Fake Dentist Pulls Teeth!

Fake Dentist Pulls Teeth!

– Hello everyone, welcome to the show. Today, our good friend
Board-certified OBGYN, and Reproductive Endocrinologist,
Dr. Millie Behera is joining us. (audience applause) – Welcome Doctor. – Welcome. – Thank you. – And before we get started,
I want you to take a look at these before photos of three ladies that are struggling with how to style their thinning hair. Later in the show, we’re going to reveal some amazing after photos proving you can make your
hair voluminous and beautiful by using just a few quick tricks. But this first topic,
it makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it. We know dental work can be expensive. That’s why one individual
Robert Rheinlander performed tooth extractions,
and examinations and made dentures in his home, claiming it would help people save money. But Robert isn’t a dentist. (audience members gasp) Robert doesn’t have a dental license. He was arrested after
causing medical complications on a patient, and I guess
he had been licensed in South Carolina as a dental technician, but then decided to start a
little bit of a difference. – It’s not the same thing. (laughs) – No, but it’s not like just goin’ in there
with pliers and say pickin’ a tooth and pulling it, I mean, he had some knowledge, but he was actually calling himself a doctor dentist, wasn’t he? – Yes. – Well, and the problem here is, – There are several problems here – we’ve talked about
it before on the show, pretty much any medical work
that you’re having done, if it’s being done in someone’s home, (laughter) red flag! Waving all over the place. – I’ve heard about house calls, I mean back in the days, like
family practitioners, – [Millie] That’s true, that’s true. – GPs would have little
offices in their homes. – This is just such a scary
story, I mean, I think, ya know, how can someone get away it? And I think looking for the cheapest place to get procedures, and you
know, I think you’ve seen that with the liposuction and ya know, – Do we give them the strip malls? – Cheap boob jobs may
not be the best, exactly, – Yes. – And I think what happened
was someone had a complication and that’s how he got found out, but, it’s horrifying! – Well I guess a tooth was
extracted and a fragment was left behind and it ended
up leading to complications, then of course they were like “Eh, this is a little sketchy.” Then they come to find
out he’s not a dentist and one thing led to the next. Look, and here’s the one
thing I want to acknowledge, and this is important. Look, this individual could be phenomenal at extracting teeth without
having a formal license. I’m not gonna say that he couldn’t be. The issue that I have, even
if he were formally licensed, is when you do things like
this in your own home, when there is a complication, you have, you can’t address it, so with little run of the mill things, is why we tell people, if you’re getting a formal procedure done, you wanna do it somewhere
where if a complication occurs, you can address it. Hard to do, oh! hand me
that spoon! Oh no! Oh! (Doctors laugh) – You know. – Put some pressure here, I’m
gonna go call somebody! No. – Yeah, the training comes in handy when you’re trying to
prevent complications and to be able to deal
with the complications. The easy ones, I mean,
we pull teeth on our kids when they’re loose and things like that. – Sure, we did. – That’s, different, ya know, so – Yeah, it’s not to say you can’t do it, – [Millie] Right. – just like it’s not to say
you can’t deliver a baby, – [Millie] Right. – when absolutely necessary, but I’d rather you deliver a baby than someone. – I mean, how do you find a good dentist? I mean, like everything else. Check his credentials. Make sure he went to a
reputable dental school, that he has a license that’s valid. And you know, when it comes to dentists, I think a lot is word of mouth, a personal referral
like, they’re so gentle, their office is so well run and clean and- – I think that’s the take home point is do your homework when
you’re finding a doctor or a dentist or doing some
sort of major procedure. It’s really important to make sure that it’s at a reputable place – And nowadays, good dentists are really into making sure you’re comfortable, like I’m not hurting you. – Like in this case,
apparently one patient had ten teeth pulled without anaesthetic. – [Andrew] Oh!
(audience gasps) – [Millie] Wow! – That’s another red flag.

25 Replies to “Fake Dentist Pulls Teeth!”

  1. My dentist forces anesthetic on to me even though I tell her no anesthetic, I'm not ok with anesthetic, she does it anyway. I'm never going back to the dentist because I can't trust them. They do things even when I deny my consent for it. And this was a licensed professional.

  2. Went to a fully accredited license doctor dentist told me I needed five teeth pulled when I just had a toothache
    Thank the lord I said hell no and went to another dentist he said I had one cavity and fixed

    just because someone has a degree doesn't mean that they can be trusted or are any good

  3. Hes only seen like over 10,000 operations… Thats why there kinda in shock cause they know what it means…

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