Face Scrub- Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Face Scrub- Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

our skin requires regular exfoliation to remain healthy and glowing it removes the layer of dead skin cells and improves blood circulation however one must be gentle and careful with the process exfoliating the skin once or twice in a week keeps the skin fresh and prevents wrinkles it’s easy to make natural skin scrubs at home which help preserve your beauty let us have a look take half a bowl of powdered oatmeal add 6 to 7 crushed almonds add 2 tablespoons of honey or a little milk mix it well to make a thick paste apply the scrub on your face and massage gently for two to three minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water take six tablespoons of sugar in a bowl add five teaspoons of olive oil mix it well this is a highly effective body scrub take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit www.investlocalbook.com

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  1. the sugar scrub is amazing. i used it on my face. i added lemon juice. i was scared to use it on my face because the sugar seems so harsh. but it wasnt. it made my skin sooo soft. the lemon juice fades acne, acne scars and brightens the skin.

  2. if u prefer a faster and more effective face mask/scrub, take about 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of olive oil (optional) and 1 teaspoon of milk and mix well and apply, leave the mask on for about 10 to 20 minutes. This scrub/mask gives your skin a healthy glow as well as gets rid of acne scars and gives you clear and smooth skin. Apply the mask once or twice a week to maintain clear skin!

  3. no olive oil will not clog pores, it is an exfective moisterier ( use at night) its a great make up remover too.

  4. lol no . the point of the regular sugar is because of the exfoliating properties. powdered sugar wont do anything.

  5. it does work, but you have to be patient. some people ive heard their acne and acne scars started to fade just two days after, some two weeks, and others it has even taken 5 months or more.

  6. why i always got scratch on my face ? even tho i am always very gentle, i did with sea salt and one time with sugar

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  9. the 1 st recipe is amazing…i just wanted to knw how long i can store it ?and how i can store it to preserve its effective ingredients ?

  10. HI…..
    my skin tone is normal colour. I want make my skin tone in to fair skin.can i get fairness skin tone to my hands,neck and face..can u pls tell me ….

  11. HI , can we use this sugar crystal remedy daily to get a brighter skin n how much time will it take to get glowing skin please do reply me as soon as possible thanks

  12. I used the oat meal scrub every 3 days without a break since I needed results a.s.a.p. I also let it dry just enough to make my skin tight, I also used almond milk instead of whole milk.

  13. I would like to see YOU actually using/demonstrating these remedies, or at least having a partner and using it on them! 

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  15. The proportions you give in the video are too much for just one person. I have tried out quite a few of the remedies you suggest.

  16. how abt an all over body scrub? the Lemons worked brill on my cracked heels. Thank you 4 sharing 

  17. the first one you made with oatmeal, almonds and honey…….I could quite happily have eaten that!   LOL

  18. The second remedy really helped me with getting rid of my dead skin on my face . You give great advice 🙂 I love your channel 😍👍😋

  19. Natural ingredients have therapeutic properties that are highly beneficial for the skin. By the Way, Day by Day Beauty offers skincare solutions that are all-natural and organic.  Thank you for this awesome video! 

  20. I'm only 13 but I need to try to get rid of dead skin cells can I use this, will it damage my skin? Please someone respond a sap

  21. m having white spots on my face ! pls help me with it ! is it because of some mineral deficiency ? pls lemme know about it

  22. if i make extra, am i able stored it for a couple days? like how long can this scrub be good for? thank you i like your videos

  23. Wont the crushed almond be too rough on your skin? I heard that you never use seeds/nuts/shells as exfoliators cuz it'll cause microscopic cuts?

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