Frozen Shoulder – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Frozen Shoulder – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Hello friends, I am Dr P.S. Tiwari and welcome to my channel. Today i will talk about frozen shoulder. What is frozen shoulder, how it happens, its
symptoms and its homeopathy treatment, so lets begin. Friends first we will understand what is Frozen
shoulder. In simple words the pain and stiffness in
the shoulder joint are known as Frozen Shoulder. It can happen either in one shoulder or in
both shoulders. The patients of frozen shoulder are generally
aged around 40 to 60 years and more females are effected with this problem than men. If you have diabetes or thyroid or parkinson’s
disease than you have greater risk of having frozen shoulder. If you have suffered fracture because of which
you cannot move your shoulders then also you can get frozen shoulder. Friends, if i talk about the symptoms of frozen
shoulder then there is pain in frozen shoulder alongwith stiffness and because of which you
won’t be able to move your shoulders and there will be numbness in your shoulder. Friends, in homeopathy there are very good
medicines for frozen shoulders which if you take timely without any ignorance then this
problem of yours will be cured permanently provided that you take medicines patiently. Now I am going to tell you about some medicines,
you don’t have to take all the medicines instead take only that medicine which matches with
your symptom. Friends i also want to clear one thing that
the medicines which I prescribe in dilution you have to take that directly in your mouth
without water and those medicines which i prescribe in mother tincture you have have
to take with some water. So its first and very good medicine is Arnica. If you have pain in your shoulder alongwith
stiffness and there is history of injury in your shoulder, then you can take Arnica 200
– 4 drops twice daily, if there is history of injury, then your frozen shoulder will
be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Bryonia 200. If while sitting you move your shoulder a
bit there is pain, just like i have earlier told you about in the symptoms of Bryonia,
for instance with any movement there is increase in pain – may it be frozen shoulder or arthritis
or osteoarthritis or Ankylosing spondylosis or any other arthritis, then you can take
Bryonia 200 – 4 globules twice daily for some time your frozen shoulder will be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Thiosinaminum
3x. It does not have any symptoms. This is the best medicine for Frozen Shoulder. You have take 2 tabs thrice daily for some
time, if no symptoms matches then you can take Thiosinaminum 3x with every other medicines
and by this medicine your frozen shoulder will be cured permanently. Friends, its next medicine is Sanguinaria
Can 200. In this medicine you dont have to match any
symptoms. You can take Sanguinaria Can 200 – 4 globules
twice daily if your symptom is that you have frozen shoulder in your right hand then in
such case you can take Sanguinaria Can 200 – 4 globules twice your frozen shoulder will
be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Ferrum Metallicum
200. You have to take Ferrum Metallicum 200 in
case of left side frozen shoulder. So in case of right side frozen shoulder you
have to take Sanguinaria Can and in case of left side you have to take Ferrum Metallicum. Ferrum Metallicum 200 – 4 drops twice daily
without water your frozen shoulder will be cured slowly. Remember the symptom that in left it is Ferrum
and in right it is Sanguinaria. Friends, its next medicine as you know is
Rhus Tox 200. If you have pain in either side of your shoulder
and you are confused that which medicine you have to take and there is symptom that you
have pain when you are sitting still and when you move your hands there is relief, then
in such symptom you can take Rhus Tox 200 – 4 drops on alternate day then on this symptom
your frozen shoulder be be cured. Friends, its next medicine is Ruta 200. If there is injury in your tendon and ligament
and there is swelling, then you can take Ruta 200 – 4 drops twice daily then your frozen
shoulder will cured. So friends, today i told you about Frozen
Shoulder. If you want complete treatment from me then
you can message me your details in WhatsApp. All the details relating to complete treatment
is given in the description of the video. So friends i hope you like my today’s video.

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  11. Dr.Saheb your mode of narration is so simple and expressive that a layman can easily understood your mode of treatment.
    Regards with love.??

  12. Thank u for very nice,brief but a precise video with all details viz medicine name, potencies,doses etc.
    Really very helpful video for every one for knowledge as well as treatment.
    May God bless U for the service to mankind.
    Thank U,Sir.

  13. Dr, sahab mere sine ke right taraf kal dard hua aaj mai sarkari hospital gaya aur bp chek karaya mai dr,se kaha bp kitna hai dr, ne kaha bp thik hai bataya nahi aur dava likh diya maine dava nahi kharida mai socha ki jab bp thik hai to davai kyo likhi gayi, kripya mere prasn ka jawab dey,dr sahab

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