Fatty liver home remedies | Six foods that fight fatty liver

Fatty liver home remedies | Six foods that fight fatty liver

6 foods that fight fatty liver. To reverse the condition of fatty liver is
to avoid alcohol consumption. In addition, we must follow a healthy and balanced diet
and, as far as possible, based on natural foods. Fatty liver arises when this organ begins
to have difficulties performing its usual functions because of the accumulation of fatty
acids . Fatty liver occurs more frequently in patients
with obesity, alcoholism or type 2 diabetes. The earlier fatty liver is detected and the
food improves, the faster it can be reversed. Although the doctor may prescribe some medications,
they will be more effective if we accompany them with a change in diet. Here are the foods
that best fight this problem. 1. Tamarindo. Tamarind is one of the best fruits to fight
fatty liver . This tropical fruit is delicious and of great nutritional value. Being rich
in fiber helps improve digestion while eliminating excess fat. The unsaturated acids of tamarind act as decongestant
and protector of the liver . To get all these benefits you can prepare an infusion. Ingredients. 20 tamarind leaves.
1 liter of water. Process. Bring to the boil and add the leaves.
Leave to stand for 30 minutes and consume. You can consume both cold and hot tea. Another alternative is to take tamarind water,
which is prepared as follows: Ingredients. 100 g peeled and boneless tamarind.
1 liter of water. Process. Blend the tamarind with a cup of water.
Mix the liquefied tamarind with the remaining water and drink.
You can add a little honey or brown sugar to give it a more pleasant flavor. You should
avoid using artificial sweeteners because they only make the fatty liver problem worse
. Both infusion and water can be consumed at
any time of the day, as long as you do not overdo it. Excessive intake of tamarind can
cause stomach upset. 2. Pulses. The consumption of legumes is an effective
remedy against fatty liver thanks to its proteins . Being low in calories, they also regulate
weight. Its fiber content also lowers cholesterol levels , another high-risk factor for fatty
liver. When cooking, avoid the use of fine salt . You
can use coarse salt as long as excesses are avoided. They can also be combined with some
spices that enhance their flavor. The only thing to keep in mind when it comes
to consuming legumes is the importance of avoiding excesses. Half cup of any legume
a day is enough , especially when the person is diabetic. 3. Strawberries. Debugging the body is a good strategy to reduce
the effects of fatty liver . Through this procedure we eliminate much of the toxins
that accumulate and our organs are cleaned. Strawberries are excellent for purifying and
detoxifying because of their high fiber content. Being rich in vitamin C strengthen the immune
system and its organic acids prevent the accumulation of fats . In case you already have them, as
with the fatty liver, eliminate them, disinfect and desinflame. Because of its flavor you will not have problems
consuming them. You can include them in your diet raw, alone or with yogurt. You can also
use them to make smoothies , breads, salads or cereals. Here we leave you the recipe for
a delicious and very healthy smoothie with strawberries. Ingredients. 1 cup of clean strawberries (166 gram).
1 cup low-fat natural yogurt (245 gram). 1 cu charadita flaxseed (5 gram). Preparation. Blend all ingredients and consume immediately. The main advantage of this recipe is that
you can change the seeds to have a more varied diet . You can use amaranth, sunflower seeds,
flax, etc. 4. Lemon. Lemon is one of the foods with the greatest
benefits you can find. Being rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it prevents many diseases
. Also, if you already have fatty liver, you can also help heal it. This time we will talk about a remedy that
has been very widespread in recent years: a glass of water with lemon juice . This drink
is perfect for fighting fatty liver and improving digestion. Although the lemon seems too acidic for our
body is alkaline. This means that it regulates our pH levels, very important for good health. For this remedy you only need a glass of warm
or warm water and the juice of a lemon. Stir well and take each morning on an empty stomach. 5. Whole grains. Foods rich in simple carbohydrates should
be completely out of your diet when you have fatty liver . This does not mean that you can not eat carbohydrates.
On the contrary: these are necessary to have energy and perform all your activities. It is advisable to choose whole grains , which
are also rich in fiber and facilitate fat reduction. Incorporating these products into your diet
will prevent peaks in sugar levels and increase in LDL or bad cholesterol. 6. Spinach. Green leafy vegetables should always be present
in your diet, especially spinach. Because of their high fiber content, they are ideal
for quicker intestinal transit. Folic acid regulates the functions of liver and kidneys. Because spinach is rich in chlorophyll , it
absorbs and removes toxins and fats from the liver . In case you are not a great lover
of spinach, consider including them in smoothies and take advantage of all its benefits. Fatty liver is a fairly common problem in
those who have a bad diet. It eliminates all the risks consuming the foods that help to
purify it. Remember that it is never too early to combat or eliminate it.

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  1. The Ben & Jerry's ad at the beginning of this video are not one of the foods that fight fatty liver in fact it contributes to it wonderful messaging

  2. I am the who has fatty liver.
    I like strawberries.
    I like lemons.

    Can strawberry juice deliver?
    Can lemon juice deliver?

  3. ……………….strawberries are toxic loaded with pesticides ! and they get fungus if they are not fresh , you will get cancer !..eat no grains , no corn , no wheat , no peanut butter , no cheese , no dairy .

  4. Sorry. There’s no such thing as an essential carb. Your body don’t need carbs to function. Stop the propaganda. Thanks.

  5. Just can’t bear the computer narration. You might have some decent content worthy of my attention, but the delivery is just horrible.

  6. What the hell is Tamarind? Can you take a run to Africa to get me some. What a waste of time! Btw, what is a glass of warm or warm water!?

  7. This is such dated information…DON’T FOLLOW!

    1. Lemons are good for you.

    2. Fats are a more efficient source of energy, NOT carbohydrates.

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