Glass bead sterilizer used in dentistry | how to use Glass bead sterilizer ? (English Subtitle))

Glass bead sterilizer used in dentistry | how to use  Glass bead sterilizer ? (English Subtitle))

Today we’ll know about “GLASS BEAD STERILIZER ” will see how its look what is the uses of it ? how to use it ? what you can sterlized with this? will talk about all in this video Earlier we made a video on autoclave you can see that video from link given in description or you can see from the i button comes above of this video so Hello friends i’m Dr. Harishankar soni and you watching EASY DENTISTRY Let’s see this is Glass bead sterilizer look at it first its look like a box or we can say it modified box its a basic glass bead sterilizer Updated glass bead sterilizers are also available , in which you’ll get display you can see temperature and timing on that display this is a basic one In front of this on/off button(power button) is given and two indicator lights is given here Red and Green Red one is for indicating heating when its on heating process it indicates red when its ready when glass bead sterilizer is ready for sterilization it indicates green, then we can place instruments in it a fuse is given in back side of it in case its not work, you can open it and change the fuse a holder is given here , this is a lid glass beads are given in the bottle we have to fill this glass beads here, I fill it first you have to fill it here, like this after that we have to on the switch as long as its ready now we turn it on you are seeing here let’s see here, it indicates red light heating is written above it, so now it is on heating process when its ready to use , it indicates green signal Till then we talk about , what kind of instruments you can sterilized with it basically glass bead sterilizer works on dry heat process before that we talked about Autoclave which its work on moist heat process Glass bead sterilizer works on dry heat sterilization process Basically we sterilize endodontic instruments with this k-files , h-files, protapers , reamers , any endodontic instrument you can sterilized with this along with this you can sterilize working end of other instruments some instruments are here for demo, we’ll see when its ready some files are also here for demo, how to sterilized it ? look here its indicate green, so now its ready to sterilization some instruments is here working end of the instruments are placed in it place the files in it , like this place it in sequence you have to put it on for 10 to 15 seconds not more than that if you sterilize more files , so put it in rows so , by the time you go to the back row, further files must have been sterilized so we’ll get them back you have to process 10 to 15 seconds it’s a very good for chair side sterilization you can put it on chair side you must remember that , which instrument you are going to sterilize wash and dry them properly only then use in it after that, other instruments is here , you can sterilize the workin end of this instruments put the working end of instruments , like this scissor , or what instrument you want , i am placing tweezer also it’s very good for chair side sterilization if you put it in for 10 to 15 seconds instruments will sterilize after that remove them only working end will sterilize handels of instruments won’t sterilized when the heat goes down, it will turn red autometically its comes in heating process when it ready for sterilization you can use it again you can change glass beads yearly today’s video is completed, if you liked the video, if it was useful to you so LIKE, the video SHARE it with friends and comment us , what topics you want to be covered do SUBSCRIBE the channel, thanks

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  1. Nice video but tooth preparation ka video upload kroge to hmre jaisa fresher bds ko Acha rhega{thanks sir}

  2. Sir mera r.c.t chlra hai par mere dr. Sahb files ya needles ko bas cotton se saaf krke back to back use krte h ek patient ka dusre patient mai kabhi sterlised krte nahi dekha kuch bhi isse infection ho sakta hai kya patient ko?????? Plz reply

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