For the Love of Dogs: Pet Therapy At CHOP

For the Love of Dogs: Pet Therapy At CHOP

♪♪>>When I bring Cyrus to meet patients
in the hospital, I often hear people say, “If he can do it, I can do it,” or “he’s just
like me.” Cyrus was born without front legs and he’s
a little bit different than other dogs, but he doesn’t know that. And he’s always, you know, happy and positive,
and dogs don’t know any differently, like they don’t understand that they’re different
or that they’re having a problem. So, dogs tend to make people feel confident
that they can overcome the problems that they might be facing in the hospital. This is what he would prefer to do all day,
is just be in someone’s lap.>>Cyrus, he’s my kind of dog. He was quiet and eager to snuggle, and so I
feel like I can just curl up on the couch with Cyrus.>>We don’t have pets at home and
so it’s been very special for us to be a part of this program at CHOP. ♪♪>>Taking care of patients
is more than just giving them medications and checking their vitals once in a while. It’s really looking after their wellbeing,
the psychologically, spiritually, physically. And therapy dogs just really help with a lot
of that because it takes care of a lot of the psychological aspect of it. If it brightens their day for just 15 minutes,
they just have a much better day for the rest of the day.>>The most important thing is that they
have a good temperament and they’re comfortable with people and they’re happy to just kind
of lay and chill with people.>>Currently our program is all volunteer. We have retirees; we have grad students; we
have stay-at-home moms; we have working professionals and everything in between, giving their time
to come in here and work with our kids and their families.>>We feel really fortunate
that our volunteers are so generous with their time and that they spend so much time up on
the units, but we are getting more and more requests from our patients and families and
we would love to have the opportunity to, you know, offer a pet therapy
visit on a daily basis.>>Britney, this is Cooper>>Hi Cooper>>And we’re really fortunate
to have very generous donors who allow the opportunities to provide the funds to
be able to work with our volunteers and getting them on the floor.>>We are so grateful for all of the
donations that are made for this program. It wouldn’t be possible without the donors,
so we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the Pet Therapy Program at CHOP.>>You could be like miserable on this
hand and like there’s a dog sitting like happy, and that happy outweighs miserable. ♪♪

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  1. I know the man who paid for the pet therapy program and I wish my favorite service dog at chop was in the video that dog is tarot and of course I have my own service dog now named Bridget

  2. Praise GOD they don't allow pitbulls. Ok.. This does help. I LOVE dogs and, unlike cats, dogs are so much more closely related to humans than apes. Imagine that (pun).

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