37 Replies to “Get Vaccinated and Prevent Measles”

  1. The problem of rising disease outbreaks in the US lies with the vaccine − the vaccine that 95% of kindergartners have had twice − not the 5% who opt not to take it. Certainly something should be done. But the solution must address the problem.
    The regulatory response has been to double down and mandate more shots instead of a better vaccine. It hasn’t worked. After a mumps outbreak in 2006, scientists at the CDC concluded the outbreak was the result of two-dose vaccine failure. They suggested that either a new vaccine, or a third dose of the current vaccine, would be necessary to prevent future outbreaks of disease. Whatever the solution, one should be applied before we force people to take that third shot. Because we don’t even know that three shots will provide immunity. All we know right now is that two shots do not.
    Those who support legislation to remove vaccine exemptions think you shouldn’t have a choice. But that’s the problem − you don’t have a choice. It’s clear from recent disease outbreaks that there is no vaccine against mumps. Read more: https://www.focusforhealth.org/childrens-health-measles/

  2. Hi can we put this very good video information about measles in our website to use a useful information here in the philippines, we are asking for permission thanks

  3. You must be joking Someone must hate his children in order to insert these rat poisons to their little bodies . !!!! 😛

  4. Measles ENCEPHALITIS is a horrible complication which is causing brain damage or death in children. I know of such cases . I think vaccinations are a good idea.

  5. Dont vaccinate! they lie.. liars and thiefs. child murderers.. they want profit not your kid being healthy

  6. Yet thanks to antivaxers we now how a polio outbreak one of the deadliest measles outbreak thanks a lot antivaxxers thanks alot

  7. The CDC is a vaccine company. Do not buy their toxic shots. Don't poison your children. The measles vaccine took my grandson, massive brain swelling! Read the MMR vaccine package insert! THEY ARE NOT SAFE! The vaccine kills more than the measles infection!

  8. We also thought that the rumor of the MMR vaccine causing Autism was just an internet thing, so we decided to vaccinate our kids, so we crossed our fingers and hope we were right. After our son got the shot, he got a fever of 105, slept for several hours each night for 3 days in a row, had a dramatic change of personality and became autistic after. The MMR is a dangerous vaccine loaded with Glyphosate if You care about your children You most stop vaccinating and research these toxic shots yourself. Your doctors will not care they are making extra money to push vaccines.

  9. Is this saying..
    1. The only carriers are non vaccinated children

    2. If your kids are vacinated why wrry that they'll get it

  10. Disneyland measles outbreak few years back was a false flag …….Turns out that A PHARMA INDUSTRY terrorist took incubated measles tissue from a low tech lab …..and smeared it onto railings, and public surfaces to MANUFACTURE a measles outbreak.

  11. Disneyland measles outbreak was all staged. The infections were real, but it was caused by the vaccine industry criminal behavior in order to achieve a political purpose.

  12. It's like getting the flu. You just stay in bed, drink lots of water, deal with the fever and wait about six weeks. The only way you could die from Measles is the same as any other virus. If you have a weak immune system or your frail and old (chances are you 've already had it) or you don't stay in bed and get over it. BTW> The biggest risk if you haven't Measles as a kid is when you are in your 50's you contract it in the form of Shingles and they are excruciatingly painful. Most men get these lesions on their forehead and temple and women often get them on their back. You are better off getting them when you're young, that's a fact. Measles has an incubation period of about six weeks so you never really know who you got them from. However, once the population gets over it, everyone is then immune for ever.

  13. My partner’s baby had the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) jab. When he was 6mths old and died because of it. I wouldn’t recommend any vaccines to anybody. There’s an agenda going on and it’s not in the interest of the people.

  14. Wooooah…Praying for the peeps who are getting the measles that’s spreading all over NZ and Samoa ??
    Big Big news…We need to probs make a charity

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