Four Basic Treatment Options for Heart Valve Patients

Four Basic Treatment Options for Heart Valve Patients

it’s helpful to have a general knowledge of what the treatments are for valvular heart disease and they can fall into four different categories so let’s start with number one do nothing and do nothing isn’t really do nothing it’s a program of surveillance that a doctor may lay out maybe that valve isn’t bad enough to do anything right now it’s leaking a little bit but you know the treatments aren’t benign they carry risks and if the risk of that little bit of leakage is less than the risk of the treatment surveillance you do that for a period of time some valve disease can be treated with medication this tends to be what involves leaking rather than what it’s blocked so if a valve is leaking there are medical therapies that we can put a patient on and treat them with medication for a period of time that’s combined with surveillance and under medical therapy the heart can get stronger we can alter the loading conditions less than the amount of leakage of that valve and allow the heart to get stronger or go longer before we need to pull the trigger to intervene and do something about that valve now if we’re going to intervene and do something about that valve traditionally that thought has been surgery so let’s talk about surgery first when we talk about surgery that can fall into two broad categories one fix the valve to replace the valve and those have different implications we’re talking about aortic valve disease we are just now entering the realm where we’re starting to fix more and more and more a or tech valves but for years and still prevalently the treatment is replacement of the aortic valve mitral valve is a much more complex valve a lot of different things are controlling whether or not that mitral valve leaks or is blocked so repair plays a much more prominent role in the mitral valve we can put rings on that less than the diameter so that the leaflets can now meet in the middle again set a meeting out here if it’s a problem with the chordae tendineae that’s broken we can replace that we have a lot of repair techniques for mitral valves if one part of mitral valve is badly destroyed the rest is working we can actually take that part out and repair the rest of that it comes together how we get to the valve to fix it frequently gets confused with the fix itself and there are two different issues the principles of repair and replacements stay the same whether you access that valve through a median sternotomy which is an incision through the breastbone a small incision between the ribs over on the side which some people might call port access whether you use port access and you use a robot to help you throw the stitches those are all matters of access not matters of repair or replacements so don’t confuse those two things issues of access have to do a short-term healing maybe a smaller incision heals faster than a larger one maybe one hurts less than the other but they have nothing to do with the repair that we’re affecting

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  1. "Under medical therapy, the heart can get stronger". I have a dilated left atrium due to mitral valve prolapse. What therapy do I do? I love to bike and hike. Thank you

  2. I take 300 M.G. Co Q 10 twice daily, as well as 3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil as well, as 3 table spoons of extra virgin Wheat Germ Oil daily, for my inflamed heart valve.

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