Eye exercises which cured my Myopia in just 2 months (Bates Method)

One of most powerful exercises is this one… Basically what you have to do in this exercise is: First of all what you’ll have to do is to put your finger in front of your eyes and after that find a point far away. For this example in this video I have taken the peak of the mountains. So I am looking far away… So first, I am looking 5 seconds at my finger with one eye and then I look with the same eye towards the mountains, towards the peak of the mountain So as you see in this video first of all I am doing exercise with my right eye then with my left eye
and after that I am doing with both of them So this exercise is the most powerful exercise… among the exercises which “The Program for Better Vision” proposes, by Martin Sussman So, in the past I used to struggle with my Myopia and right now I have got my eyes in perfect shape So look first of all I am looking at my finger and after that I am looking at the peak of the mountain So as point, a far away point is the peak of that mountain As you see I am doing it about 5 or 10 minutes depends… and after that I relax my eyes. So one time with one eye, after that with another eye and after that I am doing the same exercise with both eyes. It’s very powerful this exercise because it strengthens the muscles of your eye. Another very good exercise it is called Palming of the “Program for Better Vision” by Martin Sussman. I used this program to cure my Myopia. So as you see here I am doing this kind of exercise, basically it consists of this… what you have to do is:
to close your eyes and to put your palms on your eyes and maintain those palms about 10 minutes So, closing your eyes what you’ll have to see is only the dark and after you open your palms… you’ll feel a relief, a pleasure in your eyes, you’ll see better… So, you’ll have to do it 5 times in the period of time of 10 minutes. It’s very easy to do it and it’s very pleasant. Trust me! I achieved very good results in just 8 weeks doing so, doing these kind of exercises… And they are very powerful. Trust me! Another very good exercise for eyes, which Martin Sussman in his book “Program for Better vision” proposes…is this one So, this type of exercise is called Solarization. Basically it consists of: Closing the eyes and… and doing this: looking towards the sun in the sunny day. So right now you are going to see me doing this kind of exercise. So first of all what I am doing is closing my eyes… right now, I am looking towards the sun. As you see the sun is full on my face. And what I am doing here? I am looking towards the sun and playing with it, passing it on my closed eyes. I am doing it very slowly… I am doing it about 5 minutes. After 5 min you’ll see unexpected pleasure in you eyes… and you’ll start to see better… So as you see here is the sun and a very beautiful landscape of Italian Alps…

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  1. Ok now after I saw this video I will try to do this exercise and I will be back to write of my results after once a month it this work I will tell u the true

  2. i am suffering from -12 & -15 please tell it better for me or not or what to do for fast improvement in my eyes

  3. i have right 0.50sph 0.25cyl 90% axis
    and left 0.25sph 0.50cyl 90% axis . i will try this from tomorrow morning . will update every 3 days

  4. I will give this a try cause I can't read stuff from far away like board and tv. So i will give this a try, I will stop staring at a phone, laptop and tv. I will sleep long, blink and I will eat what benefits my eyes, like carrots, nutritions. I will leave you guys an update, not just that but I will help you get your vision better if this works, pray for me plzzzzz

  5. Eye exercise
    Do these steps properly as mentioned below with out wearing glasses, daily morning between 7:30 gto 8:30 AM when sun is not too strong.

    1) shifting: ? ?-⛰️
    (near to far and far to near = 1shift)
    (Stay on near for 3 sec and on far for 3 sec and repeat)
    Only right eye 15 times
    Only left eye 15 times
    Both eyes 20 times
    (Shift slowly, do not do rapid shifting)

    2) palming: ??
    Do palming for 5 min. (this is to relax your eye balls, While palming your palms should not touch your eye balls)

    3) solarization:☀️?
    Close your eye lids and face sun for 5 min and turn your head left and right to properly expose sun on your eye lids.

    4) swinging:
    Do swinging for 2 min
    (While swinging do not focus your eyes any where and relax the eyes)

    Try to avoid glasses as much as possible from now on. Try to avoid staring at computer screen or anything at short distance for long time, if in front of computer give brakes every 20 minutes and look at something at Least 20 feet far for 1 min.

    ?->? in 3 months to 1 year depending on how high your prescription is.

  6. Does it really works? I need an answer. My eye no. Is -5 and -3. And i m fred of wearing specs. Being a model i need to recover from specs. Plz sugget guys if it really works or not. Plz plz plz………☺


  8. Hi about the solarization I have Lupus disease Wich I can't stay in the sun cus I'm photosensitive and I get flares can I do without the solarization?

  9. My doctor said that I came late for prescription late so my myopia couldn't be reversed.
    I am -1.75 in right and -2.30 in left.
    Can this work for me ?
    But I am gonna try anyways.

  10. I take off my glasses look out the window and cry everything's blurry and had been for a few years no taking it back ????

  11. My right is – 2 and my left eye has clear vision. I really want to cure my amblyopia. So i will give this a try.

  12. I wear -2.5 on both eyes. Should I continue wearing it all day long, or periodically while I start exercise?

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  18. Immediately after applying this eye sight development technique “Tοsazο Zuzo” (Google it) for around 7 days, I began watching an improvement in my vision. I`d definitely suggest this product to people who are having difficulty with their eye-sight.. .

  19. So my eye is -5.75 and my right eye is -5.75 too and I’m 12 years old so I wanted to know if it still works or maybe it goes faster to -4.00 maybe and my eyesight is my insecurity because I want to live without glasses

  20. I m having 0.75 .in both eyes…so I will be back after one month after trying this….I m starting it from today…

  21. I have 1.5 in my left eye and 0.75 in my right eye. I been googling about curing myopia naturally unfortunately there isn't cure for this. .. untill I saw this video .. all of you guys are actually posting all sorts of positive and amazing comments after doing this exercises …so I started doing this …And I am surprised to see that this works.. everytime I do this my eyes are becoming pretty clear . .. I am gonna do this everyday … hope that this is gonna help me free from specs ☺☺ bless me guys ….

  22. For faster results make sure you are taking vitamin a from animal products: Butter, liver, cod liver oil. And leafy greens and carrots for pre-vitamin a. Vision problems are related to vitamin a deficiency?

  23. yep, bates method is real good. and also follow some simple instruction given here: http://healthoil.in/improve-eyesight/

  24. 中国人要是能住在环境这么好的地方,而不是在拥挤的城市里,也不会得近视了。

  25. Can I look at buildings which are 40/50 meter away from me instead of mountains

  26. How do these exercises lengthen or shorten the eye axially? How do these exercises make spherical a toric curved cornea or lenticular error? They cannot. Puckey.

  27. I know im late to this party but I’m 16 and I’m sick of crying over my eyesight being so bad ,,, I’ll try to attempt this as much as I can,,, I’m LOWKEY excited LOL even if it helps s little bit I’d be thankful since surgery scares the shit outta me

  28. Could you say without "uuuhh" it's hard to understand what you are trying to say. Instructions are not that clear, had to repeat parts of tge video many times just trying to understand what you are trying to say.

  29. Idk how much i trust these other comments so ill put this here. Will update in like 10 months if i remember.

  30. My biggest problem in my life is myopia??(both eyes minus 1.25) I will do this because i hate glasses and lazik

  31. In the first exercise for how much time i have to look at the far away point and how many time i have to do this exercise

  32. Hey there I couldnt understand this exercises cleary. First I look with my left eye to my finger than somewhere far , same on right and later I look with my both eyes and look far with both eyes again?
    And about palms , he said do it 5 times so each 2 minutes or 10? I dont think it will be 10 each. Please help

  33. Doctor told my vision is 6/12 and i need glasses…i did this exercise and after 6 months i am 6/9…i will do it until i get 6/6

  34. I was diagnosed with myopia at age 7. I'm 19 now and my eyes are -15. It's scary that it gets worse instead of better. I'll try this and update every week if possible.

  35. Is the shifting exercise supposed to be done with or without glasses? I have -2, and -5 myopia, so I can't really see far away objects without glasses

  36. A lot of thanks to you brother i cured my myopic eye my left eye is -0.50 and right eye is -0.25 now after doing this exercises for about 2 months on regular basis and now my both eye is 0 0

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