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  1. I love that you always go through the research for us. Totally understand not typically feeling comfortable talking about something we don't fully understand, but you did a great job! Will be curious to see new research that comes out on this.

  2. Good unbiased information.
    I recently ended up hitting on this article: https://www.fenugreekworld.com/fenugreek-for-men/

    The authorin claims a lot positives about her husband. I started a week back and now and then keep watching YouTube videos to motivate myself not to give my daily intake of 2 spoon soaked seeds. Results are interestingly better. I guess when something doesn’t harm then it’s worth a try.

  3. It's very good information. I have high cholesterol and high blood pressure can you tell me how much can I take it every day and how can I take it ? Do I make tea ? Please let me know thanks.

  4. Its a great supplement but I simply had to stop using it, normally I do not smell at all when working out or sweating, but after a week use of daily fenugreek intake, People around me told me about my very strong body odour, After stopping it the distinct odour has been diminished

  5. Fenugreek has also a special type of leucine (amino acid) : 4-hydroxyisoleucine, that is only found in Fenugreek, maybe it could explain also some effects.

  6. I took fenugreek supplements for a couple of days and I grew chest and shoulder hair. I never had any before and i barely even knew it what it was. Confusing that you're saying fenugreek doesn't increase testosterone when i gained body hair almost overnight.

  7. I do drink every morning in empty stomach every morning…and eat breakfast after 1 hour or 30 mints..
    It is good even for clearing face..make look yonger looking.

  8. Everyone complaining about smelling bad after using this stuff, include more leafy greens in your diet or take chlorophyll tablets and hydrate more.

  9. Excellent series of videos, just one small point please get rid of the inane muzak constantly playing in the background!

  10. Fenugreek can keep blood sugar levels normal, prevent starches from being converted into sugars, and normalize cholesterol levels. These are the only benefits I've found with it. Too much can cause diarrhea and dangerously low blood pressure. May be a good substitute for Clonidine!

  11. I'm 43, male and have been concerned about possible low testosterone. Amongst a raft of measures to address this such as starting lifting and reforming my diet, I've also started taking Fenugreek. I recently had my blood tested for testosterone (and other hormones) and the results indicated a very high level of prolactin 562mU/L (normal range 86-324mU/L), I also had an elevated level of Luteinizing Hormone 10.8IU/L (normal range 1.7-8.6IU/L). These are hormones primarily involved with female lactation and ovulation.Having researched this a bit I'm fairly convinced that it is the Fenugreek that has raised these levels. Interestingly my total testosterone was kind of low at 15.5nmol/L, as was my free testosterone at 0.315nmol/L…. I've since ditched the Fenugreek.Hope this is anecdotally useful to you in some way. Great content! – your water fasting videos sparked me to try a couple of 3 day fasts and it's not unreasonable to say that it has transformed my life. Just gotta sort those T-levels now….

  12. Likewise.i can't find anything concrete on fenugreek, especially tube research.there are a lot of posting that dance around the subject with how to prepare, and a lot of cosmetic uses , but not what it actually do to benefit your body. Girlfriend donates the shit to me cause I'm much older than her assuming it will raise my testosterone,and affect my male pattern baldness.which I believe on the latter that the dye has been cast and it's a done deal.

  13. You should get back into making vids. I know "they" dont want you to make no bs educational videos but it's a service to the world.

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