100 Replies to “FEAR OF THE DENTIST!!!!”

  1. There is medicine to help anxiety that is that bad. Thats why im not afraid of the dentist when im there. Because of the medicine.

  2. My mom's already onto me about going to the dentist. When I brush in one area my gum/tooth it hurts, I've been all over the internet looking up how I should brush my teeth and take care of my teeth… Okay I know it's disgusting but I barely ever brush my teeth and I'm really scared now…

  3. I'm Scared Too My Dentist Always Makes Me Throw Up But If I'm Good I Get A Toy After!!!!! And If You Have A Loose Tooth Just Brush It Out Slowly With A Toothbrush

  4. Dentists purposefully ruined three of my teeth. One because I arrived five minutes late. The other because she was incompetent. Another because he is a sadist.
    You can read about my other experiences here

  5. I'm scared of the dentist. I hate the dentists Halloween candy tho. Last year they gave sugar free lollipops and dental floss. My 9 year old self was not impressed

  6. I hate the dentist because of that drill tool. Last time they drilled into a cavity for testing and it hurt like hell. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Welcome to the club, Justine. I'm literally afraid of the dentist more than anything else. Always have been since I was 6.

  8. I want my mom to know I’m traumatized and everytime I tell her “Wassup mom ! I was having a panic attack, why ? You made me have one !”

  9. Your dentist is so kind, mine is like “shut up and open wide” “stop crying”
    Yours : you’re getting a lego set !
    Mine : parents please come here, your daughter has a-

  10. Tbh I like my dentist! The people who work there are really nice to me, especially since they know my grandfather and dad.

  11. Theirs nothing to worry about Justine, I chicken out once at the dentist, most likely I would like to get my teeth clean up and a fake molar, most likely I really want to get all my teeth and I have good gentle hygiene.

  12. hi everyone ,i work as a pediatric dentist n many ppll are asking how to overcome d fear. well back in d day s wen i was 13, i had latrophobia . my elder bro was a dentIst. for 15min check up he bared 1hr with me cuz i was petrified. in between the check up he gave me hugs,reassuring words. may be if u r scared u must find a dentist who has high patience. like my bro n mee too now ,we get patients with whom we bare for 2hrs. n just be open to ur doc

  13. Im also terrified of the dentist. Im scared of the room. Its small and smells weird. 😫 15 likes to make sure that i don't have cavities and that you dont have any eather for the rest if your life.

  14. They took the tooth out and they're not giving it back. XD

    Now I feel like wanting to go to the dentist XD

  15. Don’t worry I’m terrified to! Your not alone.Last time I went, I had to to have a needle in my gums and with the fear of needles and the dentist, damn.

  16. I need 8 root canals and crowns, one extraction, and a gum planing. Learned my lesson, no more soda and regular dentist checkups! I don’t get numb easily so I’m petrified of the dentist, I’m having iv sedation done for this procedure.

  17. This is my exact reaction to the dentist lucky for me I had a surprise dentist visit yesterday and now I’m getting 6 teeth pulled and I have to go back every 6 weeks to get braces tightened which I’m getting soon pls help meeee
    also I have to be sedated every time I go

  18. This is even more proof that I am so weird I love going to the dentist it is my favorite 2 hours ever I am so strange I am sorry does it help if I say I have had braces for 4 yrs

  19. Just a tip, I'm scared of the dentist too, talk to your friends about your dentist. It helps me calm down for some reason.

  20. I dont like dentist i norway Who gets the job done for free until youre 18 cause they suck. Use private dentists and not for the public

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