FRONTLINE | The Vaccine War | PBS

FRONTLINE | The Vaccine War | PBS

[Radio] [Music] What a cute little face It’s a girl! [Clapping] She’s beautiful! A new life begins. Out of her mothers womb Rachel Murphy is now surrounded by a new world filled with countless germs. Modern medicine will do what it can to protect her. Barley an hour old Rachel gets her first shot against Hepatitis B This is the first of up to 35 inoculations she will get in the next six years of her life to fight 14 diseases public health doctors celebrate vaccines as one of medicine’s shining achievements. They have increased our lifespan by 30 years. It would cause 20 to 25 thousand cases a year gone I mean polio would paralyze tens of thousands of people. Gone! Diphtheria was the most common killer of teenagers in the 1920’s. Gone! I mean vaccines the benefit of vaccines is clear. There is now 16 diseases that are preventable by vaccination for children. 14 of those are diseased that we vaccinated infants and young children

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  1. Here’s a possible solution: Take away the internet to all the self-important white woman who can’t think beyond their immediate circle. Ship them to China. Whaddayasay?

  2. Question??Why bill gates and sorros financially backing vaccines?Answer Depopulation…vaccinations are.Direct link to Autism.Big Pharma using our children as guinea pigs.

  3. It would seem that if vaccines didn't cause autism by completely overdosing children with KNOWN neurologically toxic ingredients; that they would have interviewed many parents who have children with autism who have never received vaccines…..RIGHT??? How can people who are pro-pharma completely ignore the FACTS that these parents had completely normal bright children….then got vaccines which in some cases basically lobotomized their precious children. To say it's just the timing for illness/autism to emerge is outrageous! Autism isn't contagious and the only way for such a dramatic profound change to take place with ANYONE'S health in that short of timing would have to be from outright poisoning, allergic reaction or viral contagion. How they ignore the devastating truths of the lifelong destruction that these poor families have to face because big pharma wants YOUR MONEY at any cost and at any child's expense is literally CRIMINAL! SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE!

  4. This study titled, Abnormal Measles-Mumps-Rubella Antibodies and CNS Autoimmunity in Children with Autism (Article in Journal of Biomedical Science 9(4):359-64 · July 2002 DOI: 10.1007/BF02256592 · Source: PubMed — concludes a Central Nervous System adverse effect from the MMR.
    Abstract excerpt: "Furthermore, over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera were also positive for MBP autoantibodies, suggesting a strong association between MMR and CNS autoimmunity in autism. Stemming from this evidence, we suggest that an inappropriate antibody response to MMR, specifically the measles component thereof, might be related to pathogenesis of autism."

    At least 157 PubMed studies link vaccines to autism; however, the pharma — and heavily lobbied govt officials who abide by the rhetoric of the industry – don’t acknowledge the valid studies, continuing to state, "The science is settled." Studies lacking inert placebo control groups & insufficient follow-up/lengths are the foundation of the vaccine program.

    There definitely is an over-toxification of this generation being given triple the doses of vaccines than formerly administered. and )

  5. 33:06 listen to these parents people they know their children just like you know yours. Not everyone gets injured but it DOES happen

  6. “Vaccines are far too valuable to be put at risk” means without you harming and maiming your children they don’t get paid billions of dollars people

  7. A minute in, and I can't bear it. Helpless baby born into this dangerous world filled with countless germs….. "Modern medicine will do what it can to protect her." You've got to be kidding me! How did we ever survive all this time? As if the human body is a big flop, fumbling along barely making it throughout history despite itself. You lost me at "hello."

  8. Poor old JB Handley trying to prove a negative, and Barbara Loe lecturing about "bench science" while she's a qualified…what, exactly, is Barbara qualified as ?

  9. Please try this www Mrt, for those having autism.
    Spirulina, Dr xeniji, elfahex, ig6 colostrum, Kington.

  10. It's strange that they need to give us the virus in order keep us from getting the virus that doesn't make sense to me. What proof have we that assured prevention??? And isn't it funny that all such fear tactics, media narrated by the very trusted needle drug pushers who have a ever growing list of scientists, vaccine program workers, doctors and nurse whistleblowers presenting documentation proving that these trusted vaccine pushers of the American public are in fact liars, delivering false security with no proof" around the world to those countries who let them in to their borders? Where is The Trusted independent studies and why won't they debate all of these whistleblowers of credible backgrounds on an open forum for the public to judge for themselves? Anything or group of people contesting the validity of a false security use of any drug must and should be debated openly before the public by the opposing whistleblowers who claimed to have staggering facts evidence! My question is why not?

  11. 11:30 "It doesn't matter if I financially benefit from it…" ummmm yes it does. When its a matter of trillions, people care.

  12. So they claim they are preventing hospitalizations…so why aren't they addressing the 300,000 to 400,000 hospital deaths due to error? $$$$$$$ If they really cared..they would be addressing this! WHY?

  13. Vaccination is making money by the pharma industry playing Russian roulette with children killing many and causing diseases in millions of children, it is criminality and this vaccin hoax based on obsolete science must stop asap

  14. They keep saying there's no proof it causes autism. But there's also no proof that it doesn't. YET THEY KEEP SHOOTING IT INTO OUR CHILDREN and never really ask consent. Just think about that. WHY??? Mercury has no benefit only serious drawback. IT IS NOT NECESSARY; it just makes it cheaper.

  15. Any information from a large coporate source (PBS, CNN, etc) will be EXTREMELY biased for vaccines and will down play (or fail to mention) all the dangers of vaccines.

  16. The pill commercials by Big Pharma are mostly about the side effects… Vaccines are injected into the bloodstream and we're trained to call people "crazy" if they question if these shots are safe.

  17. The fact that the Pharmaceutical Companies that parents are supposed to trust are the same people responsible for the Opioid crisis…that is a " tough pill to swallow" !

  18. Vaccines are designed to damage health and turn people into permanent pharma clients!
    Learn how liquid resins (succinates and maleinates) used as preservatives in vaccines (called also "succinic buffer") crosslink (solidify) in contact with lactic acid in tissues thus damaging brains and other organs and how to remove these harmful deposits from tissues.

  19. Im surprised PBS even showed a glimpse of the opposition (the people telling the truth) i was expecting complete propaganda. All the proof you need, the amish communities do not vaccinate, they have NO autism.

  20. I know a man who had polio and all his life he walked funny which made him into a recluse. Now he is in his 50's and still lives with his mom and never dated.

  21. I know people on both sides. After watching this I have figured out that with choice NEEDS to come EDUCATION! Why is it just now I am seeing this video and hearing things I had never heard that are actually making me sway from anti-flu to okay let's get the shot. I even got the pneumonia shot last year.

  22. The biggest side effect of vaccines is less dead children.

    Who wants their children to get sick?

    Remember when you got chicken pox and we’re slightly inconvenienced and then we’re fine?

    Yea it’s not the same for ALL diseases. Before the measles vaccine, 135,000,000 children used to die EVERY YEAR, because of measles.
    Nowadays 20,000 die due to measles. Yes MEASLES killed them. Not vaccines.

    Yes there are people allergic to vaccines. But that’s when you don’t get vaccinated.

    It’s like wearing a seatbelt. Are there some freak one in a million deaths where someone is killed by their seatbelt because they drive into a lake and can’t take off their seatbelt. Sure.

    Is it generally safer to have a seatbelt on. Absolutely

  23. I cannot fathom why any parent would even want to take even a milliscule chance of their child contracting any of these preventable diseases.

  24. I think autism is possibly caused by medications the biological mother takes. Many people are taking drugs that effect brain and body chemistry and scientists still don't understand the brain. I really think this increase in psychotics, depression, nervous system drugs and such may be the cause. A lot of autistic kids are born that way. It's just not until 3-5 yrs old that parents realize that something is wrong and this is the same age they start getting MMR and other vaccines

  25. Well then… hows come they are not vaccinating every single person that crosses into our country legally and illegally ? Want the truth? Go to

  26. Blaming the non-vaccinated for your illness after you have been vaccinated ….is absurd. People are clueless untill their child id damaged for life because of some garbage squirted into their body. Freedom to choose , are we lab rats ? It is about money and control . Sick people are profitable to the medical cartel and less of a threat to the governments .

  27. The antivax mom in the beginning of the doc makes the claim that one would have to do "backflips" in order to show any kind of substantive toll in a our country of infants contracting the rotovirus before the existence of a vaccine. A 2 second google search shows a Mayo clinic article indicating, quote: "Before the development of a vaccine, most children in the United States had been infected with the virus by age 5". The so called "debate" is not a debate, it is hysteria vs science, period.

  28. “The mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent.”No matter how abundant the scientific evidences showing no correlation between Vaccines and those personal tragedies are,some stubborn illiterates will never be satisfied.

  29. Autism 15 times more prevalent in vaccinated children!

  30. if you stumble upon this, watch by all means but bear in mind it's propaganda … now watch this and see how media used to report on vaccine injury.

  31. these anti vaccers should be financially & criminally liable for children that are infected due to their selfishness

  32. Anti-vaxxers are a serious danger to the health of children too young to be vaccinated and those with immunosuppressed conditions. They spread misinformation and hysteria. The stated link between vaccinations and autism has been completely discredited and the author of the 'study' that suggested the link was struck off the medical register because he falsified his data.

  33. To comment on the woman that said she wanted her children to have diseases that existed thousands of years ago- well, in those times children often did not survive the first year. You sure you want that?

  34. If you don’t wanna vaccinate your kids I’m fine with that. Jobs are hard to come by anyways, less competition for me with less people surviving.

  35. Not vaccinating my healthy, beautiful girl was the best decision I ever made. We are made perfectly. Your job is not to pollute your body.

  36. Over in the U.K., we actually don't vaccinate against chicken pox. It was horrible, itchy, it makes you feel so unwell. I have scars from it.

  37. I have a proof about vaccines… A 8month baby have just died in Brazil for the first time in twenty years since a preventable desease was erradicate, measles…. Now there is an outbreak… There is your proof…

  38. Fauci does not look at he long term risk of developing life long chronic illness as we see today, in the generations that follow the liability free bloated schedule.

  39. I guess that my big question is: If the vaccines work, then how is it that an unvaccinated person is a danger to someone who HAS BEEN vaccinated? If the vaccines work, then the ONLY people who would be in danger of catching an illness would be the unvaccinated right? So, there can be no "outbreak" based on a few unvaccinated people. So, the lies are abundant. What about the children who have died or been permanently mamed due to having been vaccinated?

  40. Fanaticism, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is a “fanatic outlook or behavior especially as exhibited by excessive enthusiasm, unreasoning zeal, or wild and extravagant notions on some subject.”

  41. I have a vaccine-injured child…My mother got Alzheimer's after her vaccines…My brother died after his vaccine….I am an M.D…..My wife was an R.N…..My 2 brothers were M.D.'s….My mother and sister were both R.N.'s…We all had our childhood measles and chicken-pox and mumps and rubella as children…All 6 of us were then taught to be ''pro-vaccines'' and we were…We were all taught that vaccines are safe and did not have side-effects…We were taught to give vaccines to our patients and babies at their ''well-baby'' visits and to take all of our vaccines…And we did..Our pediatrician recommended to us that he wanted to vaccinate our 2-year-old baby with what I think was 4 vaccines on the same day because the CDC said it was safe….My precocious, active, creative, talkative, loving 2-year-old son was injured by his 4 vaccines starting that night…I was an eye-witness to that as his parent..We were told it was not from his vaccines…I never told him that secret for 35 years…Then my baby brother ( the M.D. ) died from paralysis (Guillain-Barre) after his flu shot …The doctors said it was NOT from the vaccine…The government's Vaccine Court disagreed and paid the family because they agreed that the flu vaccine killed him…and Folks, my mother was an R.N. who was the Head Nurse and ran the largest ER in our medical center…They had her take 8-9 vaccines to ''catch-up'' with the ''updated'' CDC schedule to keep her job…She got severe ''brain fog'' withing days, then lost her ability to dial her phone or push the elevator buttons or start her car …She went into diapers and then hospitalized and died a terrible, tragic death drooling and unable to walk, talk, eat or recognized any of her family…None of the specialists and consults could tell her or us what ''just happened'' but the told us it was ''NOT'' from those vaccines….It was called the ''worst case of aggressive dementia of unknown cause the doctors had ever seen''….Folks what killed our mother just weeks after her vaccines were all from her fatal doses of neurotoxic aluminum and mercury from those vaccines..She left behind her husband, 5 children, 4 grandchildren, and now 7 great-grandchildren… I started a FB site called Vaccine Support Group in their name..Will they shut this site down next…..Maybe today…

  42. Make sure we won’t stop in Ashland. There is no excuse for anti vaxxers, for their ignorance and dangerous behavior. This is not “an emotional issue”. This should’t be an issue. Shame on you Robert Kennedy jr, and the whole backwards mob of, your fans.

  43. there are 2 bills being introduced in Illinois regarding vaccines and making them mandatory regardless of how your child is schooled. One takes away the religious exemption & mandates the HPV vaccine in 6th grade. The other lowers the age of consent for vaccines to 14, meaning a 14 year old could walk into the doctor’s office and get vaccines without a parent’s knowledge. Failure to comply with the vaccine schedule would result in DCFS intervention. Incredible! This has to be stopped.

  44. This is testimony recently from courts in Connecticut with actual experts.

    This is WHO caught in a lie on Safety. <–More Lawsuits coming.

    ICAN Lawsuits Includes paperwork from Department of Health and Human Services getting sued. 
    ICAN Whitepapers
    Stanley Plotkins Testimony Video

  45. Ok there there is no proof that vaccines don’t cause autism. Alright Mr. Handley, prove to me that you are not an alien spreading false information in an attempt to over throw the human race.

  46. Lie : also vaccinated people can spread the disease ! It is investigated that flu-vaccinated people spread the flu more than not-vaccinated people. What about the other diseases ? Same ? So vaccination speeds spreading ?!?!?

  47. This documentary is pure propaganda!!! Section 13 from the MMR vaccine from Merck states “ this vaccine has not been tested for carcinogenic, mutagenic, or impairment of fertility”. There also has never been a study of the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated. If that study was ever done ‘ which it never will be alowed by the vaccine manufacturers’ would prove definitively who is healthier. If people want to remain willfully ignorant of facts that are given right on the vaccine insert that’s their own ignorance. Do not involve me and my family in your willful ignorance.

  48. Guinea pigs for profits $$$$$ because since 1992 when laws were changed so FDA could pay to play with Big Pharma, you will not know what is safe and what isn't because they will lie and hide the damage. $$$$$ prevents anyone from telling

  49. when it was said your daily bread has been given, that included an immune system that works…don't be tricked by profit medicine…

  50. science also brought us Fukashima..Because anytime you manipulate the elements of nature a price will be paid….how many great minds are lost because of vaccinated kids…(my opinion)..

  51. Why do those nurses have to be so rough??? Poke it so hard. We have had 3 bad reactions in our family! The question is did they always put the poisons in the vaccines. All of a sudden we got the reactions! our Amish do not get the vacs and the diseases.

  52. All you should spend time with the parents of crippled and dead and autistic kids. The bottom line should still be the parent's choice!

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