Escentric Molecules– Molecule 01 Fragrance Review

Have you tried this fragrance? I get tons and tons and tons and tons and
tons of compliments when I wear it. Tiff Benson here and I wanted to talk to you about this amazing scent that I’ve been loving adoring. Before we get started follow my social media
links because I love social media. 🙂 Make sure you subscribe. I’m currently building this channel so it’s
super important to me if you like this video to give it a thumbs up and to subscribe. This fragrance is called Molecule 01 by Escentric
Molecules and the bottle is pretty cool, chic, clean, modern and minimalist just like the
brand. Why I love it? It is just so unique and modern and you know
I’m a minimalist so just give me simple, there’s a time and place. This is a stand out in my collection I absolutely
adore this fragrance if I had to put it in the rating I would say it’s probably top three
because it’s so versatile. I wear this alone I wear this with other scents,
it’s so good I could wear in the spring I could wear in the fall I could wear in the
winter, it really just enhancers what you are ready have on or your natural body chemistry. One thing that I really love about this is
that it’s a skin scent and that you can layer it with other fragrances. I think that’s so genius the fragrance only
has one note, it’s called iso e super, so what does that means that this particular
fragrance is only made up of one molecule, hence molecule one, so what’s exciting about
that is that this particular molecule is an plenty of other modern fragrances I want to
say, you would recognize it as one of those scents that project into the air so is not
something that you can smell really close to the skin. Its something that you would smell in the
wafts of the air. So let’s talk about things that it reminds
me of, this send reminds me of pencil shavings this reminds me of Niagara
Falls starch spray just sprayed on a white shirt and then iron it and it’s that smell
kind of like velvet cedar smell, candy cigarettes, I don’t know it’s hard to describe something
that smells so pure and clean and fresh and woody and aromatic it’s so good when you try
to smell it on your skin you don’t really smell it close to the skin but as you’re far
away from the fragrance you get wafts of it it is just so good! This is why I love it because when I wear
fragrance I like it to project and I like to smell it I’m one of those girls that will
spray fragrance I don’t care if you like it or not I don’t care if you do like it i’m
in my fragrance world right now my fragrances giving me a story. I feel like because it projects well and it’s
so soft it’s not overwhelming two people and it makes you want to come closer and cuddle
that’s what I think. Longevity is really good, oh my gosh on the
skin it last forever eight hours plus I mean this doesn’t go away it really doesn’t you
can go out I sprayed on sometimes sometimes I sprayed on put it on my jacket put it in
the closet and then like the next day I’ll go into the closet and it and I smell it and
I’m just like amazing! I would say this is my number one scent I
said it was top three but this is my number one scent it does everything that you want
a fragrance to do it just work everything that you buy a fragrance for everything that
you want your fragrance to do this will do I mean it really surpasses everything everything
that I’ve ever wanted in a fragrance and honestly it’s been hard to by fragrances since I purchased
this because I love it so much and it’s just changed my world my approach and my feelings
on fragrance I like my things simple I like it modern I think that is just such a gorgeous
gorgeous scent and I love that is unisex, I love that my man can wear this ,when I have
a man, when I get a man, I feel like any person who is into perfume and each fragrance needs
to get this and quite frankly even if you’re not into each perfume and you’re just one
and you’re just wanting to try something that’s fresh wearable super easy to wear you should
really give this a shot, oh my gosh this is my favorite. I have molecule one this is my favorite that
way and I have molecule to this is another favorite of mine but I do prefer molecule
one it’s so good so good so so good it doesn’t get any better than so anyway thank you for
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your time here on this channel till next time.

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