Ganglion Cyst – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Ganglion Cyst – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari

Hello friends, I am Dr P.S Tiwari and welcome
to my channel. Today i will discuss about Ganglion cyst – what
is Ganglion Cyst, how it happens, its symptoms and its homeopathy treatment, so lets begin. So friends, first we will understand what
is Ganglion Cyst. Ganglion Cyst is a type of tumor and is non
cancerous. It mostly happens in wrist joins. A type of swelling and lymp occurs in the
wrist join. Friends, some cyst are hard and some cyst
are spongy with jelly- like fluid filled inside it. In some cyst there is pain and while in others
there is no pain. Friends, apart from wristjoin , Ganglion cyst
can occur in ankles, feets or near any other joint of the body. The exact reason behind the occurence of Ganglion
Cyst is unknown meaning it is “etiology”, but it is understood that it happens due to
constant injury on the joints of the body. Friends, there are very good medicines for
Ganglion Cyst in Homeopathy which if you take regularly and punctually, then your cyst will
be cured forever. Friends, i also want to clear one thing that
the medicines which i will prescribe in dilution form – you have to take direct in your mouth
without water and those which i will prescribe in mother tincture form – you have to take
with some water. Friends, now i am going to tell you some homeopathy
medicines, you don’t have to take all the medicines, instead you have to take only that
medicine which matches with your symptom. So friends, its first medicine is Ruta – 30. This is a very good medicine, golden and top
remedy of Ganglion cyst. Its symptom is pain and stiffness. There is pain and stiffness in your wrist
and hand, then you can take Ruta – 30 – 4 drops twice daily for some days, this type
of Ganglion cyst will be cured. Friends the next medicine is Calc Flour 30. In this the size of the Ganglion cyst increases
so much it presses the nerves and because of pressed nerves there is pain in your fingures
and in your hand. So if this type of symptom is there then you
can take Calc Flour 30 – 4 drops twice daily, your Ganglion cyst will be cured. Friends its next medicine is Benzoic Acid
30. In this, along with Ganglion cyst symptoms
there is the symptom of urine problem. Your urine will be hot and brown in color
which will be accompanied by smell. So in such symptom you can take Benzoic Acid
30 – 4 drops twice daily, your cyst will be cured. Friends its next medicine is Silicea 30. You have to take Silicea 30 – 4 globules twice
daily. In this there is paralytic weakness meaning
if there is Ganglion in your wrist, then you cannot lift anything and alongwith this is
there is foul smell in your sweat. Then in such case you can take Silicea 30
– 4 globules twice daily for some days your cyst will be cured. Friends, remember one thing that if there
is abnormality in your sweating then you have to take Silicea 30 and if there abnormality
in your urine then you have to take Benzoic Acid. Friends its next medicine is Graphites 30. This works better in female patient. If in female patient there is tendency of
fat, after that there is tendency to catch cold. alongwith it there is some problems relating
to skin. So if in such female patient there is Ganglion
Cyst then she can take Graphites 30 for some days, their Ganglion cyst will be cured forever. Friends its next medicine is Calc Carb 30. You have to take this in globules. So calc carb patient is fat, fair and flabby. Its patient gets affected due to any change
in weather, so this type of patient can take Calc Carb 30 – 4 globules twice daily some
days, then this type of Ganglion cyst will be cured forever. So friends, today i told you about Ganglion
Cyst. If you want complete treatment from then you
can message me your problem in my WhatsApp number All the details relating to complete treatment
is given in the video description. So friends i hope you like my today’s video. Like and share and if you haven’t subscribed
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39 Replies to “Ganglion Cyst – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr. P.S Tiwari”

  1. Very nice video sir. Could you please tell me about the dosage of Ambra Grisea 200. Regards Dr saheb.

  2. sir 1once plastic dubba me globules wala medicine banayenge to usme kitna bund dilution dalenge to wo medicine taiyar ho jayega please reply sir ji

  3. Sir mere bete ko typhoid hua tha uske bad memory problems ho rahi h parne me Yaad karne me bhi problems hoti h uski umar 19 years h please suggest medicines

  4. Thanks Dr Saheb 🌹. You are really superb sir. I am suffering with ganglion and using Acid benjoic for last one month. Pain and a small growth on left wrist.
    Now as per your advice i am going to use Cal.Carb 1000. Hope it will end the disease. Regards.🙏🙏🌼

  5. Hlo sir
    mera left hand joint main gagoliyan 3-4 month tak thha lekin avi aapnai aap thik ho gaya hai
    plz help me mujhe baad mai koi problem toh nahi hoga?

  6. Sir mera 4 yr tak ganglion cyst hua….Bohot homoeopathic medicine use kiya….lekin kuch nahi hua……Plz tell me ..Medicine for me….
    Now days thoda thoda pain ho raha hai …mera right hand ko wrist me ye cyst hua hai…..Plz sir reply me……

  7. Dr sir mre gardan ki c5 c6 fakchar 0pen surgare 2001 mein huie hai sholdar ky nechay totally paralysed sence bilkul nhi hai koie tretment plz help reply …Shah Alam mumbai

  8. Dr.saheb namaskar!
    mere pure badan me chote 2 bahut temour hai jo hard lagta.
    about 10.12 honge.mere pesab me badbu aur pesab jyda hota hai.
    mai pesab rok nahi sakta.mujhe garmi me pasina v bahut aati hi.pasina ki badbu v rahti hai.sar se jyda pasina aata hai.pasina se takiya bhig jata hai.mera pet v nikla hua hai.jabki aur pure body me charbi nahi hai.mera tounge fula,mota,aur side me teeth imprint laga rahta hai.mujhe kuchh salo se backache v rahta suvah so kar uttne per jyda mahsus hota hai.pls dava batane ki kirpa karenge.

  9. meri bf ki full body me 30-40 ganglion tumor h ! uski kaise thik kru ! pls bataye!ye dawa kahase pau! Bohot homeopath dikhaya kuch nhi hua ! kya kru !

  10. Plzz help me ,god bless you ,

    I have GANGLION CYST all over my body. There are more than

    70, I am suffering from this problem 12 years, now I am 26 years old. There
    have no pain, there are small size, medium size, There are some soft and some
    hard , this is my genetic diseases.

    Patanjali  Ayurved –doctor
    jo jo bola maine sob kuch kiya lakin kuch faida nahi mila.maine pichle 1saal se
    medicine kahya  or yoga kiya kuch faida
    nehi mela.

    Homeopatic medicine- Ruta g3x, Calcarea fluor 6x, and Thuja khaya
    9 saal se, lakin kuch faida nehi mela.

    Plzzzzzzz help me.. god aap
    ka vala karegi, God bless you.. plzzzzzz help me

  11. सर हीप वाली हड्डी में गांठ हैं राईट साइड में दवा बताए सर

  12. Pa que carajo usted pone el titulo en ingles. Idiota si vas a hanlar mierda pon el titulo en mierda de idioma. Pero esto es misleading!

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