home because I wouldn’t be able to take care of myself
and it would be too much for my husband to handle as your husband tried cannabis
oil no you know he doesn’t take it at all and he doesn’t smoke pot anything so
you know when he was the one that encouraged me to you know his thing was
if you don’t you’ll never know if you don’t try so well there you go you got
to shoot that back at him he doesn’t have any health issues and he just
doesn’t have any issue with it anymore oh that’s good so Stacey when you hang
up when you hang up from this interview go tell your husband that we suggested
he start taking it just to see what happens he’s like I was he I don’t think he’s he
told me he tried it a couple of times when he was in his 20s and it would
knock him out even the small dose and he didn’t want to be he wants to be
clear-headed and luckily said why I didn’t enjoy being high like that no I
think it’s it’s a fabulous story that you have reversed your neuropathy
through actually a very small dose very small dose of cannabis oil and yeah
over a lengthy period and by next spring you’ll be 100% which I think really
defies conventional medical wisdom that 100% 100% exactly that’s great I know I
know there gives you a very negative outcome and you know the only thing I
really wanted to emphasize also is that it’s not a quick tour it literally took
years but it’s worth it absolutely you got to stick with it yeah yeah you have
to and like I said I know it works and I also know that the very low dosage I
take it still works well as it did when I was taking a full dose one today
I wonder Tuesday so you know a couple of things everybody’s different so it’s
taken you this long but it might not take somebody as long as you the other
thing is I wonder I can’t help wondering what would have happened and how fast
this would have gone away had you been increasing your dosage on a regular
basis those are just a couple of thoughts that go through my mind I’ve
wondered that also but I also I think that your when your body becomes
adjusted to it the low dose doesn’t seem to affect at all with me the speed of
the recovery and if I had known that I would have gone to half a dose probably
you know at about year five but how did you know that’s right how do you know
say see very inspiring story good to talk to you and we wish you all the best
in the future thank you okay well thanks a lot it was good talking to you
thank you so much Stacey okay I’ll keep following you on the web okay thanks bye
bye bye and that’s another edition of cannabis
health radio thanks for listening everyone you’ve been listening to the cannabis
health radio podcast visit our website cannabis health radio.com and follow us
on Facebook and Twitter

15 Replies to “Episode 222: Cannabis Is Reversing Her Peripheral Neuropathy And Keeping Her Out Of A Care Home”

  1. I am a sufferer of p-n which was caused by the heart drug Amiodarone so be wary of using this drug. I have been told that it will take 3yrs before the damaged nerves have repaired. So be careful of this insidious drug.

  2. Was Stacey taking cannabis oil from the whole plant or just CBD oil? I don't understand exactly what it was. I, too, have neuropathyand would really like to know.

  3. Would Corrie Yelland's or Ian Jessop Help me getting in touch or helping me. with information Please help me . I have been suffering 10 years after a car crash withPeripheral Neuropathy, and I cant keep going anymore. I am taking persciption meds and its destroying me slowley. I am in such need of HELP.
    Please contact me,If you would please.


  4. Cory. all of the interviews are of folks using cannabis with THC in it… I produce the oil with all
    Indica. no THC. I buy it threw a friend from a grower in CA, my cousin lives in WA and it can be bought at 1200 to 2100 depending on the grade. What I get out of CA is two of the top Grade Indica…. You should have an interview with some one that makes the oil with no THC. cause you can get it. I am today making a pound for my friend in Milwaukee who had his prostate removed and not say tell him that they did not get it all and he has to do radiation. He called me as soon as he got the news that I make the oil. Mike

  5. I have peripheral neuropathy and I am looking into starting the oil thanks for this interview I am in Melbourne Australia ??

  6. Exciting story! Does anyone know if in Illinois ,will Medicare help with the cost of this treatment? Anyone? thank you kindly. cheers

  7. At the start you should ask the patient their age, weight and height. I just started Phoenix Tears oil today for severe chronic PN. I have been on disability for 12 years. Antidepressants did nothing so I was put on HMC. After 10 years I was building a tolerance and increasing dose. A new doctor decided to cut it down because of all the opiate scare. I was very scared. But they gave me a muscle relaxer at the same time and I was able to decrease the HMC by almost half. The benefits were wearing off so I added the oil as of today. Jan 3/19

  8. The internet is filled with articles and videos about how cannabis, CBD, THC can treat almost any symptom from sooo many illnesses. It’s gone from science and fact to pure hype and taking advantage of sick peoples desperation.

    Cannabis is very effective at treating nausea and helping create an appetite. This is very helpful for chemo patients. Many people also find cannabis reduces depression associated with serious illnesses.

    Most other claims of cannabis and it’s extracts aren’t as effective or not effective at all.
    Some articles have no scientific source, or are based one just a single scientific study to back up the claim.

    We need more research to sort out snake oil salesmen from actual treatments.

  9. I had chemo years 12 years ago and it caused severe poly neuropathy and I have loss of muscle now. But I'm going back to taking Rick Simpson oil. It helped me before. Vaping doesn't seem to help at all with the disease itself. It started in my feet and is now in my upper legs. And in hands and arms.

  10. Government tends to shun and illegalize anything they can't control…they want control over the drug market and they have control over our doctors and nurses.

  11. Peripheral Neuropathy almost destroyed my entire life. I never expected the pain to intensify as much as it did. At my breaking point i had 10/10 pain every night. I would just cry and cry all nigh, wishing i could sleep, wishing for someone to saw my feet off cuz not having feet felt like my only option. I slept 1-2 hours a night for almost a year, while working full time and going to college part time. I had a breakdown, the medication the doctors gave me made me gain 100lbs, and gave me severe memory loss, anxiety and panic attacks. at that point it didn’t even matter anymore that I could no longer walk at 33! Or that I would be in a wheelchair soon. None of that mattered, i just wanted the pain to go away. So my husband, bless him, begged me, i mean begged me, to try marijuana. It was one of the best decisions of my life. My hands and feet are still weakened, and there’s really no going back. So i still cant walk. But now, i can sleep. I sleep better than i ever had before. And it works so well. I dont vape it or smoke it. I use RSO oil, taste like shit, but its amazing. Takes away this horrible pain every day. I take a rice size once at night and im pain free about 12 hours. Its amazing. I cannot recommend it enough. Changed my life.

  12. Thumbs DOWN! She is taking Pot which has THC, but regular CBD shouldn't have enough THC to get high or any THC.
    FACT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g3LIjNxMgo

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