One Reply to “Flu Can Be Very Serious – Flu Vaccine Protects (:30 )”

  1. Isn’t it incredible that our amazing president made a law about the influenza vaccine? I noticed that you have not made a video about this CDC?
    He made an executive order on September 19, 2019 because he listens to doctors.
    We report concerns all the time about bad outcomes from vaccines but the CDC ignores us.
    Personally, I sustained irreversible injury from the influenza vaccine.
    Currently, most of the vaccine is made in Communist China 🇨🇳
    In chicken eggs
    Our president made a law about the influenza vaccine because manufacturing is outdated.
    And he engaged all the major alphabet agencies which was a brilliant way of getting around the fact that the CDC’s biggest sponsors also happened to be the manufactures and groups like Facebook, Disney and even Coca-Cola.

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