Games Radar October ’19 – 14 new board games discussed!

Games Radar October ’19 – 14 new board games discussed!

welcome to Jong it’s games today I’m gonna be covering my newest GamesRadar vlog and this is where I talk about the new games that I’ve learned about since the last one of these vlogs now it’s been about four weeks and they were around seven to eight hundred entries that I went through of new games they got added into the BoardGameGeek database and I have windowed that all the way down to just 14 games I’ll be talking about today now I’m gonna be going through them in alphabetical order but before we jump in I would like to ask that if you enjoy this video you please click the like button for it down below as well as a subscribe button for the channel also if you would like to directly support the channel and the creation of future videos like this one and please go to John gets Gamescom slash support there you’ll find a bunch of ways that you can really help things out and some of those include pretty cool perks like voting on a couple of the videos that I do each month alright let’s now jump into the games radar list and we’re starting with the first game and that one is going to be Back to the Future now I have my laptop right over here and um this one well I guess there’s really only one reason that this one got a subscription from me and that’s because I like the Back to the Future movies and I’m curious to see what they’re gonna do with this game as you can see right now on the page there’s effectively nothing there’s a tiny little logo that says Back to the Future the description that says this is a cooperative dice game down below we can see that it says that exact same thing there’s really almost nothing about this game looking down below there’s one forum post for somebody saying they’re really curious so I’m in the same boat this is a ravans burger release and they’re a huge board game publisher so it’s very possible this will just be an IP game that isn’t actually that interesting but I don’t know it’s possible like Back to the Future as a movie franchise is all about time travel and time travel and board games can be quite interesting so I’m curious to learn more hopefully there’s gonna be something cool going on here I do like dice games and I don’t mind cooperative games so hopefully there’s one in here that I like let’s now move on to the next game and this one is canal king brooch now this one down below it says that that Bruges is the Venice of the north and essentially what you’re doing in this game is you are going to be building out network tiles all across this map and it says that you’re kind of starting at a home spot and you have to make it to a destination and along the way I think you have to go to at least one another spot and then it says once you’re done you actually have to navigate down the paths that you make so this just aesthetically looks pretty cool to me I’m a bit of a sucker for tiling games and route building games and this seems to have both of those as you can see in some of these photos there’s just a lot of that kind of stuff going on now when we go back to the page here one thing that kind of jumped out to me was over here in the mechanisms it says that there is hidden movement now again if we come back over here it says you hop on your ship when you’re sitting around stun and you sail to the finish line as fast as you can but be on your guard because those you’re devious competitors will try to slow you down so I guess maybe this is a two-phase a type of game and I’m not really sure how the hidden movement thing is gonna work out considering you’re a boat on a river maybe you just tell everyone okay I’m starting to go and they don’t know exactly where you are I’m not really sure so I’m looking forward to learning more about this one all right and next up we have excavation earth this one is listed as a 2020 release and there’s not a lot on working geek about it I guess there’s a moderate description here and one image of the cover and I am a huge sucker for good it covers and I think this is a wonderful looking cover so the theming of this game is I guess the human civilization on earth has failed and just left behind ruins and a bunch of aliens in our local galactic sector who have come over to earth and they want to pillage it for all of the weird human artifacts that are left over so it says right now that it’s I guess just been a century so things are gonna go downhill pretty fast and it says that the game is divided up into three rounds and you’re gonna be drafting a hand of multi-use cards and then you use those to perform your actions now it says card drafting as a mechanism I’m not really sure if that’s like hand drafting like seven wonder style or if they’re cards in the middle of the table but it is an interesting idea to draft multi-use cards you know in general multi-use cards means you literally could do a variety of different things with those cards maybe you discard them to get a specific resource or maybe you’ll put them down over here to activate a different spot based off of the color of the card and that kind of thing so there’s a lot that could be going on here obviously there’s no images right now of what the game looks like being played but it looks like you go through three rounds you’re playing multi-use cards you are excavating the earth your cell except at bazaars it seems like it has a lot of kind of typical URI mechanisms with a somewhat new theme and potentially gorgeous art so I I’m paying more attention to this one all right the next one is factorio now this one is by a designer who I think has not done anything else on board game yeah this is the only log game for them now I I really like euro games like that is my general preferred type of game if you pay attention to any of my vlogs you’ll know that and this just looks like a euro game through and through down below we can see it has city building its economic its medieval there’s auctions and biddings there’s constrained biddings and drafting now it says that this is a medieval city building game you’re trying to essentially bid in a alternative auction for resources and then you use those resources to construct buildings that could give you more resources or more points I’m not really sure what the alternative auction is it does say that it’s constrained auctions so that could be some sort of limiting factor in general I like interesting auction mechanisms I guess some more complicated ones like a standard auction where it’s just like I have ten money and I bid three and you’ve been foreign and I’ve been seven I don’t really get into those very much but I’m curious to see what they’re gonna do with this one as you can see they have one image of the game not really being played but kind of set up it looks like there’s a bunch of cubes which is pretty typical for her your average euro game we’ve got cards we’ve got money we’ve got a scoring track this looks like it could be a boring euro game like you have nothing interesting going on here or there could be something cool happening here I just don’t know yet so I am subscribing to it I’m BoardGameGeek looks like me and a seventeen other people because I’d like to learn more about it all right we can now move on to affinity now this one is an abstract strategy game based on finite state machines now I don’t really know what that means overall and in general I’m not all that into abstract style games that being said that is different when they look gorgeous that’s really the main reason that I’ve I clicked on this one before we even go into the description I just look at this image obviously you’ve got these like plastic pieces over here and you have this tower coming up in the middle it’s got a wonderful aesthetic on the box front and you’re playing these little white and black arrows so now if we go back to the description of the game it says the board is made up of interlocking hexagonal stations the goal of the game is to create paths of bridges from station to station that matches a randomly selected shared binary pattern while protecting your own path from sabotage so you’re gonna take turns positioning these black and white arrows to do things I don’t fully understand exactly how this works but it says you know that it’s a two to four player game which is a little unusual like most well not most but many abstract games are to player only down below it does specifically say in three and four player variations there’s extra stuff that gets added in so this is likely one of those abstract games it was designed as a two-player game and got built out now it says that as a playing time it’s 15 minutes to 120 minutes which is a gigantic range I I’m just curious to see what’s going on here I imagine the 120 minutes is probably the 4 player game where there’s just a lot more things going on and maybe this is the kind of game where if two people really know it they can just smash your game out in just 15 minutes either way just me and three other people aren’t interested in this one again this is likely a game I will actually ever play or even hunt down to play I just love the look of it and because of that I want to learn a little bit more about it maybe see a video or something like that to see how exactly it plays alright we can now move on to fresco the card and dice game now this one it says it reimplemented us CO and fresco is a mid light to mid weight euro game that actually really quite like I did a full playthrough of it just a few months ago because it won the the patreon poll and that game was all about trying to figure out what time you’d wake up in the morning because the earlier you woke up the more variety of paints you’d have available to you but you had to spend more money because if you wake up really late you don’t have a lot of choice but they’re all cheap because the paint sellers want to discount and then it’s just kind of collection set collection you’re trying to get the right paints to paint these fresco tiles and you can mix your paints back and forth I really quite like it I’ve enjoyed every game of fresco so when this popped up and I just had to look into it so obviously there’s no images of it or anything and at first I thought it was frescoes the card and dice game like one game but now I’m looking down here and it looks like this is two games smashed together into one board game week listing you have fresco the card game up here and then you have fresco the dice game now the card game looks like it has a lot of similar things to fresco the main game although when I read through the description I didn’t see anything about the time you wake up in the morning which is one of the cooler parts of fresco like that’s it’s such a strange part of that game also fresco had some blind actions selection and in this case it looks like the card game is maybe just a kind of set collection card style game where you have you’re gonna be doing various things for the cards to try and finish your frescoes down below in the dice game version it says that you are going to be rolling dice exactly three times setting them aside but then the Pips on the dice you like add them together and try to match it that sum with these fresco tiles in order to make them and if you can’t match anything then it says you get something else as like a consolation prize and I guess you’re kind of building up towards maybe sort of an engine I don’t really know I looked down here on the forums and there’s only one port post it says are these two games any good and essentially people are saying that these appear to be games that are just being kind of suddenly surprising the scene and popping up into a Kickstarter so there’s not a lot of information about them there’s I guess some worry from some people as to whether these are just not that interesting and they’re just getting crammed into a large queen games Kickstarter or maybe they’re cool I don’t know I enjoy dice games I enjoy card games I enjoy fresco so I want to see some images and videos and stuff like that to see what’s going on here alright the next game is a gloom Haven subtitle and now this is really really cool honestly so gloom Haven I’m not gonna go into the details of it it’s a dungeon crawling massive game it’s been number one on BoardGameGeek for a long time I love it I’ve played it 30-plus times with my friends it’s just hard to get it back to the table because we just all have lives and kids and stuff so anyway Glu even subtitle is effectively a stripped-down version of the game Glu Haven the base game of gloom Haven is like this big and it’s like 25 pounds and it has 95 scenarios inside of it it has like 18 different characters only four of which are unlocked at the start of the game were six unlocked anyway it’s just has an incredible amount of stuff and it looks like the designer Isaac Childress has decided to try and make a forty to fifty dollar version of gloom Haven that just has like 24 scenarios in it many of them are optional so you just play like maybe 14 to 15 or so scenarios to get all the way through the campaign and then there’s no unlockable new characters there’s just four and you play with those and it doesn’t even come with tiles you just have a book for the campaign and you flip open to the page and you play on top of the book now if I’m being honest I kind of wish I could time-travel back or into the future or something like that tell passage on it maybe like maybe don’t play the original gloom Haven because there’s a new one coming out that is maybe more suited to your needs I think realistically I just wish this version of gloom Haven had existed first or we don’t way back when I first got into it because as I said I have played gloomy Haven over thirty times I am NOT confident that we’re ever gonna finish the campaign at this point I feel like we’re only about 60 to 65 percent the way through the campaign and I wish we’d done this one you know if we had played through that way then we would have easily gotten through this you know if it takes just you know 14 to 16 or 17 scenarios to complete this then me and my friends would have come to a satisfying conclusion with the campaign obviously we are not at a satisfying conclusion and I’m a bit bummed that we might never actually see where the actual big box Glu Haven goes but either way I think this is a brilliant idea the idea is to try and get it into big-box stores like Target you know a store like that so I think this is probably gonna be a really big deal for cephalo fair games and I don’t know maybe it is one that I’d pick up and be like hey maybe let’s get back to this one and try to play it through its campaign but I’m just worried the ship might have sailed for me personally but either way very exciting I think it’s a super smart idea obviously the the name is not going to be Glu Haven subtitle they’re gonna figure out the name soon I heard all right moving on we have head for glory speaking of you know subscribing to games for the boxart as you can see the art on this box is literally a gladiator holding up a severed head standing on top of a big pile heads now that seems kind of gory until you read through the description and realize this is just a weird setting for the game it says this is a fast-paced arena fighting game set in an alternate reality of sin f of Rome where headless Romans compete to try to be the new Caesar now I guess mechanically you start off without and there’s a pool of nine different heads that you can take and that’s gonna modify your abilities and a variety of things and then you go and fight and you can try to knock your opponent’s head off they try to knock your head off and then you try and go get another head and near the end of the game Caesars head comes into the fray and you know you get points if you get to hold on to it and it’s just it seems like a very strange situation I’m not generally super gravitated towards arena style fighting games like I like Euro games with resource optimization and engine billing but I have to admit this one has me fascinated there is just the boxart image at this point so I’d like to see more images I’d certainly like to see a video to see how exactly this one works this one could definitely be one of those kind of games where I’d seek it out to try and play at a convention instead of trying to get a copy of it because I just want to see what’s going on there all right we can now move on to the next game and this one is jig one the eastern mechanist now this is being published by emperor s4 who have put out quite a few things lately walking in Branagh was one that I had last year and realm of sand was a really cool game to put out last year now for this game I’ve seen a lot of images for it on Twitter so far there’s not that many images on Portagee at the moment and it looks like this is well if we look down here it’s industry manufacturing it’s got economic abstract strategy and area majority and influence and it seems like reading through the description you are we are all collectively trying to create unique mechanical beasts and you are acquiring parts to build these things and you’re advancing in different pagodas and I think you’re just haven’t trying to have the most points at the end of the game and if we look at the actual kind of render image right here there’s just a bunch of things that are kind of neat going on it looks like it’s maybe somewhat of a minimalist style game if I’m being honest one of the reasons I’m paying attention this is because many people I follow on Twitter seem pretty excited about it like they’ve played it and they really enjoy it so I would like to learn more about it we can see there are one two three four or five kind of like six different areas of stuff going on in this game a little 3×3 grid with gears and numbers on them we got some tucked cards and pagoda tracks and yeah I definitely like to learn more about this one it seems like it could be cool it says 45 to 90 minutes so this one might be for me alright moving on we now have oath chronicles of Empire and exile now this is an incredibly ambitious game so the designer is kool Worley and the publisher is leather games and that duo is the ones who put out route and letter games has made other games like vast the crystal caverns now this game has a small little description right here it says this is a 1 to 5 player game where you’re going throughout the course of history in an ancient land you take on the role of agents trying to bolster the old order or try to bring the kingdom to ruin the consequences of one game will ripple through those that follow changing what resources and actions future players may have at their disposal and even altering the game’s core victory condition now that sentence right there is the reason why I am interested in this in addition to that they have some more text down here and there are a couple designer Diaries which I have read and it seems like the idea for this game is the decisions that you make have a lasting impact on game to game but it’s not realistically a campaign like it seems like it doesn’t have like a campaign that you go through that has a beginning and an end it seems like it’s more of like a perpetual system of a changing environment as you go through an infinite history effectively like just every time you play it the decisions you have and the restrictions that are imposed on you and the victory conditions are going to be different depending on what the last game was like and you did specifically says like you don’t have to play with the same people and even says there’s gonna be a fully-featured solo mode you could play several times during the week and then bring it to your friend’s house on Saturday and then play it with them so this is just a really interesting idea especially considering the last sentence down here it says there are no scripted narratives or predetermined end points the history is embedded in each copy and I guess it says earlier anyway in here somewhere it says that there’s not going to be an app this is gonna be all done oh it’s right up here there’s no fancy production trips tricks app assisted mechanisms or production gimmicks it’s fully resettable at any time so this seems incredibly ambitious obviously there’s effectively no images online I have seen some artistic images showing up on Twitter because of people I know who follow the artist Kyle Ferran for this game and I do love the overall artistic aesthetic for the stuff but I am just super intrigued like it’s such an ambitious idea I want to see how this is actually going to work out and you know what any idea like you know you take a you know a game with all of these different things going on and it’s like no you don’t have to worry about having the same people here you know you don’t have to worry about playing it 20 times to get through the campaign maybe you just play it seven times and all seven times are different or maybe you play it 50 times and you maybe maybe you can keep a track of like all the different empires that have risen and fallen all the dynasties that have come and gone that just sounds really neat and the fact that it appears to not have a an endpoint means you know and it just feels like a new idea in a environment of campaign-style games and legacies dog games now I don’t think there’s any legacy elements to this game but either way I am very much looking forward to learning more about this one all right moving on we now have red outpost now this one actually learned about because one of the publishers reached out to me about it and I got to read the rules up for it already what if they posted him online they didn’t I have the inside scoop anyway I read the rules a couple weeks ago so don’t super remember but the idea of this game let’s see if we can find a good relevant image for it the idea of this game is it’s a work replacement style game but the workers are communal so when it’s your turn you activate a worker and you move them to a spot you do a thing but it’s not your worker you just activate a worker that’s available every time you activate them you lay them down and once they’ve all been activated that kind of ends that phase of the day and you move on to the next phase and you are all kind of working together competitively it’s a fully competitive game it in the description that said it’s like Soviet style you know colonization of a new planet or something like that so you’re trying to obviously push your own ideas there are six different types of workers and you actually have little tokens on these tracks and every time you activate that specific worker your influence on that worker grows and I think it resets at the end of the day you play through two full days it just looks like it has some neat ideas going on so I did read the rules and I thought it sounded pretty cool I’m not actually sure if the publisher is gonna send me a copy they never actually got back to me but either way I read the rules and I was intrigued so hopefully this is one I do get to try at some point alright moving on we now have the mountain now this one down here says welcome to a fantastic mind full of dwarven miners engaged in work with every step you feel the temperature rise in the smell of melted metals it’s the mountain now down here it says the unique meeple distribution system and innovative mechanism of mining the resources allows you to experience the classic worker placement game in a fresh new way now that’s essentially all the details that we have going on obviously there’s no images at all and I am thoroughly okay with worker placement games if somebody says I have this worker placement game to play it’s not gonna make me say I really want to play it because I love worker placement I just think it’s a decent mechanic in games and I’m always curious to see new tweaks so I am quite curious to see what their unique meeple distribution system is and also with this innovative mechanism of mining resources is obviously there kind of playing it up and so hopefully they can put more information about this just me and two other people are subscribed to this one but I do want to learn more about this one it sounds like it could be interesting it also sounds like it could be you know not interesting in the slightest like this one certainly could go either way but yeah I’m gonna learn more about this one once they put some more stuff online all right we can now move on to unsettled now the first reason why I am subscribed to this one and it’s a lot more people for this one is because the publisher is orange nebula now they’re the ones that made of indication now I did a full playthrough of in that game it was a beautiful game with the ridiculous production quality overall and it was a competitive kind of adventure II game with a lot of gyro mechanics now in this game it looks like this is a science-fiction cooperative style game and it has a pretty neat setting idea it says you are lost lost amidst the surreal and bizarre unknowns of the far reaches of the cosmos your crew of explorers must pull together to discover the resources necessary to survive so it’s a two to four player cooperative survival adventure game but it says down here that there are no enemies and no combat only an environment where every step every breath every particle around you could mean immediate terrifying death enemies are the least of your concerns so it seems like this is a game about trying to just survive I don’t know how you know hard sci-fi it might be overall but having no enemies or you know aliens coming in does sound like it’s definitely shifting in that overall direction and of course living on on an alien planet it does sound like it would be a difficult thing like where do you get your food you know what how do you deal with air leaks and all that kind of stuff so it seems like this is the game that’s probably trying to harness into that there’s not much other information really going on at this point it’s largely this description is about explaining the overall somatic base for the game it doesn’t say anything about the timing or any of that stuff it does say it’s a twenty20 game although I suppose that’s kind of a moot point at this point considering it’s now almost the end of October but either way so this is a game coming out next year crowdfunding Oh actually I think I saw yeah down here in the forums somebody asked about a Kickstarter and they mentioned late quarter for 2009 19 so it’s October right now so it’s likely in a month or two we’ll probably learn a lot more about this game when it goes up on Kickstarter alright so we have now reached the 14th and final game I’ll be talking about today and this one is veg n which really might not be the right way to pronounce that probably isn’t now speaking of John liking dry your dry looking euros this is certainly one of those if you look at the board right here we’ve got looks like Europe we’ve got some routes between some cities we’ve got Scrolls in the artwork we’ve got resource cheats we’ve got cards we’ve got all sorts of stuff going on now I actually remember seeing this game a year ago while I’m recording this at this moment essence feel is happening I wasn’t able to go there this year and um a year ago I was walking by booth and I saw this on a table and I said that looks like my kind of dry looking euro I should circle back and play it and I never did because essence wheel is a ridiculously huge show apparently they’ve only just now gotten around to putting a page for it on BoardGameGeek and I kind of saw this and I was like wait that looks kind of familiar and then I looked some of these images I’m like yep that is the booth at essence meal 2018 and I walked right by it thinking I would come back and I did anyway when I went back we come back to the description over here this game looks like it has lots of euro each time stuff it’s medieval there’s transportation I guess Network and Route building is a big part of it as well as pick up and deliver which is not necessarily my favorite mechanism overall but I survived enjoyed those kind of games we’ve got a game that lasts 12 rounds there’s 5 different phases in every single round there’s event tiles that come out you are trying to buy resources to build buildings you’re going to be traveling you’re doing all sorts of Uri stuff and hopefully I’ll learn more about this one I would surprise me if some videos don’t start showing up from HBO 2019 considering this is a 2019 release supposedly so maybe it’s actually being sold at spiel this year that would be pretty cool so hopefully we’ll learn more about this one it might not be something I’m actually all that interested in but now they’re just seeing a board like that I feel like I want to give it a chance because it looks like the kind of games that I enjoy in general so at this point and that is gonna wrap up with the 14 games that I wanted to talk about there were obviously a lot more I came onto board game geek over the last month or so but I tried to specifically talk about games that interest me for one reason or another even if it’s an abstract game which I don’t really care about well maybe it has gorgeous artwork and I want to highlight that or you know that kind of thing so at this point I think we’re gonna come to the end of this one the hila hopefully put out another one of these in a month or so and I’ll be curious to see if it’s going to be big more or less than 14 I think the previous couple radar vlogs I’ve done have been much more than 14 games overall yeah all right I think we’re done as always I’d like to thank everyone who’s been supporting this channel including all of these producer level patreon backers if you two would like to directly support the channel and the creation of videos like this one then please go to junkets Gamescom slash support to see a variety of ways with which you can do that also if you enjoy this video please click the like button down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel thanks for watching

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  1. I saw a glimpse of Faktoria over someone's shoulder at Essen. Those cubes in the road move forwardand players pick one row, to get some of theme. I took a shot to remember. A shame that there isn't more info (and that I didn't loop back to it.)
    Looking forward to the stripped down Gloomhaven. That is a price point that I could totally get into, especially if it is soloable.
    Oath should be as impressive thing to watch develop. Cole those design diaryesque articles and I hope he continues.
    Red Outpost sounds interesting with the communal workforce.

    Vejen is apparently the Danish name for "roads". I heard a rule explanation at BerlinCon, but didn't get to play. Yes it was being sold at Essen. I tried to play at Essen too and didn't get to it. The interesting bit is the two currencies, where you buy/sell in Denmark you get Danish bits and German bits in Germany. THe opposite country apparently won't take the other's currency.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Those Fresco games are on the Fresco Mega Box kickstarter that I see is live now. Seems pricey, maybe wait and see if the card/dice versions get released later at retail?

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