Fenugreek Hair Growth Results | Learn Herbalism 101 | Ayurveda Basics

Fenugreek Hair Growth Results | Learn Herbalism 101 | Ayurveda Basics

and this week we are featuring
fenugreek so fenugreek for hair growth results this is all about learning
herbalism 101 ayurveda basics It’s got this almost like a maple syrupy
type smell .hey guys welcome back to another episode of clareminded my name
is Clare and this week we are starting our herbalism series so as I’m in school
right now I’m learning all about these these herbs and we’re starting with a bunch of digestive herbs so for
herbalism 101 we are going to go over the basics of all these digestive herbs
that I’m learning once a week I will feature it I am going to carry these
herbs around with me I’m going to meditate with them I’m going to start
incorporating them into my daily practices by using them whether it’s for
my hair my nails my body whether it’s in my teas I’m gonna show you how to make
tinctures I’m gonna show you how to really connect with these herbs and I am
going to share all this beautiful information with you so we are going to
experience these herbs together and the first herb that we are focusing on is
fenugreek so in this episode what I’m gonna go over first I’m gonna give you
kind of the origins of fenugreek like what is it have you heard of it before
I don’t know where’d it come from how do we use it and then I’m going to tell you
the benefits of fenugreek it’s an amazing herb that we not only use in ayurveda but I bet you might have it in your spice cabinet as well and then I’m
going to give you a quick run-through of my journey with the herb I’ve been
carrying it around with me all week I’ve been talking to it I’ve been sleeping
with it weird I’ve been meditating with it I’ve been drinking it in teas and
then I’m gonna show you how you can make a fenugreek tincture I’m gonna show you
how I incorporate fenugreek into my morning teas all week and then I’m
to show you how to make a fenugreek hair mask because it is so great for our hair
and it will give you great hair results so stay tuned and welcome to clareminded learning herbalism okay so the origins of fenugreek which is also
called methi I think I’m pronouncing that right that’s the Hindi name for it
and in ayurveda fenugreek we use it for medicinal purposes but also for
culinary purposes as well it’s an amazing ancient herb that has super
duper benefits and usually when we use fenugreek we use it in a seed or a
powder form and fenugreek is a perennial plant which means that it is a plant
that survives more than two years so it doesn’t just grow with the seasons dyes
regrows dies regrows dies it is a plant that withstands the elements and nature
and bugs all that stuff and it lives for two plus years so it is a perennial
plant we use the seed or powder form and fenugreek it kind of carries these light
oily qualities so it happens to be good for the vata and kapha doshas and it’s
slightly warming as well so it’s not so great for the pitta dosha because of
those exact reasons it’s a little too oily and it’s a little too warming for
the pitta dosha but for kapha and vata it’s amazing because it kind of helps
warm the body it gives that moisture to Vata and a little bit of a lightness to
the kapha dosha which it needs and fenugreek it kind of carries this
bizarre mapley syrup type smell it’s really enticing so if you get the chance
go grab a handful or whether it’s in a little cart and just give it like kind
of a good sniff it’s it’s this nutty flavor but it also has a sweetness to it
so if you haven’t heard of fenugreek before it’s totally okay I wasn’t too
familiar with it before this week anyways so I’m gonna give you the
benefits of why this herb is so amazing not just within ayurveda but for
everyone’s daily life for daily practice or culinary practices as well so some of
the benefits of the fenugreek herb are things like it just is so great for your
digestive tract it really helps kind of aid in that oiliness so it kind of
lubricates your systems it’s so rich in fiber then
it kind of softens your stools and really helps get things moving within
the digestive system it’s also really great for increasing milk production if
you are having a newborn child and you need to create start stimulating more
milk production it really increases that milk production for new moms it’s also
really great to reduce any extra mucus because it has a slightly oily lightness
to it it will kind of soothe any sore throats any extra mucus buildup so if
you’re in kapha season or you’re dealing with the kapha imbalance
fenugreek is really good because it’s gonna loosen all that congestion and
kind of help things run a little bit smoothly it’s super awesome
fenugreek also lowers your cholesterol because it is so rich in that excess
fiber that excess fiber kind of helps scrape off that cholesterol within your
arteries and your bloodstream so fenugreek is super awesome because it
carries so much of those fiber extracts and can help your body not only detoxify
itself from cholesterol but can also help aid in digestion and soothe your
whole body and sore throat mucus all the icky stuff another great benefit of
fenugreek is that it also helps reduce any menstrual pain so this is something
that I actually incorporated into my practices whenever I kind of deal with a
little bit of uncomfortable menstrual pain or bloating anything like that I
use the fenugreek just in my tea about a teaspoon and it really kind of helps
soothe the body down you take one cup three times a day to help really soothe
the body and soothe any menstrual pain or cramps that you’re dealing with
another benefit is that fenugreek is super awesome because it encourages a
healthy libido so if you’re feeling maybe a little sluggish in kapha season
and you’re not feeling that frisky you can just have some fenugreek tea
and we spike your partner’s team with a little extra fenugreek and then get
the juices flowing and have a super fun afternoon evening morning whenever you
do. Have I convinced you to go track down this herb yet because these benefits are
amazing and you need to start incorporating them into your daily life
practice culinary medical purposes fine fenugreek sit with it meditate with
experience it it is so amazing because of all these things and more along with heaps of other stuff that I
was not expecting to buy I got us some fenugreek this is my little jar I’m
gonna be carrying it around for the next week sitting with him meditating with it
carrying around talking to it Herbalizing it getting to know fenugreek you
know meditation time with my boyfriend Fenu getting all the feels. this is where I show you how we are
going to make a fenugreek tincture and it seems sure some of you may be
thinking like what is that I don’t know I actually never even heard of it until
a few months ago when I was introduced to it in ayurveda and a tincture is
essentially just a liquid extract of an herb and it kind of depends on which
herb you’re using if you want to use the flowers the leaves the stem the reeds
are the seat so it really depends but we are making a fenugreek tincture
so we are using the dried seeds that we have of the fenugreek tincture and
basically what you do for a tincture is you just get a nice little jar like this
that we have and you feel it about 2/3 or about halfway up and then you get
your hundred proof liquor it can be typically it’s vodka but I’m using Mezcal in this one as long as it’s a hundred proof so it has to be pure
alcohol and then we are going to fill the jar up to about just over the seeds
that we are using and then because they’re dry these might actually absorb
some extra liquid so once we pour it in the liquid will kind of have to keep our
eyes on it just for the next couple of days to add a little bit more liquid if
we need to a little bit more liquor that Mezcal that we’re using and then we
basically let it sit for anywhere from three to six weeks longer is always
going to be a little bit more intense and then we strain the seeds and then we
have our liquid extract tincture of fenugreek and once you what you can do
with the tincture of the fenugreek is you can add 1 to 10 drops however much
you want a dosage and it’s extremely concentrated fenugreek okay super simple
so what we need for the tincture we need a glass jar with a sealable lid you need
your herb we are using fenugreek so we’re gonna put about half of the jar of
fenugreek seeds inside the sealable jar then we are going to use our hundred
proof liquor we are using mezcal but you can also use vodka as long it is a a
hundred proof we are going to pour the pure liquor into the fenugreek or the
any herb that you’re using and you want it to be just about over where the
herbs are because these are dried herbs they are going to absorb some of this
liquor and we’ll have to add a little bit more in the next day or so until
it’s fully plumped up and then all we do we seal our jar and most importantly we
LABEL it so this is super important we are labeling it fenugreek tincture and
then putting the date so any date that you start most important label your
tinctures and then we just leave this in a dark cool place for the next three to
six weeks okay so making a tincture is honestly
one of the super easiest medical usage that you could ever reviews from an herb
because all you do is put the liqueur in there and then you let it sit you don’t
even touch it it’s totally fine three to six weeks
however long you want however for the first couple of days if you’re using any
dried herb you want to make sure that the liqueur is covering the herb so we
filled ours just over we are going to check back in a day and see because
it’s dry it’s gonna absorb some of that liquor so we’re gonna have to add maybe
a little bit more we labeled it fenugreek
tincture and then you put the date that you filled it up on and then we’re just
gonna store this in a dark cool place for about three to six weeks and then we
are going to strain it and then add it to a nice little dropper bottle and this
is your extracted tincture of fenugreek and you can use this for any of the
benefits from earlier in the video and it’s super amazing
so there’s your tincture now we’re going to make a fenugreek hair mask and this
is where the fenugreek hair growth results will come from if you do this
consistent consistently all you need to do is about once or twice a week and
keep up with it for a couple months and just notice the strength and promotion
of shine in your hair so fenugreek it has a great source of protein for your
hair growth so it actually helps strengthens your follicles and gives
your hair a nice little shine so all you need is coconut oil
fenugreek and mustard see and you want them both crushed out so if you have a
mortar and pestle or if you just want to blend grind them up however you choose
meet me in your mixing lab all right for make sure we are going to use a teaspoon
of fenugreek a teaspoon of ground mustard seed and then about 1/4 cup of
coconut oil mix that together so we’re gonna wrap it up and me that’s
how long he retire you want to do it and we’re gonna wait an hour and then come
out wash it out and then have lush shine do this anywhere from once or twice a
week for maximum results you can just hang out and drink some tea while our
hair is still setting fenugreek super warming and grounding delicious okay so
once you get all the coconut fenugreek and mustard seed out of your hair just
give yourself a nice little regular shampoo because remember is shampoo day
and we want to wash our hair and look forward to all that hair growth
promotion protein strength and shine so this was me all week hanging out with
fenugreek that herb I was using the seed and a little bit of powdered form
sometimes in my teeth but fenugreek ultimately I think it’s a
pretty awesome herb I didn’t know too much about it before this week and to be
honest it has this very warming effect that’s super cool and good for fat
doshas like myself the taste is slightly sweet it’s got a maple syrupy type smell
but it also carries a little bit of bitter and pungent this too which makes
it so great for digestion well I would totally encourage this herb fenugreek to
play around with it for vata doshas especially but also a little bit for
kapha’s as well because of that warming quality I have been putting it in my
cereals I’ve been having it in my morning teas and it really just kind of
stimulates me this warm that gives me like a hug in the morning well giving
that sweet taste a little bit to satisfy me as a vata but then also carrying
those bitter and pungents to kind of like mellow it out and kind of help
balance it all together and my hair feels absolutely amazing this is the day
after I did the fenugreek hair mask so it is just a wonderful herb all around
it feels the lighter it feels shinier and yeah it was a wonderful herb I had
awesome time learning about fenugreek this week so thank you guys so much for
joining this was all about fenugreek for hair growth results because it’s such a
fantastic herb this is learning ayurveda 101 ayurvedic basics I can’t
wait to share more herbs with you guys and take you
journey with me again my name is Clare this is Clareminded and we have any
questions comments leave them below and check out some of these other links that
got for you here thanks for watching

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  1. My sisters want to try natural products to help with breastfeeding and I’ll try making a tincture with them during maternity leave!

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