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  1. That is surprising…she has saved people with stage 4 cancer sent home to die by their doctors…why would she give calves liver juice injection..?? that was not in the movie "the beautiful truth"…..anyways seems to me that fresh organic fruit and vegetable and fresh juices seems to be enough to cure people from cancer + coffee enema maybe…?

  2. Wow….prior to this video I was beginning to think of you as a trusted source but you seem to be supporting the status quo. In this video you state that the gerson therapy isn't better and may be worst, but yet you yourself speak of the benefits of a plant based diet over and above conventional therapies. You may have disseminated some good information in some of your prior submissions, but here you sound just like the promotional arm of the AMA.

  3. Additionally you speak of the 16k charge the institute has for their services……..AND…….!!!!! YOUR POINT…..!!!!! The conventional medical establishment charges 1000's per month just for some chemotherapy drugs, not to mention the 10000's for surgery and related therapies and costs. The medical establishment charges this all with an abysmal cure rate.

  4. Are you one of those complementary physicians who view natural therapies and wholefoods as complementary to conventional therapies and drugs. Either way I appreciate the information that you've provided here but I reject it, and would hope that your subscribers will disregard this disinformation as well. I can't wait for you next installment where you speak about the worthlessness of the hoxsey therapy and essiac tea.

  5. And I'd love to hear how coffee enemas can kill you when this is a very popular detox and cleansing therapy used by many stars. Me and my wife have done coffee enemas in the past repeatedly with no discernible ill effect, instead we experienced an increased sense of well-being and health. Your alleging deaths from the Gerson therapy, this is ridiculous, I submit to you that those people who died while on the therapy did so as a result of the ravages of the previous conventional treatment

  6. Unlike the massive cancer industry who survives off of fear, money, and momentum, the Gerson therapy is alive almost soley on word of mouth and donations. If what you have alleged here was true there would be no Gerson Therapy, it would be DOA itself. The medical establishment kills thousands per year with their cancer treatments, but they have billions and the support of the gov't to surpress public dissent and alternative treatments.

  7. Show me the data, and not from a compromised source either. I want to see independent verified data. The Gerson institute has people with verified biopsies, and diagnosis who are alive and well to this day. When one contemplates what cancer is why wouldn't the gerson therapy cure it. My question is who's compiling this data, and what are there parent affiliations.

  8. It just cannot be true that Gerson therapy is worse than chemotherapy. Organic fruits and vegetables versus carcinogens ?

  9. Great postings, completely agree. As a chronic ill health sufferer for 10 years and cured through juicing, herbs and raw foods.

  10. .I suspect that the data you present will be suspect but be that as it may…..how do you e plain the people, people who were definitely diagnosed with cancer and are still alive today. Honestly Dr Gerson is only the tip of the iceberg, there are literally 100's if not 1000's more doctors who have concurred with his findings in one way or another. Dr mercola has an opposite view than yours, so does dr Esselstyn, dr ornish, dr andrew saul, and so it goes all promenant world class surgeons and mds

  11. Susan Summers said on larry king live that she cured her cancer through a wholefood plant based diet including herbs and supplements. There were literally tens of hoxsey clinics operating here in the states in the 30's and 40's healing people. Mrs Rene Caisse was given a building to heal people of cancer in her hometown until the medical establishment realized that she wasn't going to make her treatment a for-profit offering for those who couldn't afford it.

  12. I make these points to illustrate what I believe to be a very beautiful truth and that is that plants ie raw lacinito kale, parsley, sprouts of all types are examples of edible herbs prepared as foods, whereas tumeric, yellowdock, redclover, pokeroot etc are examples of concetrated medicinal herbs but they are both the same things used for the same purpose…….healing, and make no mistake these natural God given powerhouses are just that powerful and do have a profound effect on the body.

  13. The medicinal effect of these agents should not be trivialized and when used in the correct context can heal man of what ails him. My sincere belief is that there is a plant, fruit, herb based remedial resolution for every ailment under the sun, it's just that those we know of provide no financial incentive to this global demonic cabal, and for that unknown component of healing resources, we just haven't found, identified or discerned the correct combination of natural agents to bring to bare.

  14. And please do not misconstrue my statements below to denote that I have animosity towards doctors and hospitals in general let me be clear….WE NEED DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS… the problem is that we use them as a soure of healthcare when hospitals should primarily provide "heroic medicine", broken limbs, heartaches, sudden chronic emergencies. The problem with this is that there is no epidemic of car accidents, or stabbings, so there is no money in that line of care.

  15. If you want a better understanding of the Gerson Therapy as developed by Max Gerson, you can read it. It explains the reasoning for using liver juice.

  16. The reason treatments are so expensive in the USA is govt intervention causing inflation and allowing monopolies to exist. This is why people like Ron Paul want constitutional govt because it saves millions of lives.

  17. Max Gerson is the man, he cured so many people and it is fully documented and his logic for his treatment is sound . this man need to more research on the matter

  18. Great posts William. A Gerson based diet with herbs and exercise cured my 10+ years of life debilitating manic depression, anxiety and alcoholism. In ONE YEAR it did this, in three months i was having significant improvements. The body heals when nourished properly.

  19. I concur wholly……the body heals itself, we just need furnish it with the raw elements that it needs. I know of several woman who doctors wanted to operate on because they had fibroids, I advised them to move to a wholefoods plant based diet with intermittent juicing only and theh went back for the dye mri and it was revealed that their fibroids shruck by more than 75%. My mother had chronic hbp, her bp is now at 118/65, and on it goes.

  20. We are living beings made of living cells, it would stand to reason that in most cases it will take living foods to address our common ailments. Stress management to reduce all occurrences of all major and minor illnesses, moderate levels of exercise to maintain muscle and bone density, and to move the lymphatic fluid around to eliminate toxins along with perspiration. Daily consumption of tonic like herbs ie green/white tea, olive leaf, primarily plant based diet, small portions of clean fish,

  21. Clean fresh water, some cardio work, and that is the bases of creating permanent long lasting health, tweak the below for your specific situation, but those are the basics. Most other additions are simply icing on the cake.

  22. Anecdotal evidence is the WORST type of evidence. Cancer already has a spontaneous remission rate. Finding people who have experienced spontaneous remission and attributing a 'cure' to them is misleading and cruel to those who need real hope. Shame on you for your disgusting promotion of this pseudoscience.

  23. Wow, what a sorry creature you are. I'm 110% GENUINE, my recovery is GENUINE and is in fact DOCUMENTED by my local GP whom has been VERY receptive to what i had been doing. I hope the blindfold comes away from your eyes, mind body and soul. SO in REALITY, the people who are doing it or close to it, the Geron therapy is NOT useless, Gerson style programmes are life savers. FACT.

  24. So spontaneous remission does not exist? Your anecdote is now good science? You have experienced the power of placebo. Congratulations.

  25. Your arrogance is astounding, BUT, something i am now quite used to and spend very little energy on. I really don't care what people's views are, i only KNOW what happened to me and since then, what has also been happening to others i have met. Allopathic medicine is a complete failure on almost every level.

  26. I am practicing coffee enemas since 2 years now, and feeling great ! amazing how much "placebo" healings occure with GERSON T…. HOW COMES placebo doesnt work with chemo as sooooo many people BELIEVE they will heal with chemo ?

  27. Dear Dr. Greger, I am a big fan of your work and all the valuable infos you give.
    Nevertheless I have to admit, that this video does not have the usual quality and lacks of evidence. I agree that liver injections and coffee enemas are controversal, BUT if a person who is not familiar with the topic watches this video, he or she could get the impression, that eating healthy, juicing, etc, which is the lionpart of the GERSOn therapy has no effect at all on recovey. takethis as constructive comment

  28. In all of the research I have done on Gerson therapy (and it is extensive), this is the first time I have heard of it using any thing that isn't organic and vegetable.

    I am calling this as pure bullshit.

  29. Yes, remission does occur, and at a normal rate of about 25%.. (that's for a greater than 10 year life span)..

    What is the "cure" rate of chemo and radiation? Here I'll help you out some, it's about 2% at the 10 year mark..

    Yes, that's right Chemo and Radiation kill 92% of the people that would otherwise go into remission on their own, without any intervention at all.

  30. you claim you want unbias sources against Gerson when you seem to take so willingly the very bias sources FOR gerson from the Gerson institute.

    it would be nice to have middle ground studies done and shown, anyone have them here ?

  31. Please change the title, it is very misleading, based on your regression on the topic, in the next video's comments, you changed that video's title to Gerson-Style Therapy and NOT the official Gerson Protocol. Let's stop the confussion and all help to aim to rid or at least greatly reduce cancer around the world with nutrition!

  32. I was really enjoying your videos until I listened to this one. This doesn't mean that the rest are not of value. But you are doing people are great disservice by bashing
    Gerson. They are not perfect- who is? And perhaps they made some mistakes in the past. But they are treating people with the very diet that you say works in the rest of your videos. Please rethink this. The Gerson Institute is doing a lot of good
    and saving people who would not make it otherwise. They almost are left even healthier after their cancer is gone. I have seen it. Please rethink, doctor. Thanks!

  33. Unfortunately, people, including those that survived cancer, will confuse auxiliary chemotherapy for primary chemotherapy so when they forgo auxiliary chemo and replace it with some alternative "cure" and survive, they make all these claims of how great the alternative approach was even though the heavy lifting was done by the surgery to remove all the cancer in the first place!  So please remember, there are two types of chemo.  A) to be used as the primary mode to destroy the existing cancer, and B) as a follow-up treatment to make sure NEW cancer does not return AFTER the existing cancer has been destroyed/removed by the primary treatment.

  34. Surprise doc. Considering I thought you supported nutrition base medicine,. Or maybe you took a check from big pharma?

  35. Large amounts of vegetable and fruit juice's will contain a fairly large amount of , Methionine , and sugars and contribute to tumor formation.

    ( And liver (protein) promotes IGF1 production)

  36. Your comments regarding the coffee enema does not make sense at all………..you are making a mistake, sounds like you are being somehow manupulated by the Drug Companies………….totally illogical your input here, just taken aback and why are you of all people making these inaccurate statements regarding the coffe enema portion of the Gerson Therapy?
    Just amazed .

  37. you got to be the biggest scumbag on the planet to make a video about Gerson without any actual facts you
    work for big Pharma you scumbag all you worry about is money in your pockets by promoting pills that kill people slowly and pro long-suffering in to make as much money off the one clienthe medical system is not in the business of curing diseases they're in the business of making money Gerson was not the only one to cure cancer they was many others and big Pharma crush them all because they could not Patton anything from nature meaning you can't make money off of something made from nature

  38. Nobel prize in 1934 for G.H. Whipple, G.R. Minot and W.P. Murphy for discovery of treatment of anemia with liver extracts. They actually did not "discover" it but took the idea from the natural medicine of Sri-Lanka. Yes, injecting liver-extracts sounds gross, but it isn't black magic.

  39. Not convinced. My friend was diagnosed with malignant glioma. She was told at hospital she had 3 months left. She chose to follow Garson Therapy (with coffee enema). She lived cancer free for 6 years. Cancer came back, this time she did not fight. Another person who was helping her recovered for good (at the time it was 10+ years).
    In regards to research I wonder who would have these statistics, since it's in nobody else but diagnosed people interest to collect the data. Who would pay to research the therapy?

  40. After a year’s treatment with surgery, radiation and several chemo agents, I was told nothing had worked and reclassified as terminal. I continued Gerson Therapy for three years after discontinuing conventional treatment. That was in 2002. I believe I’m here in 2019 because of Gerson Therapy.

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