Episode 34: Robin Swan: Herbalist, Healer and Radio Host on Helping Others with Cannabis

Episode 34: Robin Swan: Herbalist, Healer and Radio Host on Helping Others with Cannabis

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we’re going to talk to a woman who probably knows more than most doctors
about the healing benefits of cannabis and the cannabinoid system within all of
our bodies she has a background as an herbalist
and holistic health practitioner and joining us from California is Robin Swan
Robin it’s good to finally meet you a Corey’s told me a lot about you it’s all
good yeah it’s nice to meet you too I’m happy to be on your on your show I’m
happy to be on this side of the mic you did a radio program in California do you
not right yeah we had a cannabis radio show on ESPN AM radio for about a year
and it was really funny because they kept trying to harmonize us even though
we were a cannabis radio show none of our advertisers could use the word
cannabis in their advertisement so you can just imagine how excited those
people were to put their ad dollars up for something they couldn’t talk about
yeah what was the motto of the show we’re smoking no no we were politically
driven no okay just see what’s going on in you know my my tagline for my life is
wake up and die right so you know I’m all just about cannabis for me is just
vehicle for social change Robin as an herbalist and holistic health
practitioner how did you discover the healing properties of cannabis yourself
well cannabis has always been prevalent in my life I come from you know a family
of growers I’m generationally deep in it my grandmother was making medicine was
with cannabis when I was a little girl we have a remedy called fire kitty that
you know I watched my grandmother make my Persian grandmother make she would
call it when she would use the cannabis you’d call it bang B H a and G right mmm
for years I didn’t know what bang was like years and years and years and then
finally in my 20s I asked my one of my auntie’s and she was like oh my gosh are
you kidding me it’s marijuana and I was like how did my grandmother get her kid
marijuana in Connecticut in you know the 1920s and 30s and my aunt looked at me
and said from jazz musicians of course stupid of course it came from jazz
musicians and then she would trade them back out that the oil and the things
that she made and then my paternal grandmother she also used cannabis to
make different remedies but she called it ditch weed because she was from a
reservation in North Carolina she’s a she was Eastern Band Cherokee they she
would cut her her ditch weed which was really probably some version of hemp you
know wild hemp and she would steep it with lard like Pig lard the lard used to
be very popular Strax the best threw fat so you know why not pull it through so
here’s my Persian grandmother pulling it through olive oil and here’s my American
Indian grandmother pulling it through Pig lard I meet this man in 2005 named
Rick Susan another Canadian and he’s pulling it through lighter fluid and I’m
like what what the heck what do you mean you’re using NAFTA which is paint
thinner right so you know one thing is the difference the big difference
between Canada and America there’s many of them but one particularly is that you
guys ingest all of your products and they
won’t kill you over here in America our marketers are looking to kill us with
all of our products our cleaning products and things like that do you
remember the first batch of cannabis oil you made yeah I remember it very well
because we made it with a Christian lar which is the same Christian Lauder Laura
loiter all right Christian regret and Rick we were the I always like the 50 is
the 50th person to view the film run for the Cure
I got on like I got on it like immediately I tracked him down and they
at that point Rick had not been you know attacked by eight billion people
claiming to know him or whatever he was still at that moment you know had enough
in him to be able to share you know he hadn’t been overrun by the masses yet so
we hunted down our version of NAFTA which is basically paint thinner and we
extracted you know we extracted medicine with it for the first time and then we
did it we then we moved into isopropyl alcohol and as we did this learning
because my partner at the time was also a generational herbalist and we had been
making other medicines for you know our whole life basically extracting other
plants we we were like this there’s something really wrong with
petrochemicals and you know isopropyl alcohol and he actually had gotten sick
like almost the point of death from the ice the profile he had gotten isopropyl
alcohol poisoning making medicine and that’s pretty scary stuff your body
basically begins to shut down and you know it was really awful and very very
scary so the second time it happened we were like we have to dig deeper into
this meant there’s God this is not the way they were not doing this you know
five thousand years ago they didn’t have paint thinner back then they didn’t have
isopropyl alcohol so we started digging through all of our herbal texts and
online and stuff and we came across a recipe that was written in the Arabic
text in 600 BC and it was basically what we do today which is an alcohol
extraction of cannabis 600 BC 600 BC in the aromatic
texe healing renovate remedies through cannabis and that’s what we looked for
and the Ming Dynasty you know used it for everything when you made your first
batch who did you give the oil to we gave it to a woman who actually a friend
of a woman who was a client of mine who had breast cancer and she actually it
cleared her in two weeks it was amazing and that just really inspired us so the
next thing we did was we realized that we were on to something is we decided to
just kind of test it you know so you know we got on Facebook this was oh my
gosh when Cory 2007 maybe probably yeah because that’s it was a oh my gosh it’s
so time is such a horrible thing here it is almost 10 years later it’s almost 10
years that we’ve been at this which is pretty exciting because now we’re
getting enough of a data base to really have an intelligent conversation about
it you know so that’s exciting and we just offered it out to like I just put
it on Facebook hey we’re doing this if you want some inbox me that’s how it
happened what sort of response did you get it was fit well it was a lot more
than we had oil that’s for sure we got a phenomenal response from all over the
globe Robin before we go any further I just want to clarify I mean I know this
is basically what you’ve said but just for the benefit of listeners but there’s
a lot of people in Canada that make oil with isopropyl or naphtha more isopropyl
than naphtha the isopropyl and naphtha that you get in Canada is not the same
as in the States not even close not even close the stuff
in the states is not safe to use you know and I mean I’m always on the fence
I have I can go I mean we could be like you know how you and I are both solvers
whatever you want to use use it yeah I think that like whatever just know who’s
making your product know who’s making your product what it’s made of
etc etc you know I mean I know there are people in the states also remember if
you’re using a product that’s been pulled through NAFTA or isopropyl
alcohol even though they’ve pulled it all out if you’re leaving it closed its
Rican getting itself so whatever trace amounts of that product
are in the the concentrate there they’re gonna come up to the firt of the surface
when it’s when it’s condensed and sealed right so just make sure that you keep
your stuff like before you use it you just air it out for a minute give it
give it a breath like it was a fine wine well what is the difference between the
isopropyl alcohol in the States and Canada yeah I don’t know exactly I think
there’s all these additives isn’t there in the one yeah we don’t care about
chemicals in our country we just like you like it needs our medical system so
you know everyone’s really in bed with each other in the US no it’s about the
AMA and the FDA they’re all good friends you know they’re working together to
ensure that the American population is sick it’s my understanding too that you
can go and buy for sake of argument joes isopropyl alcohol at walgreens and you
can go about two weeks later and buy that same product and it’ll have
different ingredients well i don’t know about that i mean i would hope to shout
that the manufacturers of those products are gonna have some kind of standard of
excellence but i really I did hear that somewhere I don’t know
at any rate beware if you’re in the States it’s not the same as Canada Robin
for people who want to make their own what would you suggest besides doing a
heck of a lot of research well I think that slowdown is the first
thing slow down and just slow down there’s some great YouTube videos my
favorite one is the skinniest lady alive she makes a small batch of cannabis oil
in her kitchen with just one ounce of flour material she makes you know three
to five grams in the kitchen and I think that if you if you have no experience at
all that’s a great way to start you know start with one ounce it’s kind of like
watching Martha Stewart yeah I know the one you mean like watching her and the
other thing is like you know demystify it it’s really you know the hard part
about it is that you might blow yourself up you know you really can’t fuck it up
though besides you know destroying yourself and blowing down your entire
environment and that’s just a really good safety
practice right I mean exercise common sense
go slow make sure your environment is well ventilated start with a small
amount and you know trust your instinct whatever you make it’s gonna be good
even if it’s not like the quality of somebody who’s professional it’s still
gonna be vibrationally in alignment with what you need in who you are you know a
lot of times people will call me and they’ll be like I made my own oil I’m
not getting better blah blah blah must be awful you know or my aunt made my oil
or whatever and I say to those people that you know intention is 90% of what
you’re doing especially herbally so if their intent was clear and they were
really making not to help you and heal you as you are for yourself then that’s
what’s gonna be there but if they made it with doubt and insecurity that’s
what’s going to be there so really setting your intention before you work
with you know any kind of plant-based material really kind of helps create
that vibrational channel to locking Robin when you set out on this journey
to start making cannabis and cannabis based products to help other pieces old
so I didn’t really like set out on a journey I just like live so and I mean
for years I lied to people for years it was the secret ingredient you know I
mean I’m a I’m a world-class neuromuscular instructional integration
therapist I have been giving people this medicine since I’ve been working and I
was 17 18 years old when they started my career do you know when you went first
went on Facebook and got this incredible response what did your lawyers suggest
you do oh I said I love my work he’s very kind and oftentimes randomly he
will send me emails asking me to please stop oh yeah I love my whole lot team
often every day is telling me to you know I mean if I did what I was told I
wouldn’t be doing anything and what do you what what reason do they give
incarceration they’re concerned about regarding me as incarceration but look
at you survived 10 years and you’re not in you know in jail yes oh and thereby
grace of God go I you know and I think that you know my business is built in
the give away and it’s built in paying it forward so you know we feel that we
are doing something that’s greater than making money you know I’m not on the
Silk Road I’m not I’m not selling recreational product to it to anyone so
it’s all we just feel like we have a blanket of protection with what we do
and we’re humble you know I’m not gonna get out I mean I am I have been not so
humble but you know it’s definitely we just kind of operate from a humble place
and hope that we’ll be okay rubbin out of the hundreds and hundreds
maybe even thousands of people you’ve helped give us some examples of some of
them that had an impact on you oh I’d say every single one of them impacts me
you know there’s not it’s like these are what I would I get the most out of
working with this particular demographic clientele is how much people live with
every day and how we who have no health issues you know we take so much of our
life for granted you know we breathe in and out all day we don’t think about it
no you stop breathing and then oh my gosh that breath was valuable that
breath was important so you know I’m impacted always by the tenacity of my
clients and their desire to stay on planet earth and their desire to fight
through the insurmountable ‘no some what it is to be ill you know when you when
you have a problem and it’s external like you lost your job or your car broke
down or your boyfriend left you or whatever it’s still outside of you so
you can you can muck about your day and you know and just complain and and focus
on that kind of like drama but when you’re physically ill and you feel like
someone’s stabbing you in the gut or you’re on fire inside from a nerve issue
or you just feel like you want to vomit all the time it’s a whole nother
ballgame to get up and take your kids to school and you know go to work and and
show up for anything so it requires a lot from human beings who who hit that
place in their life to find their true divinity and their
purpose and their reason for being on the planet and it’s always just a
striking to me to listen to people’s stories and watch them find the the
warrior within if you will you know and then how they take that that healing
energy and spin it back out into their world and create transformation for
everyone they know can you relate to that Corey absolutely yeah Corey’s kind
of a living testimony of that isn’t aren’t you I guess I am I guess I am
yeah we’ve certainly worked together with a lot of patients and seen some
pretty amazing stuff and some pretty horrible stuff too you know you know I’m
very fond of saying that cannabis buys time you know I am NOT gonna stand up
and say this will cure your cancer although I have seen it I have witnessed
that experience okay but that is not the only experience that comes and there are
so many factors in getting well not to say this one thing this one thing is
gonna do it for you so I’m very hesitant about that but I will say that it buys
time and we just had an experience just recently with a with a four year old
where the family through Corey came to me here in California and they were sent
home with her four-year-old being told that she had two weeks to live and she
had an inoperable brain tumor that was pushing on her optic nerve and she you
know what do you say to a 27 year old parent who calls you about his
four-year-old daughter do you say well that’s gonna be $6,000 to treat your
daughter you know I mean some people might but at firebird touch therapy we
say come over let’s see what we can do for you so we made a blend for her and
we managed to keep her around for an extra eight months we gave we were able
to give the family a eight extra months yeah quality time quality time they went
to do their you know the the little she had an older brother he got to play and
and be with his sister you know she really held on very well until she got
pneumonia and that was really what was the turning point for her so we actually
were still keeping that brain tumor in check but because she was so small and
she had had you know many other treatments and we are just carbon-based
beans I mean we are designed to fail we are very very delicate things as human
beings reminds me of the story of that we did an interview with David
Hutchinson in Vancouver and two weeks before his wife died of breast cancer
his 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with the brain tumor and after his wife
died he did some research into cannabis and gave his daughter some of the
scientific papers on cannabis and suggested that they try it so they were
trying it and she was doing extremely well and she said when she took the oil
she could feel the fizzing within her head where the tumor was and he said
that’s great it means it’s working she eventually through a number of scans it
was determined after a couple of years that the tumor was gone but because she
was taking a high THC she was tired and as a result decided that this time being
in university that you didn’t want to take it anymore and the tumor came back
and she eventually died unfortunate story but it just shows that cannabis
can do some remarkable things that most people are completely unaware of but as
you said it’s not a panacea it’s not a cure-all you know it’s something it’s a
shield I’d like in this story you just said she stopped taking it the cancer
came back so it truly is as long as it’s in the system the cancer can’t continue
it’s you know journey of destruction it creates a shield in the body is this
helping people is this exciting for you Robin or is it just yeah it’s it’s very
exciting and I mean it’s like it’s it’s always awesome when there’s a success
story and it’s always devastating when there’s I mean I hate to say that death
is not success because you know everything everything is here for
and death gives life and sometimes the death of that person their death
transitions the lives of those around them so much their death was a key most
important factor for those other people to get what they needed in their life
does that make sense yeah so I hate to think of death as you
know defeat but it does feel like it for sure
and it’s very upsetting and there have been many times when I have just been
like fuck this I don’t want to do this anymore this doesn’t work and so you
know after I get over the pity party of that it just drives me deeper into
knowledge you know it just drives me deeper into learning and understanding
and looking at the people who are you know I’m not a research scientist so I
don’t spend my time digging into what each cannabinoid does and how it needs
to be you know like whatever changed and shifted it and what gets happened to
where but I do read those papers that those people write and I do absolutely
implement them into my my knowledge base in my production of my products robbing
like that’s I’m sorry I’m just saying what are your thoughts on pharmaceutical
cannabis question to like ask like what are my thoughts well I mean they’re
serious bull shotgun I mean they’re just bullshit I mean can it why that all
pharmaceuticals are plant based medicine period the reason why pharmaceuticals
exist were like the whole reason why the whole pharmacy market even came into
being was to distribute massive amounts of medicine to large populations of
people okay so over time greed has stepped into that it has shifted to you
know chemicals and what we know about marinol is that the people who take it
get higher than they get high when they use cannabis and it doesn’t necessarily
work it doesn’t work I mean it doesn’t do anything to abate cancer and
oftentimes it will make people feel just as nauseous as they did we interviewed
GUI rube in ski a couple of days ago and he was talking about
the whole plant offers what he describes as the entourage effect yeah what
worries you don’t isolate a specific yeah and then here we go this is gonna
be the next problem that we’re all gonna face is the intellect of man I mean
first we have greed and then we have intellect so who else could fuck up
something more than a human being who’s gonna sit in the lab with nothing to do
and pull a plant apart you know I mean people call me all the time now and say
do you have THC a because that’s what my doctor that’s what they say I need well
who’s they my group on Facebook oh okay no you know but I will say like I do
believe the the the research and the data that’s collected on CBD and THC in
the conversation of cancer specifically that they need to be administered at
different times because CBD is a cleanser of the receptor and it doesn’t
allow the THD to bind at the same time in the way that it needs to bind for
cancer so I do absolutely and I have seen in my my clientele my client base
that when we separate CBD and THC in cancers I get a longer better result
from the client then when they do a blend of THC and CBD that’s only in
cancer though okay when I’m talking about another neurological issue then
that’s not true at all can we go down the hormone driven breast cancer path oh
god where I can be hung out to dry well boy oh boy that’s the tough one eh it’s
a very tough one you know I recently I was a you know the thing about the
position that I sit in and all physicians I would like to just you know
have a moment for everybody who’s in medicine that you know we’re just human
beings man and you know your doctor is is governed by the ethics and the laws
of their licensure to say certain things to you they cannot get airy-fairy with
you they cannot tell you the how’s and the whys of the whatever they can only
give you the most devastating data available because we
have sued them so many times at least in America we have made their malpractice
exponential all right that they can’t say anything except for this is what I
can treat you this is what it will do and this is when you’ll die and that’s
it so cut your physician a break first of all and and cut us we make the oil a
break too because you know at the end of the day really the decision is your
contract between you and the Creator so the you know sort of has a long answer
to the hormone driven breast cancer which you know research shows us that
THC develops tumors in this type of breast cancer it feeds the tumor so
there needs to be a higher dosage of CBD and a lower doses of THC now what are
these exact numbers that make this happen
well the most popular ones circulating is 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 right
3% CBD 1% THC yeah but again every single person is a thumbprint and
they’re in an individual so is that the truth
I don’t know I can’t say it you know I do think that it needs to be you need to
have THC present to kill cancer you know yeah it’s lower and you do need to have
the the for some reason because of the hormonal effect the cannabinoids and
just that molecular strain addressed that type of cancer better when I was in
Prague I had a couple of informal conversations with you know in
quotations people they know about this whole hormone driven breast cancer thing
and I heard all the answers 3 to 1 2 to 1 take them apart take them together but
what really came out of all those conversations is the fact that no no two
people are alike what’s going to work for one person is not necessarily going
to work for the other right and and that’s like um then that’s the key right
there so you know that so that brings me to the circle conversation of
dispensaries which I am NOT a sauna you know I’m just not a fan of them
you walk into a dispensary you’ve got a 20-something year old person behind the
counter you know God bless the millenniums they know what they know but
they don’t know they’re not they’re not medically driven driven and they’re just
selling products that they don’t even know who they came from right
if you are using cannabis as medicine to do things like address your
life-threatening illness I really highly suggest you you if you’re not making it
yourself and doing your own research you’re working with somebody who’s
willing to work with you you know here at Firebird we work with each person
individually even if there’s 350 of them I’m having a conversation with every
single person at least once two or three times during the course of their
treatment until we get a point where they’re where they’re they’re stable in
the medicine and what I like to tell people is you know you’re using the
right amount when you can when you feel better and you can function in your
lives if you are drooling on the freakin ass couch you are taking too much okay
if you are not feeling better and still not sleeping you are taking too little
just like Goldilocks you kind of like have to hop from beds to balls until you
find the right mix here’s an issue that Corey and I talked about privately
because she as you know deals with lots and lots of people and one of the things
that strikes me is extremely humorous and frustrating is Corey recommends two
people who say I don’t want to get high well you can take it rectally and they
say well there’s no way I’m doing that especially in America people are afraid
of their butthole I mean like you know there’s so much baloney you know it’s
like ridiculous they’re all like because it’s now it’s become you know in music
and media it’s become a sexual organ right and before it was a taboo organ
right so like the whole that’s no wonder there’s so much anal cancer we’re also
like uptight in the ass right so the deal is that you know I I tell people
like that who do you want to answer your phone no
I tell them to use it topically but the other real question that you need to ask
people is are you willing to do what it takes to get well we see Robin won I
think probably what Ian’s thinking about particularly is I had a gentleman up
here who’s got Penal cancer and is facing amputation of his entire penis
and he obviously has some sexual issues if he has cancer of the penis you know I
mean I believe I don’t believe that we get cancer because we were a bad person
although there are some horrible people that you just never gonna get sick and
the reason why they get sick is because they inside of themself are making them
sick and that is why they are horrible so whatever we have whatever you know
there’s a teaching in my culture that’s give with your emotions hold with your
physical body receive with your mind and determine with your spirit and so many
of us are emotionally holding I can’t feel that you’re not touching my ass
right and it’s all these place symbols like well like maybe if you ask the guy
who he’s gonna lose his penis were you raped as a child is that one hero
ad to have you touch her but then we could you know they’re mine and that’d
be some massive healing for him where he can share that story and release that
shame guilt and pain right yeah and then maybe sticking something up his ass
won’t be so horrifying him but you know then you also hit against the religious
paradigms so people you can only treat people where they’re at and you know my
business is called firebird touch therapy for a reason because I’m not
gonna pet your head and give you a glass of water and tell you it’s gonna be okay
I’m gonna fucking light your ass on fire you know and you will be consumed by it
and then reborn if you so choose to desire because that is the only way I’m
sure Cory in your healing journey you had to come to Jesus with a whole lot of
situations feelings experiences of your own life and release them and forgive
yourself in those situations oh absolutely it’s it’s a journey you know
yes the only way to healing yeah you know
yeah I don’t know if you caught our interview with Paula Doyle but she
certainly alluded to that to that you know it’s a journey that comes from
within and you heal with from within yeah yeah that’s very true very true
Robyn is there a dark side to to cannabis at all
yeah take too much then call me at two o’clock in the morning when you don’t
listen to my instructions that’s a dark side for me because I’m sleeping like
you know the funny thing about it is like it’s like this is like you know
like a the size of a grain of rice I hate that image and because it’s like
what what rice you know basmati Uncle Ben so and then the other pieces that
people are like well there’s no way that that amount can do anything there’s just
no way so and then they take a glob of it and they’re high like high in a
horrible way not able to get up their heart is racing
they’re you know feeling like they’re gonna bomb it they’re sweating because
they took too much because they didn’t listen to instructions I’m laughing at
Ian right now Corey’s a pointing your finger at me because that was me that
with him me up you know and the truth is so for everybody because like you know
and that’s part of what makes this so scary you know first of all you have you
might have to take it rectally second you might get it and that’s what people
mean when they say I don’t want to get high
they don’t mean I don’t want to like feel like relaxed they mean I don’t want
to get on the magic bus that I can’t get off of for six or eight hours and that
really is an awful experience so you know those people I always say well you
can use it topically because sixty percent of it absorbs instantly into the
blood system topically and the other 40 percent takes up to 12 hours to get in
okay so and that’s gonna slow it down it’s a great way to like you know kind
of get your receptors primed basically let’s sort of ease people into it yeah
ease people into it make them feel a little like okay it’ll be okay
rubbing in your business firebird touch therapy what is the biggest medical
issue that people have when they come to see you well I am for some reason deal a
lot with childhood brain cancer so and and maybe it’s because I worked
in pro sports for such a long time and I dealt with concussions that I just had
this relationship to the brain but there is way too much childhood DP is a DPI’s
DIPG yeah the apg I call it dip G you know I was I say often to people out of
30 phone calls that I get from parents 29 of those will be with kids with brain
tumors yeah and that’s boy oh boy it’s an ugly thing it’s just so ugly why are
there so many brain tumors today oh my gosh who knows you know well I have a
theory on why there’s so much more cancer at least in America that is that
you know America was a hemp driven country until 1932 and prohibition and
that’s when Joe chemicals um started milling cotton and realizing that you
know it was a much more financially lucrative fabric than him
and so hemp became immediate left all streams of our of our body and our
nutrition at that point and also a William Randolph Hearst had 500,000
acres of land in Mexico taken away from him therefore he wanted to get back at
the Mexicans Mexican government and he went along with Harry Anslinger and his
program to stigmatize and demonize marijuana reefer madness yeah yes
exactly I know I know see so it’s all been like I mean this is like cannabis
has been prevalent in our existence as human beings for always and since always
on every single continent in every single culture it has been prevalent so
just in – up until you know the last it’s 1932 but he’s at 80 years 100 years
you know we’re close to coming up on 100 years of that has it been out of our
system in our life so it’s a very powerful plan and I really do believe
it’s a divine plan and it has a way of speaking to go to the whole world so and
it just didn’t want to be quiet for any longer so it’s just coming back to where
it warms with the recreational marijuana’s being sold along with
medicinal marijuana in California what is going to happen in terms of public
interest within with this plant well let’s remember that California had The
Compassionate Use Act that was voted in in 1996 yeah 96 so we’ve had you know
cannabis has been prevalent in our culture and our economy you know mildly
since then and I think that it’s not gonna really I think that what’s gonna
happen for us as all of our growers because we’re such a great grow state
you know the the I I don’t think that corporate farming is going to have much
of a chance up in Northern California but it’s already got its fist in down
here in Southern California but there is no greater we’d grown in the world than
Humboldt County and those guys have been dug up in there for a very long time and
lived through a whole bunch of Prohibition so they have been getting
their self together for a much time and I think that they’re gonna just emerge
it’s like you know I think that California will emerge is the you know
cannabis capital of the world much like we were the wine capital of you know
American America as well in conclusion Rob and tell us about your
business Firebird touch therapy and give us your website so people can contact
you well it’s firebird touch therapy comm and you know we are holistic based
practice company that is all about allowing and helping people actualize
their authentic self and using cannabis as medicine is just one of the things
that we do Robin it was good of you to join us thank you very much it’s super
fun man yeah it’s been great having you on Robin thank you I love you I
appreciate very much being a guest I love you too before we sign off this
episode just a reminder if you’d like us to continue with these podcasts please
go to our website cannabis health radio.com
and make a pledge the donation can be big or small a one-time donation or a
monthly donation whatever you like all donations are greatly appreciated
help us in our mission to help others you’ve been listening to the cannabis
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  1. I believe that It is a massive Panacea : definition = able to help with the majority of problems! Environmentally and biologically, it is our only sustainability and salvation, 80 more years of research will show how imperative it is to utilize for SUSTAINABILITY.

  2. Is ethyl alcohol and grain alcohol the same as Isopropyl alcohol in the US? Rick Simpson uses grain alcohol. Can I get an answer please? Thanks

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