Get Beautiful Feet (Pedicure) Cracked Heels Removal Treatment with Home Remedies Tips Urdu Hindi

Assalmu Alaikum viewer, Memoona Muslima is here, And you’re welcome to my video. This is a most requested video I’ll talk about cracked heels & dry feet Dry & cracked feet show lack of attention of your feet Feet are most dried part of body Because they don’t have oil producing glands and feet go dry & cracked Moreover, less moisturization Pollution & often use of medicine for specific reason as eczema, diabetes & thyroid etc vitamin E deficiency into body as well calcium deficiency or may be lack of iron dryness is more in Winter than Summer which solution I’m going to tell you is really amazing and tested Firstly, you have to take a water tub Add 2 jugs of lukewarm water add 2 to 3 tbs of salt add 1 lemon juice in first phase, we’re going to clean our feet to soft dirt, impurities & dryness not put your feet into water I requested to my husband once again for demo because he is not agreed after voox dd cream’s demo keep your feet in this water for 10 minutes after sometime you’ll feel your feet got soft including nails as you see, we’re talking about feet & nails So, we should have all necessary tools So, I bought a pedicure kit we open it, has all useful things this called callus remover Don’t use like these things which things we’ll use today 2 way nail buffer it will be used as callus remover and nail brush metal nail file will be used for nails and a nail clipper we took only 4 things from this kit firstly we’ll use nail clipper and we’ll cut the nails now trim the nails to give them proper shape now clean the nails with nail brush its turn to clean heels with 2 way nail buffer its important to say if your feet skin is so rough & hard you can use local callus remover as well its common and cheap in rates its Punjabi name is ridiculous but you will be understand to see its name πŸ™‚ also can be used for cleaning it is being used for foot cleaning from beginning and very useful after satisfactory cleaning, dry feet with a towel we’ll make a scrub until feet dry put 1 tbs rice flour in a bowl you can prepare it at home by grinding 1 tbs aloevera gel half tbs honey 1 lemon juice mix them well scrub is ready apply well on feet & rub it leave it for 5 minutes keep it 5 minutes on feet my husband is saying this is my last video, I’ll not work next in your video :p Now wash your feet and dry with towel now we’ll make a cream for feet heat some water in a pan put a bowl in it (its a double boil process) use metal made bowl for this don’t use glass made bowl because it will cracked add some mustard oil now we need a candle put candle into pieces this process called double boil if you boil directly mustard oil, then oil get fire candle has been mixed into oil after melting let it cool at room temperature this cream showing like this after cold we have made an amazing moisturizer we’ll apply on our feet like this use at night if your heels are so cracked then add 2 vitamin cap further, feet are so rough or bloody then you can add Vaseline now wear socks and sleep repeat this process thrice in a week and you’ll get amazing results these are all home remedies and have amazing properties for skin you can’t do better treatment than this but diabetic patient can’t use this you can store this cream for a month your heels would be soft & smooth with this treatment hope you will have enjoyed this video so don’t forget to like subscribe Memoona Muslima channel & press this bell icon see you in a next video, Khuda Hafiz, bye bye

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