Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diets for Autism Put to the Test

Gluten-Free Casein-Free Diets for Autism Put to the Test

[Music] the so-called opioid access theory of autism is that when certain wheat and dairy proteins are ingested morphine like protein fragments are created that then leak into the bloodstream crossed into the brain caused neurological damage that can manifest as autism the theory started with the apparent discovery of these opioid peptides in the urine of children with autism but missing from the urine of children who developed normally but a decade later a more specific test failed to find urinary opioid peptides and children with autism the spectral analysis of urine from autistic children the pink line here is practically identical with that of those without autism and so the whole theory was called into question until a more sensitive test was developed elevated concentrations of circulating in case of morphine the exact genus opioid peptides from bovine milk casein may contribute to the development of autism in children but because several studies failed to detect case of orphans and autistic children this was called into question here however they demonstrated that autistic children do indeed have evidence of significantly higher levels of urine bovine case on orphans than normal children furthermore the severity of autistic symptoms correlated with case of morphine concentrations the more case of morphine’s they had flowing through their body the worse their autism symptoms tended to be because casein orphans interact with opioid and serotonin receptors the no modulators of synaptogenesis the creation of nerve to nerve connections within the brain may be chronic exposure to elevated levels of bovine casomorphin may impair early child development setting the stage for autistic disorders but you don’t know until you put it to the test if increasing exposure to case of orphan opioids from cow’s milk is correlated with increasing severity of autism symptoms why not just try giving kid opioid blocking drugs that such the medical mentality instead why not try to treat the cause with that dietary intervention not only to see if indeed it even is a cause but if it is to see if we can actually help these children it started with case reports like this where a 7 year old girl with autistic behaviors described as benefiting from a gluten-free casein-free diet a quite remarkable case in which over a period of two years the girl change from being severely withdrawn to a normally communicating child who enjoyed the company of others and her dramatic improvement seemed to correlate with decreasing urine peptide levels after one year then two years okay but maybe this one case was just a fluke some docs figured it was worth a try and published spectacular results like this claiming 80% of their autistic children improved after three months of a gluten-free casein-free diet even just specifically cutting out the cow’s milk protein the casein appeared to lead to market improvement in behavioural symptoms but none of these studies had a control group it wasn’t until 2002 when the first randomized controlled study of a dietary intervention in autistic syndromes was published 20 children with autism half randomized to a gluten and casein free diet for a year tested before and after and those on the diet did better did better how here’s where the resistance to communication and interaction scores of all 20 kids started out in the diet croup and the control group this is the before if there was no change after a year for any of the kids the bars would end up looking like this the same before and after the grace that before the block is the answer but the control group actually ended up like this so two got better remember this is resistance to communication interaction so the lower the better two got worse and the rest were just as bad off as they were when they started but in the diagram they all got better social isolation scores again the lower the better in the control group half got better half got worse or stayed the same in the diet intervention group they all got better overall in terms of total impairment half got better and half got worse than the control group but in the dye group they all got better what does that mean in terms of real life terms instead of just numbers all the kids started out sharing the most common autistic trait lack of relationships with their peers ignoring other children or not knowing how to interact some had abnormal temper tantrums or strange emotional reactions like laughing when other people cried extreme anxiety was noted in some of the children response to common situations these unusual emotions were drastically reduced in the diagram the control group inability to take other people’s perspective and lack of empathy also other common autistic traits some of the children could suddenly hit white others or make negative comments progress was made regarding development of empathy in the diet group but not in the control group some children also disliked and rejected physical contact even from their parents this was no longer a problem after a year on the diet while none of the changes were significant in the control group significant positive changes were registered in the diet group regarding pure relationship anxiety empathy and physical contact [Music]

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  1. Even though Dr Greger has been very specific and thorough on his explanation and previous stance on gluten, wait for the people to comment “I eat gluten free diet” “gluten is bad”

  2. Soy free, Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet, dried fruit free takes away tourettes syndrome and tics also. Believed to be caused by childhood vaccine shots but for some reason this takes them away. Organic wheat is good to take away hives created by the roundup chemical they spray on it but does nothing for tics, need to be off it completely. May take a few weeks to get completely out of the system.

  3. slowly dr greger is digging out the anti starch solution
    wheat and rice out of the windows already
    i wonder if he manages to get over the fact that the only reason why oats help with heartvalue is that they r high in soluble fiber which helps in excretion of diatary cholesterol – which any other non starchy food that contains soluble fiber does just as well

  4. why always autistic children.. what about adults?
    also in a gluten-free casein free diet can you eat anything that has "may contain traces of gluten/dairy" (which is almost everything) can you eat oats (they don't have gluten naturally, but for some reason they should be considered contaminated by default unless specifically sold as gluten-free)

  5. I'm pretty fucking autistic and I eat straight gluten on a regular and, almost daily, basis.

    Am I a part of the tiny percentage of autists that don't have a gluten intolerance? Or is it just convenient that gluten is a more potent and bioavailable protein than any dead animal shit?

    Mind you, small amounts: we don't run on protein.

  6. My best friend’s son is autistic. I must share this information with her ASAP.
    Thank you so much, Dr. Greger for all your hard work!

  7. Autism is caused by a glutathione deficiency and an excess of toxins that overload the available glutathione. If I had autism I would have my oxidised and reduced glutathione tested.

  8. Our household can attest to the efficacy of the GF/CF intervention. I wish I could maintain it now that our son is a teen He refuses to remain on the diet, with obvious negative consequences. He is high functioning, still, but could be so much better if he could eat correctly for his body and mind.

  9. Back when I was growing up in the eighties if you had autism you just got picked on more, pumped full of milk, and shot up with tons of vaccines, you never got a diagnosis let alone any help.

  10. This is so exciting and could help so many children!! I couldn't even when you said the thing about giving children drugs instead of simply removing the problem from their diet though. That kind of thinking really scares me.

  11. Thank you Dr Gregor!!! Next month we will diving into the dairy free gluten free world hoping this will help my autistic son.

  12. As an autistic recently become vegan adult, I find this pretty interesting. I've always wondered if I could help my symptoms at all some way.

  13. Oddly enough Israel is presently running a clinical trial with cannabidiol and autistic children. The outcome should be very positive from what I have seen on YT. If you listen to Dr. Blair, Dr. John HIcks of, and Regina Nelson you will get a pretty good idea for the reason for the clinical trial. They are also using it in an asthma trial as we speak.

  14. Autism didn't become prevalent until vaccines became the norm. Sorry but I think it is all related to the vaccines. Maybe that is what is causing the problem with the dairy and gluten. Think about what people lived on for all the years before the past 100 to 200 years. Wheat and dairy. So why aren't they looking in to why all of a sudden we have these problems with wheat and dairy. No, I don't leave out the chemicals that are being used in our food these days.

  15. Dr. Greger, I know you and your team are busy educating people to be healthier but would you ever find some time to look into “syringoma” please..? My family’s been dealing with it for a very long time and no one hasn’t been able to help us:-(

  16. Anyone interested in the info in this video, should also check out the following video. These REAL doctors will get to the bottom of it. And the answer wont be at the pharmacy.

  17. This is a sensitive topic that is consistently handled disappointingly poorly by Greger. I have an autistic friend who likes being autistic, considers it part of his identity, and detests the idea of this being changed by medicine or diet or anything else. I suspect a lot of autistic people share this view and it is vital to acknowledge that before discussing autism from a biomedical perspective.

  18. We have 4 year old diagnosed with global development delay with autistic traits…spinning everything obsessed with washing machines and screamed every day for years got tons of footage. We removed dairy/gluten and it's true it has an effect we could see the improvments in his behaviour. I watched a documentary called "what the health" and was shocked so looked at the plant based diet and when we introduced it it was unbelievable his level of understanding increased significantly general behaviour improved sleep improved to 11 hours, anxiety dropped and best of all the screaming stopped still their but for different reasons – frustration. The babbling is there but still no speach it's on its way though..hes 4 half from uk…also on probiotics bravo non dairy is our current use.. small incite in to our life..hope it helps someone looking for answers.

  19. Could this be caused by celiac disease? because of the damaged villi? new Gastroenterology conference research published shows autistics are represented 4x greater than non autistics, in having celiac disease.

  20. Please link to the scientific sources you reference.

    It's great having them in the videos but we'd also like to be able to look at them for ourselves.

  21. He just made a video about the placebo effect and then he lets this study slide?

    Of course people knew which diet they were on. It should be done like described in his other paper: Everyone is on a GFCF diet, and they reintroduce G and C with pills in the control group. That way it can be made double-blind and maybe even crossover

  22. Only moderately promising though, unfortunately. No reason to run to your friend who has an autistic child and pester them with yet another "simple" solution to their autism. I pity parents of autistic children for the constant barrage of advice from well-meaning friends they must be getting. Annoying! The gluten/casein-free diet idea for autistic children has been around for many years and has been studied. Maybe not sufficiently, but also no reason to declare this THE solution in the same way that not giving certain vaccines appears to be THE solution. Keep in mind: we love simple solutions and we love being the one in the know about things. "Curb your enthusiasm" is good advice in this respect.

  23. I know this isn't related to Autism, but I'm curious about a potential tangent study from Gluten/Casein casomorphins. Just curious if these exogenous morphines can affect our digestive system. This study reminded me of a previous video linking fat/oil to heartburn due to a relaxing of the esophageal muscles. Could these exo-morphins have a similar effect on muscles? Personally, my siblings and I have noticed when we consume wheat (especially whole grain) or dairy, it usually causes heartburn/reflux or digestive upset. I'd love to know if there are any studies along this line.

  24. Weird thing though I have been eaten gluten-free for 3~ years now and I changed into a different person – depression became worse, because I was no longer exposed to opioids. I had a Taiwanese pineapple cake several days, bread, once a year and I was super-happy, super-horny, and laughing, but afterwards I felt bloated and sick, and it felt like something was stuck in my stomach.
    Milk also has opioids – vegetarian cheese makes me super happy. I thought it was tyrosine, but that is invalid.
    Fish, soy milk, cacao, oats also makes me happy but it is gentle.
    Now I kind of know why humans stopped eating fruit and went for grains – they were drugged.
    Then we lost enzymes to digest fructose (fruit) and now we have a problem –
    grains are problematic, fruit is problematic, red meat causes cancer, starch causes brain fog and insulin spikes when eaten whole day, only thing left to eat is vegetables, spices, and white meat…

  25. Maybe the problem is neither Gluten nor Casein, just the leaky gut &/or leaky brain barrier, which lets the casomorphins reach the brain? Maybe we should fix the leakiness? And maybe we are focusing on the wrong ones as culprit? What say Dr. Greger?

  26. Good stuff. With a ASD child in the house pretty much means that the whole house needs to go gluten-casein free.

  27. This works! Ten years ago we put our autistic son on a strict gluten-free/casein-free diet. He improved within a few months. Over a year, he lost almost all of his visible Autistic behaviors, like hand-flapping, tantrums, unusual anxiety, unusual fears, obsessiveness. He's still rather quiet, but he has friends and is doing really well. He's very calm and mellow. He's now the highest-functioning Autistic person among those we know. This wasn't the only thing we did to help him, but it's what has had the most dramatic impact.

    It really helped when his teachers came on board with helping him to do this at school.

  28. My interest in casomorphin started when I recognized a correlation between milk consumption and drowsiness that no one could explain. I further wondered why the subsequent naps I took would feel so pleasant, when nighttime sleep didn't feel this way. The difference was night and day (no pun intended), but no one could explain the correlation since it didn't matter if it was warm or cold, full fat or skim, standard or organic, and it didn't matter much if I was otherwise sleep deprived.

    Probably 15 years after noting the correlation, I finally encountered a discussion of casomorphin and realized it fit. It also makes me wonder how much this accounted for the fact that I felt like a zombie all the time at school, growing up, even though I never had symptoms that others would identify as problematic since it probably made me a quieter, more compliant child (I sort of felt imprisoned in a role like on a TV show, and for unidentified reasons I didn't dare alter from my goodie-two-shoes persona). I personally believe there were spiritual things going on too, though, so it's hard to sort out.

    Since learning about it, I've read that the sensitivity may be genetic (some of my family members are practically milkaholics who also have sleeping issues), that it may be correlated with SIDS, and that the breed of cow the milk comes from makes a difference. I also wonder about the fact that when I had to buy Costco's milk which is ultra-pasteurized to the point of tasting slightly burnt, I didn't get the normal sleepiness. What I can't figure out is why I sometimes crave milk and sometimes don't, or where to buy milk from only a specific breed of cow since commercial milk is mixed for nutritional reasons.

  29. We will try this..this is hope! Thank you…may you receive many blessimg for showing us the comparison.

  30. I wonder if it start all the way from the womb!! If pregnant and we eat gluten and casein foods…without even thinkin…

  31. Taking out gluten had little effect, but as soon as we took out casein the first week was a nightmare. My daughter who was almost 3 at that time would scream and bite us when we try to hold her. Her anxiety was extreme and she was very depressed. But after a week, she became calm and was able to sleep really well at night. That's when we started seeing improvement in her eye contact.

  32. Well explained and showing some interesting research always prefer things that show evidence other than I say this because someone told me which is what a lot of dietary advice is based upon

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