Fibroids Natural Treatment–NATURAL HOME REMEDIES for Fibroid Pain

Fibroids Natural Treatment–NATURAL HOME REMEDIES for Fibroid Pain

Hi I’m Farhana and i’m here with my son to
talk about the two ingredients that can help you take care of the pain that comes with
the fibroids. For those of you who are new to my channel let me give you a little background
about myself. I am Farhana and I suffered from fibroids for a long time until my sons
who are medical students and detoxification specialists they helped me overcome this issue.
They created a protocol for me which I followed and I was able to shrink my fibroids naturally.
So let’s come back to the two ingredients that I was referring to. Two ingredients I
am referring to are ginger and turmeric and according to their protocol i started taking
ginger and turmeric as part of my diet on a regular basis. I would either incorporate
that in juicing or make it part of my food. You can do either one of them. Or even you
know just chop it up and you can take the fresh ginger and turmeric by itself well and
good. But you can easily find these at the farmer’s market and they really help you ease
the pain. I had the pain. I suffered from the pain and it was so unbearable that I would
just lie in bed for at least two to three days just trying to deal with the pain. When
I started taking this, it really eased the pain and it really helped me fight the pain
that comes with the fibroids. Ginger and turmeric are very medicinal foods you know. They are
very readily available in the market and they are natural foods, mother nature’s treats.
And they are your major anti-inflammatory foods. Women with fibroids or any other condition
for that matter, any other condition, especially fibroids, being a female reproductive tract
condition of the uterus specifically, what the problem is is that there is an imbalance
of hormones. Aside from that, there is inflammation in the body and inflammation is what is causing
you to experience pain. And what these pain medications that are available on the market,
such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen, your NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, what
they do is that they help suppress the pain. They are anti-inflammatory, so they reduce
the inflammation and also by doing that, they reduce the pain. But the problem is that these
medications do come with side effects and if you overdose on these medications, then
you are putting yourself at risk for consequences, such as peptic ulcers, among other conditions.
The great thing is that Mother Nature has made her own anti-inflammatory foods for us,
ginger and turmeric. As a medical student, we study clinical studies and clinical trials.
Recent studies reveal that ginger and turmeric are just as effective or even more effective
than your pain medications that are available over the counter, such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen.
So if these foods, ginger and turmeric, are just as effective or even more effective in
reducing pain according to clinical studies, then it’s great for us to start incorporating
these foods on a regular basis and that’s exactly what my mom did. If you have fibroids
I recommend you start doing that as well. They are very readily available in the market
so definitely get on a protocol and start using it on a regular basis. That’s one thing
you can start doing today and I think it will be of great benefit to you. Well I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. If so, then hit the like button and leave a comment down below.
If you guys want access to our most powerful tips on how to shrink fibroids naturally,
then what we will do is leave a link in the video description down below and we will also
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to our most powerful tips to get rid of fibroids naturally. I think that will be very beneficial
for you guys. WellI hope you guys liked this video and we look forward to connecting with
you soon. Take care.

34 Replies to “Fibroids Natural Treatment–NATURAL HOME REMEDIES for Fibroid Pain”

  1. excellent video. I will most definitely incorporate these foods into my diet. thanks again for all your help!

  2. Farhana, you and are your sons have been an immense blessing in my life. I've been searching for months now for someone who has walked the path of natural healing, and am sooo grateful to have come across your channel! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. I'm lovin' it! I am eternally grateful for your channel Farhana, and will continue connecting with you for inspiration and guidance. And hats off to your sons as well! They are both incredibly brilliant!

  4. Is it possible to make a tea out of these two ingredients? Thanks for sharing your video and information.

  5. Farhana! I would like to share my story. I was diagnosed with several submucosal fibroids (around 5 cm in size) in March 2006 by my doctor here in toronto, but was not symptomatic for quite some time. My gynecologist told me she was not concerned about it and reassured me that I’d likely be fine. A couple years after this initial visit, I began experiencing very unusual sensations in my lower abdomen which were becoming even more prominent with time. My periods were heavier than usual and often times painful. I knew it had to be my fibroids, so I decided to seek the counsel of my doctor. As suspected, an ultrasound revealed that my fibroids had grown to nearly 8 cm in size. She suggested that I get a hysterectomy, and the thought of going under the knife made me feel uneasy to say the least. I spent the next several months researching for natural remedies online and tried everything every supplement I could get my hands on. To my dismay, nothing seemed to be working and I was feeling extremely discouraged. I had lost so much time and my efforts towards dodging a hysterectomy were proving useless. To make a long story short, I discovered your channel earlier this year and felt so inspired after hearing about your success. It had rekindled this fire inside me to give mother nature another shot. I adopted the protocol that very same day onwards. Everything that you Farhana and your son said made logical sense, and I had complete faith in the process. I stuck with the protocol for some time before I decided to go in for another ultrasound. A few days later, I received notice that my exam results were in. I anxiously logged into my account online to see my results. I knew that I had made an honest effort and that however way the results turned out I wouldn’t be hard on myself. To my amazement, the ultrasound results indicated that my fibroids did indeed shrink down! From a size of 8 cm down to 3cm!!! I also received a personal message from my doctor, saying that she was blown away by the results. It has been quite a journey. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to you and your sons. I am finally free from this burden and intend to remain so forever! Wish you all the best that life has to offer! Thanks again!!

  6. thank you! I am 35 yrs old and suffered ovarian cyst. now i have a fibroid not even 1cm in size yet, very tiny. I am following your regimen and i have also become vegan. Fibroids run in my family as well. i hope to stop future fibroids from growing and shrink the current fibroid.

  7. am starting my journey today with juicing i have 3 big fibroids and some small one's my doctor want to cut me but i refuse to let that happend i will keep you posted thank you.

  8. Thank you and your boys for sharing as a Fibroid sufferer I will try your protocol and incorporate it with the word of God which is a healing medicine. Thanks again God bless

  9. I have two very large fibroids and the doc said it is like a three month pregnancy size for my uterus, I guess that is five times the size it is suppose to be….one doc said. They want to take it out. I had my surgery scheduled but I canceled it. I started to juice now for a week and I feel better overall. I feel better even if the fibroids are large still. I felt really bad the first few days of juicing but I believe that was because I drank a lot of wine each night and I drank a lot of coffee. No more wine and no more coffee. I feel better than I have in years and it is week 1. I did stop eating meat for most part and my goal is to not eat it at all but maybe 1 or two times a month if that. It is hard to make the lifestyle change but I would rather do this than get the surgery. Who knows what that will do to my body. I need to take control of my health and well being. This along with stress in my life has came in the form of uterine fibroids…my body finally said enough is enough. I am going to give this a go for 6 months and see if I can shrink them on my own. Thank you for inspiration!

  10. Please give me diet plan or what I can eat or not please help me give me your contact number please talk to me

  11. Hello madam I am Jobby 29 years old suffering from subserous fibroid and doctor recommended a laprotomy with mayomectomy surgery it's outside uterus did I have to follow the same juice recipe

  12. Aoa,farhana mam I am also suffering from fibroid since last 1 year thatswhy I can't conceive and I discharge every time too much and a heavy bleeding during periods that's why I can't conceive some doc suggest me surgery and other says don't go for it may it will be risky for your pregnancy they suggest me MRI I don't know what to do I am very worried :(any advice please?


  14. Farhana I love the way you look at your mom. Thank you mom for sharing. I use them both but I need to continue using them. Thank you so very much.

  15. You are God sent ! Thank you very much ma I was in pain to the extent I was finding it difficult to walk but after taking the finger and turmeric… oh my God, I feel so relieved

  16. I'm up it's going on 4 am I have already watched one of your other fibroids video I seen your first video in 2016 but didn't make it to start the program I'm so grateful to y'all I'm going to start now to get myself better I've been Crying lots and scared Ive had bad pains to where I'm in bed in my lowe back and feeling weaker as I try to sit down I'm so tired it's been 4 years now but this is the first year they have bothered me I will see the doctor tomorrow but no matter what they say I'm Christian and love God with all my heart I've been through alot I lost my home 2 years ago but it was part of God's plan for my life now I'm living with my mother in law 6 months and work none stop to take care of her she 91 years old I look forward to coming back to tell you Jesus healed me of fibroids. I cant wait to finally start getting this under control Thank yall so much. God bless

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    fibroids natural medicine
    try Mackorny Healthy Uterine Blueprint (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my neighbor got cool results with it.

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