Get an Extra 3000 Raw Gold in Ulduar | XT’S HEART BUG

So… You may be wondering why I’m not wearing any
clothes. Well, we’re gonna be going to Ulduar and we’re
going to be killing an old god titan construct so obviously you need to get naked, right? It’ll make sense in a little bit. Let’s do this guide. Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re
talking about how to make an extra 3000 gold every single time you run Ulduar. This is cash, it’s a neat little trick but
we’re gonna delve a little bit deeper into it than just a basic guide. So I first heard about this trick from a friend
of the channel White Shadow. You can follow his YouTube channel here. White Shadow heard about it from one of his
guildies, let’s say Tommy. Tommy heard about it from Archvaldor’s Warcraft
Hacks who put a video out on it about a week ago. Archvaldor heard about it from one of his
Patreon supporters, who learned it from a Reddit post back in december. So this has been out for a while and it’s
absolutely not my idea, but I just wanted to give credit where credit is due because
the history of farms is actually what intrigues me. What you wanna do, you wanna go into Ulduar,
hop on a motorcycle, run up to the first boss. Kill the Flame Leviathan and then just run
on through. Ignore the two bosses on the sides and then
you’ll come up to XT. Normally, you just go up and one shot him,
but if you kill his heart, if you do the hard mode vesion of him, then his heart is lootable
and drops an extra 700 gold. But the problem is that it’s really hard not
to one shot him, so you want to at least take off your weapons, but also pay attention to
any trinkets or Azerite Armor buffs that maybe apply a dot or do an area of effect thing. So, essentially, you want to go up to XT,
take off all your armor, take off all your weapons, remove your trinkets, and you’re
just standing there naked punching the toe of a 70 foot robot. And you know what, that’s kind of the meat
and potatoes of what’s going on in Ulduar. It’s a nice easy trick to make a little bit
extra gold. But let’s figure out what’s actually going
on, because there’s another thing in this dungeon that can also drop extra cash. If you take the portal to the antechamber,
and then you run through, kill the rock golem guy, and then run through again to Freya’s
room, the forest area, there are 3 tree minibosses, and when you kill them you get an additional
700+ gold each. There’s no special requirements for them,
just kill em and loot em. So that’s it for the actual guide. In total about 3000 extra gold of raw cash
for killing 4 enemies. You can spam this on multiple toons if you
want. You can create groups at the freya door and
hop back and forth and just knock that out if you have 50 million toons. I don’t recommend that, I just say if you’re
running Ulduar, remember to kill the bonus bosses and do the hard mode version. It’s a nice little bonus, but let’s figure
out what’s actually happening here. Well, when you kill Freya herself or any of
the other bosses here, you get 35 – 37 gold, somewhere around there. 720 to 740 gold is exactly 20 times more than
that. So what’s going on here? Since these minibosses drop it, it’s not like,
hardmode only enemies. And in fact, later on when you kill mimiron,
pressing the big red button and activating hard mode for him doesn’t get you any extra
loot, so what’s happening? Well to explain this we gotta go back in time
to the wrath and earlier, and essentially what would happen there, if every player in
a raid group was supposed to get 50g from killing a boss, then that boss would have
1000 gold on them, and when you kill em, all the gold gets divied up equally among everyone
in the raid team. Now, once you got strong enough to be able
to solo the bosses, you just got that entire 1000 gold all to yourself. And the same rules applied to all the trash
mobs in the game. So what ended up happening, people would just
roll paladins and run Underbog or Karazhan, and just spam the trash in there over and
over. The typical chinese gold farmer would have
100, 200, 500 instances of the game running at the same time and just be raking in all
this raw gold. So, in patch 4.0, the release of Cataclysm,
we had what was known as the Great Gold Nerf of Patch 4.0. And with this nerf, even if you solo’d them,
they just gave you the intended 50g. Well recently, we had the rescaling of patch
7.3.5 which introduced unobtainable items back in the game and you’ve got level 40 enemies
dropping level 58 loot, just weird loot table stuff started happening, and then with the
Legacy Loot introduction more recently we had more things start breaking. The bee boss in Zul’Gurub doesn’t respawn
whenever you reset instance now. Dragon Soul LFR, all the enemies right in
front of Morchok, all the portal mancers, whenever you killed them they would drop 15
gold each, and there’s like 50 of them, so you just do a 1 minute lap, gather em all
up, AoE em and you get 700 gold. You can repeat that 30 times an hour. But when they nerfed the raw gold farm of
Dragon Soul LFR, they cut the gold down to 20 times less than what it was. And just as a side note, that kindof confuses
me because those enemies have never dropped gold so it’s weird that like, they’re dropping
gold at all now. But let’s get back on track, what’s happening
with these enemies? These are lootable items, lootable boss drop
items that aren’t necessarily on the dungeon journal. Like, the minibosses drop boss level gold. XT’s heart drops boss level loot and boss
level gold, but it’s not on the dungeon journal right? So, let’s test this theory. What other minibosses or extra lootable things
are in the game? Well, Anub’Arak in Trial of the Grand Crusader
used to drop a chest if you killed him on Heroic Mode and that chest was removed in
Patch 4.0, so let’s see if it’s back. Nope. It’s not back. There are minibosses in Obsidian Sanctum,
but they don’t drop any loot. But what about Ruby Sanctum? Ruby Sanctum has 4 bosses but only 1 of them
is in the Dungeon Journal. 2 of them don’t drop any loot at all, but
one of them drops 170 gold now. And yah that may not seem like a lot, but
when you kill the final boss, Valiothera or whatever, he drops 8 and a half gold, and
funny thing about 8 and a half gold, 20 times that is 170. So these are bugs. Essentially, what probably happened is someone
put together a list and revoked all the patch 4.0 loot changes and then passed it off to
someone else who went through and made a table applied, like turned legacy loot on and added
a tag to all these bosses, but they created their own new list, and missed some of the
things that the much more thorough first person included. So we have a few wonky gold fringe cases in
the game. As usual for any buggy things like this, you’re
not gonna get in trouble if you just while you’re running ulduar, you kill XTs heart. If you kill the minibosses in Freya’s room. I would recommend against taking all 50 toons
out and spamming this endlessly until you make gold cap from your 2000 gold at a time,
but it’s just a nice bonus. It’s a nice little efficiency thing. Blizzard probably will fix this. But I do want to say in closing, that I’m
totally fine with them nerfing the minibosses in Ruby Sanctum, and Freya’s room. But I kinda like that if you kill XT in the
hard mode, if you jump through a couple hoops, you get more rewards. I think that’s neat and since 30 gold doesn’t
really matter anymore, I like that it’s 700 gold. Like, it’s just a fun little bonus for jumping
through a hoop, which is kindof, like that’s the point of the game, right? Do more stuff, get more rewards. I like it. So I hope they keep the XT thing. But that’s all for me, this video turned out
way longer than I was expecting. I hope you enjoyed. I hope you learned something. Like, subscribe, do all that YouTube stuff. But also let me know down in the comments
if you can think of any other minibosses or little bonus chest things. We can make a little gold in the short term
and help blizzard improve their game and fix any accidental bugs in the long term. So, that’s it for me. Have a great day guys, good luck, and happy
gold making.

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