Flawless Natural Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin | COVERGIRL

Flawless Natural Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin | COVERGIRL

Hey, guys. I’m Brooke here on set with CoverGirl. Today, I’m going to show you how
to get this natural foundation look for light skin. I’m super-excited about it. Because if your skin
is anything like mine, you might get some dark circles
under your eyes or red blemishes. But consider them gone as soon
as I show you how to do this. All right. Time to finally put on some makeup. We’re going to start
today with foundation. Now I use CoverGirl
TruBlend Liquid Make-up. My color is Sand Beige, number m4. What I love so much about
CoverGirl is that they have 21 shades of this product, so you
pretty much can’t not find your color. And it’s also really easily blendable. It’s super-fabulous. So let’s get started, shall we? Before using, remember to
shake the foundation bottle to ensure even foundation
consistency and color. Start with a dab on your
cheeks, nose, and forehead using clean fingers
or a triangle sponge. Begin blending outward. This will help you avoid severe
lines near your neck and hairline. Keep blending until you’ve
achieved an even tone. With this foundation, I’ve
found that I can keep building for as much or as little
coverage as I need. All right. Time for TruBlend Fixstick. This is my ultimate go-to concealer. And if you guys remember, I was using
the TruBlend foundation earlier. This stuff is effortless applications. It blends perfectly with my foundation. It’s pretty much bound to
give you a flawless look. Begin with the undereye area. Lightly dab concealer
along the darkest area under your eye in a crescent shape. Be sure to apply to the inner and
outer corners of your eyes as well. Take the pad of your ring
finger and lightly dab to blend. Do not pull or rub. This will irritate the
delicate undereye area and actually remove the
concealer you’re applying. Now look in the mirror. Your skin tone should
be natural and even. Lightly dab concealer on any
red spots that remain and blend. Did you know your ring finger
is the weakest of your fingers? Using it will help you
avoid pressing too hard. Guys, I love this stuff. CoverGirl + Olay CC Cream. I wear number 145. This stuff improves your skin
tone over time, your luminosity. Who doesn’t love that? Let’s try it out. This serum helps you
even out your skin tone, particularly where you have
dark areas or discoloration. Pump a bit into your hands, and
just use your ring fingers to blend. Time for finishing touches. Now I’m using CoverGirl Clean
Glow Blush in Roses #100. Why this thing is so awesome is
there’s three colors in the palette. You have a dark color,
a medium, and a light, all to make your cheekbones
look ever higher. Let’s try it out. With your brush, start by applying
the darkest shade of blush to the hollow space
below your cheekbones. Blend up and outward
toward temples, and keep blending to eliminate any hard lines. Now swipe the medium shade
across the apples of your cheeks and upward toward your hairline. Finally, highlight the
tops of your cheeks with the lightest shade
for a youthful glow. And there we have it, a
natural foundation look. How simple was that? I think you’re ready to do
just about anything right now. And I hope you’re feeling easy, breezy,
and- dare I say it– a little bit beautiful. Bye, guys. Now I want to tell you guys
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30 Replies to “Flawless Natural Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin | COVERGIRL”

  1. Why would you apply a CC cream after foundation and concealer? It should be used before foundation or used as a replacement for foundation. This is a strange tutorial.

  2. Uggghhhhh it drives me up the wall that she applies powder blush/bronzer to liquid foundation without a powder in between. No wonder she looks like a mess.

  3. Except that you aren't even pale.You people don't know what pale is and you exclude a lot of people that aren't in your color spectrum on both ends.

  4. 1. She's not pale.
    2. The foundation is too yellow.
    3. The concealer didn't conceal her dark circles.
    4. Why is she in M4 in the foundation but L5-7 in the stick?

  5. That's foundation is too dark for you and u r not pale like dafuq do u even know what pale skin is I'm mean I'm not pale but I have friends that r 10000 times paler than u

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