Gastritis Symptoms: Try These Natural Remedies for Gastritis

Gastritis is a digestive issue that takes
place when the stomach lining is irritated by excessive production of stomach acid. It is a common problem, almost always caused
by poor eating habits, but can also be caused by a bacterial infection. The main symptom is an uncomfortable burning
sensation in the belly. It’s almost always accompanied by pain,
inflammation, and indigestion. While it may come sporadically, oftentimes
it turns into a recurring condition that can lead to complications if left untreated. Fortunately, in addition to doctor recommended
treatments, there are also natural solutions that can help treat gastritis without triggering
any side effects. In this video, we would like to share 7 great
natural remedies for gastritis. Try them at the first sign of gastritis. #1. Potato Juice Potato juice is a natural antacid that helps
regulate the pH of your stomach in order to control the burning feeling and pain caused
by gastritis. In addition, it reduces excessive production
of gas while reducing inflammation levels associated with the condition. Instructions. Extract the potato juice and consume 3 or
4 tablespoons. Take 2 times a day if symptoms persist. #2. Coconut water Coconut water Well-known for its high nutritional
value, coconut water is a healthy option for fighting this digestive problem. Its alkaline power reduces excessive acidity. Plus, since it’s an excellent for hydration,
it helps support the detoxification of your stomach. Instructions Have half a cup of coconut water (100 ml)
at the first sign of gastritis. If the problem continues, consume up to 3
times a day. #3. Natural yogurt The live cultures in natural yogurt are excellent
at fighting the bacteria H. Pylori, which is responsible for chronic gastritis. These probiotics regulate the pH of your gastrointestinal
tract. Meanwhile, they also fortify the barrier that
protects your stomach from too much acidity. Instructions Have 2 cups of natural yogurt a day (250 g)
until the problem is gone. #4. Strawberries Strawberries contain phenolic compounds that
can help reduce inflammation of the stomach lining. Thus, they improve symptoms of gastritis. The antioxidants in them fight the negative
effect of free radicals and also support the regeneration of your mucous membranes. Instructions Make a tea with dried strawberry leaves and
consume 2 times a day. Have 3 to 5 ripe strawberries every day. #5. Rice milk Rice milk is a vegetable drink that has become
popular the world over as an excellent remedy for diarrhea and skin problems. In addition to antioxidants and fiber, it contains minerals that help regulate the
pH of your digestive system in order to prevent excessive acidity and gastritis. Consumption of rice milk reduces the burning
sensation in the belly and effectively fights inflammation. Instructions First, add a few tablespoons of rice (20 g)
to a cup of water and boil for a few minutes. Once a white liquid forms, strain and consume. Repeat up to twice a day. #6. Organic honey Honey is a natural antacid that can help repair
your stomach lining, preventing ulcers and gastritis. Its natural sugars are a source of fuel for
your body. Plus, since it metabolizes easily, it doesn’t
cause any health problems. In addition, it provides your body with minerals,
antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds that are a
determining factor in reducing pain and abdominal irritation. Instructions Have 2 tablespoons of organic honey (50 g)
at the first sign of gastritis. If you like, dilute it in warm water. #7. Aloe Vera In addition, aloe Vera gel has antimicrobial
and anti-inflammatory qualities. This makes it one of the best natural remedies
for gastritis. First of all, it inhibits the action of the
bacteria H. Pylori. Plus, it supports the restoration of your stomach’s
mucous membranes. Instructions First, extract a few tablespoons of aloe Vera
gel. Then, process with a bit of water in a blender,
and consume. Take the remedy preferably first thing in
the morning. As you can see, there are several natural
remedies for gastritis without having to consume conventional antacids in excess. Pick one of the recommended solutions and
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