Gold Making End Game: The 5 Million Gold WoW Mount, Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

Gold Making End Game: The 5 Million Gold WoW Mount, Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and we have some
cool news from the Battle for Azeroth beta! Blizzard just released information about a
5 million gold mount called the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur. Take a second, go down into to the comments
and just tell me your initial thoughts on this thing. I’ll go through mine. Here’s what it looks like. Appears to be a massive brontosaurus one seater
with room for two vendors and we have word that there will be an auctioneer on the back. Ok, pause go down in the comments. Let me know what you think. Initially, I was thrilled! Hell yah, this thing is freakin huge and awesome
and better than your mount and I want it. Plus it has an auction house on it’s back
and that has something to do with gold making! Woo! But, honestly, I thought about it, and I don’t
know anyone who would want this mount. Average players can’t afford it, and it
shows this widening game, a massive disconnect between the blizzard development team and
the gold making community. And here’s what I mean by that, at blizzcon
I asked about how zone scaling will affect the transmog drop rates. Gold. Gold will scale. It makes sense for gold to scale. If I’m doing a zone at 60, I should get the
same amount of gold out of it. Let’s say it drops silk, it should still drop
silk when we do our changes. So? That doesn’t answer the question and we
don’t care in the slightest about gold drop rates in the slightest. There was zero profession or goldmaking information
discussed in the BFA Q&As. There was the loot table shenanigans from
zul’farrak that we never got an official explanation for. Recently I put together a group of youtubers
and asked the YouTube liason at blizz if we can set up a monthly skype session with a
member of the development team so everyone can get on the same page with ethics and farmings
and nerfs and professions, and the word back was that no one can spare 10 minutes a month. On top of that, we have the fundamental problems
of 8% per month hyperinflation, and no goldmaking end game, even though 5-10% of the active
wow population plays primarily for gold making. Yah, the mount is cool looking and I totally
want a mobile auction house, but here’s what I mean when it’s not a gold making end
game. Let’s look at tried and true systems of
gamification in PVE and PVP. For raiders and arena junkies, their goal
is to kill the hardest thing possible. Giggitty. If they succeed, you recieve a currency: honor,
Justice, valor, conquest, marks of honor, tier tokens, whatever. You convert that currency into gear. And that gear increases your stats, making
it easier for you to beat an even more difficult enemy. Sipralling up and up and up. It’s a wonderful, vicious, and addicting
cycle that has incentives in the right place, alligned with player goals. Also because you’re incentivized to trade-in
your currency, it makes inflation a nonissue. I mean, we don’t have raid gear that cost
100,000 tier tokens. You use up the currency when you get it because
you feel like it makes you better. Before we get to goldmaking, Let’s look
at the system in pet battles, to see how differing from this doesn’t quite work and might explain
why pet battling isn’t more popular. With battle pets your goal is to beat the
hardest enemy possible. You’re rewarded with a currency that you
can trade in for pets, but those pets aren’t necessarily more powerful, you’re just stamp
collecting. The incentive to keep going for harder and
harder bosses each time isn’t there. But it could be! If you didn’t know wow battle pets actually
have a gender, they’re male or female, so Blizzard could introduce breeding. Tamer battles could award a token that lets
you combine a male and female pet of the same type or whatever and yield a baby with randomized
stats. That would increase your power level. By combining pets you’re also destroying one
of them effectively, giving people an incentive to go out and keep farming more. So back to the 5 million gold mount. With gold making, our goal is GPH, to make
a profit as efficiently as possible. But doing that, we aren’t awarded with any
currency, well other than gold itself. And we spend that on a 2 million gold spider
mount or 5 million gold brutosaur mount. Which is fine if that’s your goal, but that’s
actually the opposite of what we want. I don’t have the spider mount, because I
don’t want to spend the gold. I didn’t buy a transmog yak until legion
because I don’t want to spend the gold. My goal is making more profit. Not increasing my expenses. Just to reiterate. To make gold. I want to get gold. NOT spend gold. Get more gold. Not spend gold. Oi! What’reya blahbin about mighnt. It has a goldie bloke on it! At’ll elpya flipitun, ya dag. Hey, dave! Long time no see. How have you been? Heard you were visiting your brother or your
uncle… Answer me question o rick off, mighte! 5 millunagainst inflation’n she’ll be
roightn. Dude, you didn’t ask a question, you just
said words. I’m just tryin to be nice to you. Alright, Alright. An auctioneer could help people make gold. But hear me out. Who is this mount for?! I get that it’s a gold sink. Expensive mounts draw money away from the
wealthy. WoWTokens transfers from the rich to the poor. That’s fine. Blizz is trying to drain money from the richest
players to even out lorenz curve. But for this mount specifically, average players
can’t buy this mount for the gold makers, it’s the opposite of what they want. Moreso, the auction house on the back doesn’t
matter. Gold makers who could afford a mount sell
lots of things. If you’re willing to spend half of gold cap
on this you have Hundreds or Thousands of items up on the auction house. You know that the cap of things you can have
on the AH is 10,000 from experience. Keeping that many items up requires addons
because the base UI is absolutely worthless at that scale. And it also requires bag space and close proximity
between the mailbox and auction house. In other words, gold makers need a bank alt,
whether this mount exists or not. We need a posting toon. Having an AH on this mount just means that
you need to have your auction house toon at least level 20 and that you can park it at
any mailbox. That doesn’t make things easier. It saves 5 steps to an auctioneer. It also means that forget mammoths, mailboxes
on large server are going to be perpetually covered in 5 story dino mounts. Honestly, I’m really surprised they did
this because one of the problems with Warlords of Draenor was that garrisons made major cities
unnecessary so everyone was just kind of lonely, out in their own little world, not interacting
with anybody, and not enjoying themselves in the game. And a lot of people quit. Eventually, Legion came along and they pushed
against that. They brought everyone together into major
cities and order halls, but this mount does it again, and permanently. You never need to go to stormwind or orgrimmar
if you have this mount. I don’t like that. I want to be around people. And yes, it helps with inflation but only
temporarily. You can only buy 1 of these. And Battle for Azeroth has lucrative quest
chains, and even more expensive vendor trash, and for some reason they still have order
hall missions that give way too much gold into the economy. By the end of the BFA expansion raid drop
BoEs will be selling for more than gold cap. Blizz is gonna be forced to either increase
the cap, or introduce some stupid alternative currency, like Platinum. Here’s my alternative. I’ve actually put a lot of thought into
this the past couple months, tweaked everything, and am really excited to have a good excuse
to share it. Meet Topper McNabb. He’s a beggar outside the stormwind auction
house but there’s always been something a lil’ fishy about him. What if. For 10 million gold you could buy a gold cap. Topper’s Tophat. A bright glowing golden beacon of your accomplishment. This would not only be a status symbol, like
the spider mount, swift spectral tiger or Mighty Caravan Brutosaur, but what if it also
incentivized you, gave you 1% increased gold whenever you looted an enemy or sold something
on the Auction House? For an additional measely 1 million gold,
topper could sell you Topper Tokens. For two tokens, he can upgrade your level
1 hat to level 2, for an additional 1% earnings. For 3 tokens he’ll do level 3, all the way
up to 10 tokens for level 10. So what does this do? It not only gives people a system to follow
and tiered goals, but it is a permanent gold sink. Yah, it does theoretically add raw gold to
the economy but only after depleting it, and knocking down inflation. If you spend 10 million for a 1% boost, you’re
in the red until you sell 1 billion gold worth of items. But, it still does this in line with gold
makers’ goals. I don’t care about how much gold I have. I care about making more gold on the auction
house. Making more profit. I would MUCH rather spend 60 million gold
on a 6% or 10% increase to my revenue, rather than 2 million on a mount that I don’t care
about. Remember. Get more gold. Not spend more gold. You know what? We can do better than that though. Any golden top hat worth it’s salt needs some
bling. So what if the topper’s tophat had 3 gem
slots in the brim, so you could customize bonuses for your tophat. You could buy a gem for a million gold and
upgrade each to level 10 for an additional 2-10 million per level. One gem type reduces auction house posting
fees by 10% per level, up to 100%. One reduces the AH cut by 10% per level, up
to 100%. One could reduce the cast time of mining herbalism
skinning by 10% per level, up to 100% which would be instant cast mining. That’d be awesome. But wouldn’t really effect things. One could give you 5% mount speed per level. Another could give you a proc chance whenever
you’re crafting. The catch is that you can only have 3 gems. This is a gamification of gold making. It’s a system that’s in line with our goals
and in line with our wheels, where you accomplish the goal of profitable efficient sales, you
get currency to get gear to get better stats so you can accomplish more efficient sales. The gems incentivize some cool things though. Check it out. In raids, priests are better at healing than
mages. So they optimize for that role and the mages
optimize for DPS. The gems are massively expensive investments
that let you specialize. So when you get a tophat, you’re not only
commiting to that server and that toon, but you’re also committing to that style of making
gold: crafting or gathering or auctioning. Which means if you’re good at one thing, you
want to team up with someone who’s good at another. So you might, say, join a guild and pool your
gold to level up a top hat. Or focus a few people, a farming squad, on
gathering herbs and ore and depositing that into the guild bank. And then having another few people focused
on selling all that stuff off. You’d have model T style roles emerging, you’ll
have personal fulfillment through this tiered growth, and you’ll have a need for socialization
through guild that can accomplish something better in the world of gold making than they
could by themselves. So yah. Let me know what you think of the mighty caravan
brutosaur mount and topper’s top hat down in the comments. is a cool lookin mount. Also, there are two auction house methods
that I figured out that are cheesy exploits of topper’s top hat. Cool points if you can figure out both of
em. Bonus points if you can figure out more that’s
wrong with it. You know, I’m not a game designer so this
is an imperfect system. But I hope y’all enjoyed. Thanks for watching. Have a great day. Good luck! And happy gold making. Oi! But it as an auction ous unit! *ridiculous
laughing* Omg, that’s awful. That’s so bad.

98 Replies to “Gold Making End Game: The 5 Million Gold WoW Mount, Mighty Caravan Brutosaur”

  1. Wait, the point of gold is to make more gold? I just use it for my sub/expacs and mounts. Making gold is fun because I get all the other stuff for it, not just more gold.

  2. at this point im sure most people or atleast enough people have the current transmog mount available that there will pretty much always be atleast one person in every raid/party that has one… i know grammar… err dont** :/ Anyways 😛 this new dino mount would be awsm and worth it to have a mailbox, a auctioneer and… wait for it… like a single NPC trainer that teaches every profession or just another repair. point is, repair is a stand alone, transmog is a stand alone that goes well with repair but while mailbox is useful with everything it is exponentially more useful with an auctioneer. however, an auctioneer is pretty much useless without a mailbox. change nothing about it blizz but make those the NPCs for this mount. if u need transmog or repair and new one doesnt have it just hop on the current mount u surely already have b/c well, obv 5m v 125k or w/e. i digress 😛 now u know da way blizz so show us.

    another idea for that possible third slot with the mailbox and auctioneer could be a personal bank or guild bank npc making this mount truly representative of gold farmers or atleast those with the respective discipline to save for such a purchase.

  3. Oooh what if Bliz came out with a 8mil gold upgrade to the Bruto that added a Mailbox. That would be evil lol. 😀

  4. While we are on mounts.
    I always felt mounts should have class specializations.
    Large mounts like Mammoths and dinosaurs could increase resistance to dismount.
    Cats could have an extended jump, Horses more speed ect ect……You see where I'm going.

  5. This mount plus engineering mailbox means u can keep gathering ore so for ore farmers this is great if there is a mobile mailbox outside of engine there u go in getting one

  6. The tophat idea is fine but it wont work if we include increased gold gain on the AH, people would just make their friends buy their stuff over and over while the gold adds up.

  7. I think what that hat would mainly be used for is transferring items/gold between factions and could have the potential for destabilizing the servers wealth/economy. I like to look at it like flight paths where the economy has hubs and some are like dallas. (If you don't live in texas dallas is where a ton of flight paths meet and split. While your idea of a hat promoting guilds is nice, what it really does is allow gold farmers to do some pretty awesome stuff on an even larger scale between factions and servers. For 60 bucks and no gold cost you could transfer items across factions and server to go to another realm where items sell for 200% or more make massive profits and then return that profit to your server. This would decrease the time that it would take to make up the loss by a considerable amount of time. HOWEVER! The catch, is that you would have to ensure that all of your mats are gathered not purchased off the AH and that none of your gatherers are botting. If your loot is flagged as illegitimate then you could be banned which is a total wealth loss. Thus these expiditionary accounts should maintain a balance of 0 gold unless returning from their designated market route. In fact instead of a gold making hate why not just make it a traders guild, where you can only gain access to buying the hat if you are within the guild and it has achieved a certain level of cumulative profit. The hat also shouldn't be sold by some peasant in SW because that is silly. Instead, make it a goblin and give us a neat little goblin city/town where everything is run like a stock market or bank. There would be one neat thing that could come from this, if they allowed the traders guild to be cross server than in the future they could phase out the entire account transfering nonsense for just allowing the guild to purchase a cross server market pass for x amount of gold which gave access for a week or month etc. This would allow goods to be provided to starving or low pop servers while also filling those coffers.

    TLDR: I may have got a bit off topic but yeah gold hats+booty bay AH & server transfers with non-bot gatherers=Massive profits at cost of $120.

  8. I do have to ask after watching this video, what is the purpose of just getting more gold if you don't plan on spending it on expensive things that other players cant afford? In raiding you're incentivized to expend your currency to make you stronger. And the achieved feeling you get by completing the hardest raid is a reward in and of itself because gear isn't the only thing that factors into your success in the top tier mythic raids. But for gold making, I guess I'm asking WHY your end goal is to get more gold if it's not going to be spent on convenience, appearance and 'cool factor' items that other players simply cannot afford? What's the point of gold making if you're not going to splurge?

  9. its not about the mount, its about sending a message to all the plebs, LOOK what i spent 5 million gold on. HAHA poor pesants and struggling to even get raid mats.

  10. I like the ideas you've presented here… especially the money sink items. But don't we have pretty much an unlimited amount of gold sinks already? Like the black market? I dunno. Great idea though. Gold makers could use a better play cycle for sure.

  11. I think it'd be cool, actually, if you get those items, that you could set up your own shops away from the AH in places. Maybe extra bag space that people can always check when you run around and buy stuff from. That'd be cool too.

  12. I made 3 million gold in the last handful of months in legion by setting up my alt army and doing order hall missions. Gold missions are back in BFA and sounds like they're going to be even more lucrative. You're wrong about average players not being able to get this mount, and flooding the AH with transmogs and similar is a completely outdated way to make gold. Honestly I don't think it's Blizzard who are out of touch here.

  13. The Mailbox issue is not really a problem for a Nightborne as they have a portable mailbox with Cantrips so along with the Dinosaur you could essentially never need to enter a city ever again

  14. I actually thought your argument was bloody stupid, but when you introduced your alternative and explained it, you actually made a lot of sense. Those who are interested in making money will have their interest sated, and at the same time, overall you will likely have a significant gold sink on the whole.

  15. I think the reason Blizzard is apathetic to your questions about gold making is because even though 5% of the players care about gold making 95% do not. Why would you focus on that small of a subject set on something that really doesn't add much to the game. Most players are more worried about content, not gold. Having millions in gold does not make it a substantially better game.

  16. Gold hat at lv10 is a problem WTBgold

    The servers 2 richest people got lv10 on the hat. this means they gain an extra 10% when something sells.

    they buy the other persons 10m gold item using their gold cap. After AH cuts which is at 5% they would get 9500k, BUT since you got the 10% more gold from Auction House perk, that 9500k turns into 10450k which means a 450k gold profit. You just have to wait an hour to loot the mailbox.

    Do this 10 times a day with your gold making friend Or with 2 accounts that aren't linked and get 4,500,000 gold for basically 10 minutes of work. PLus you could also invest the new gold you print and make your profits each hour go up by 20k

    But i do like the idea behind it. A way to increase your profits and make a investment that will payoff after a few months.
    I'm also gold capped and would never spend 5m on that mount in a few years if gold keeps inflating the 2m and 5m gold mounts will be considered "cheap" as stacks of 200 ore will be selling for 200,000 gold. 1k will basically become the new "1g" relative to Wotlk gold.

  17. What's the point in getting gold if you don't spend it? You're a moron. Stop lumping "goldmakers" into one giant category. This is what YOU want, not what "goldmakers" want.

  18. In my opinion. The best solution regarding gold sinks, in the history of gameplay lies in RuneScape. What do I mean by that? Well let me explain. RuneScape added an in-game well where you could donate all your in-game gold for real life charity donations. In my opinion that was a very wise move and furthermore it was for a good cause. Becomming richer and richer in a virtual world had no meaning to me, until they implemented that well into the game. It actually brought some real value to the virtual gold. And for that I was thankful because it added that huge option of making all that wasted time actually matter.

  19. I have just started doing the whole gold thing and am very excited, am on about 300k in gold and about 200k on the AH at the mo.

    Love the look of the mount but love your idea even more, would definitely join the 'top hatters'!

  20. If you play a Nightborne elf you can summon your mail box, to you, as a racial trait. When you consider that, the portable auction house doesn't seem so useless.

  21. The mount looks soooo awesome but ofc i cant afford it, i rarely gold farm and if i do i cant seem to find ones that actually get me a lot fo gold. For your solution with the top hat i think it is absolutely amazing, crazy good idea, even from my standpoint and i am not a gold farmer

  22. I honestly think the mount is there to convince non gold makers to buy wow tokens to have a hope of buying the mount

  23. I know its been said but BAG SPACE OMG. For gold makers i would pay 1 mill for an extra 4 slots of bag space not capped so if i spent 10 mil id have another 40 slots. That would help lower inflation because you would do this on multiple characters and or even maybe extra bag slot so isntead of 5 bags youd have 6 for like 10 mil.

  24. You completely missed the point of this mount. It is a status symbol which shows off your wealth. Equivalent to buying a ferrari in real life.

  25. I think your conclusion on the top hat idea is a good idea, but probably only for a certain percentage of the WoW population. The idea has some merit, but I think in the long run, you vastly underestimate what other people value in WoW; people LOVE mounts, maybe you don't, but just because it's something you don't care about doesn't mean that blizzard hasn't already done the math on the loads of other people that will undoubtedly buy a giant dinosaur.

  26. I'd like whole gear sets to buy tbh but a hat is prolly all we will get….and only if we complain alot xD Would be awesome if we could buy unobtainable stuff like challenge mode gear/weapons but doubt that will happen.

  27. To fix the obvious breaks, you could increase the AH cut but have this take the owner back to/close to 5%. Fight inflation.

    Very fun idea though. I'd buy a 'gold cap' (please ensure they keep the pun in it).

  28. it's definitely not gonna be easy to get at all and farm the gold for it but if ur lucky early on in the game u can get some BoE's to sell for a lot.
    Someone in my guild got the IL350 BoE axe and was able to apparently sell it for 3.5mil.
    Or just farm all the new crafting items like leather, ores, and herbs right now while there still selling for a whole lot.
    Another way u go about gathering the gold is every week sell a few of the WoW subscription tokens on the AH every week since i believe you also have to get the reputation to exalted anyway before you can buy the mount.

  29. i'd argue the gold sink of the hats isn't going to cut inflation as this gold may already by "out of circulation" anyway. most high gold players could just be hoarding it for a cash float.

  30. Let's agree to disagree. I love having this mount and posting my drops whenever I want without sending mail to a bank alt. If they ever take the auctioneer off my mount and replace it with a transmog vendor I will demand my $5 million gold back.

  31. I totally agree with the entirety of this video. I also didnt buy the yak until legion as well because, as an average player i dont have enough time to farm gold, level up my other toons, farm for tmogs AND gear up my main/alts.

  32. Top hat would be cool how ever I gold farm for my own goals meaning the things I want in game which isn’t the spider mount yuck ..however dinosaurs yup rock mine isn’t what it has on it ..just about the Dino lol

  33. Great idea.. Blizzard will never do it.. too many layers of management that have to approve it etc. I would be very surprised if they do. Like you said.. they wouldn't spend 10 minutes to discuss with the leaders of your community, therefore they aren't going to spend hours and hours coding this in. They should hire you to run their gold making side of the game though. Hope this happens!

  34. First time watching your videos…… very thoughtful and surprisingly entertaining (in regards to the gold making topic). I may be hooked

  35. I don't see the problem it's basically a vanity mount. who cares. Why can't people just get this mount and not tie it with making gold? Not many people will get this mount even if they have the money. It won't be like WOD and isolate themselves in there Garrison. who cares… I don't even know why I watch this video… pretty pointless.

  36. Thing i don't like about the guild top hat is i can see it encouraging account sharing of the one top hate for mining/herbing.

    It does seem to solve a problem that isn't going away anytime soon tho.

  37. What do you expect, to buy a mount that gives you gold for being good at making gold??? What the fuck are you smoking. They never said this mount is for gold hunters. You imply that due to the cost. They are simply offering a rare mount with a unique ability to anyone willing to spend that much. Just because gold hunters or whatever you call yourselves have a igher chance to buy one, doesnt mean its meant for you.

  38. What about more vendor mats for crafted items? (Or making the vendor mats cost more). The goldmakers still still buy the mats because they're making a profit, but the mats are a gold sink.

    The vendor mats don't have to be crazy expensive, but they add up over time if they're for consumables.

  39. Where is all the excess gold coming from? Is it still leftover from WoD garrisons? Or is it from new sources? Gold sinks are important but if we know where most of the gold is coming from Blizzard could look at maybe lowering those numbers.

    When I look at a world quest that gives 100g that looks like nothing to me, but maybe the gold amounts from world quests/mission tables/quests add too much to the economy? Or perhaps just the vendor price of greens (which maybe scrapping will help with, since when you scrap you don't get gold, just things that are worth gold).

    I think if Blizzard wants to address inflation they'll have to look at where gold is created in the game and maybe lower a bunch of those numbers.

  40. I like the hat idea. but blizzard doesn't give a flying fuck about goldmakers. hell they barely care about regular players, look at how crappy bfa is in comparison to design to legion. Not much innovation.

  41. you clearly don't understand the people who love battle pets. the reason things like pokemon GO suck and people who like actual pokemon games don't like it is that you throw away your pokemon to gain levels.. collecting IS the goal of someone who plays the battle pet games, plus having more battle pets Does in fact increase your ability to do harder battle pet content. (you have never done the battle pet dungeons and celestial tournament). again, Collecting IS the point of getting into battlepets!

  42. So your idea to help with inflation is increase the inflation in the long term by giving people the ability to make more gold, the problem is that doesn't get the gold out of the hands of the people they want to get it out of, it's making the rich richer

  43. What blizzard needs to do is not allow people to post 10,000. I'm reduce that number to 20 / account that way people actually sell stuff at reasonable prices instead of selling something for 900,000 gold they have to put up 12 times in order for it to sell

  44. The economy created by the auction house is a cesspool that needs to be killed and that will fix the inflation, it has people under selling things to take 500 golden materials but then over selling things that you get in a random World random

  45. This is probably a shitty suggestion but whatever I'll toss it in.

    New faction specific currencies -> War-gold and Coin of the High King (obvious which is which). These currencies can be used on the AH, make trades between players, and to buy WoW tokens from day 1. In order to obtain it, you must trade your old gold to an NPC in both faction hubs.

    Here are the absolute crucial parts of the implementation though:
    1) It is one way; you don't get to trade War-gold for old currency.
    2) You can trade as much or as little as you want to the NPC; it's completely opt-in
    3) The exchange rate becomes worse after each reset, decaying exponentially. Early adopters are rewarded by having more money but less flexibility as War-gold and CotHK CANNOT be used to buy old gear or vendor items or to repair gear
    4) This decay rate MUST be equal to or slightly less than the average inflation rate of old gold else the long terms effects will take 3 expansions or more to finally kick in
    6) The transition should not encourage everyone jumping on board all at once but to do so gradually over the course of an entire expansion for example by removing AH cut on this new currency while still allowing you to use gold on the AH.
    7) This new currency needs to be incredibly divisible; Blizzard would have to increase the 'gold cap' for digits as it should be entirely possible to get 1 billion War-gold as it is to get 10^-9 to buy goldthorn stacks off the AH.

    The goal is to make this new currency replace gold in terms of 'volume', usability, and scale of prices. The difference is while old gold can still be printed ad nauseum, this new gold will continue to decay to the point that while yes, you can print more, it increases asymptotically. Thus, it eliminates inflation entirely in the long run.

    Oh, and since there's an asymptotical limit on War-gold in the game, the end game in gold making would be competition between people to get the most War-gold where it would become harder and harder to make more in defiance against the law of price equilibrium.

  46. If only you knew at the time that we'd hit the largest downturn in the wow economy we've had to date… there is no way that boe's will go for gold cap in bfa, unless they reinstate non-gated gold missions. The people that buy these boes on most servers will not come up with that amount of gold without another afk gold source.

  47. I have an Idea, it would be cool with these Mounts that you would get an cut of what the people need to pay also with the Mighty Caravan that u get some of the money that the people need to pay to place the action ;P

  48. The top hat idea is a nice idea, IF Blizzard had any intention of making WOW a gold making game, for players. They do not… They do however have intentions of making WOW a passive gold making game for… BLIZZARD! The top hat idea would do nothing for Blizzard when they make it "free to play' except all the gold maker players would be able to buy all the quest add-ons, mounts, pets, etc. UNLESS, they placed a real money rule on those things. And even then, gold makers would just buy tokens for battlenet cash. UNLESS, Blizzard placed a rule on that too. So you see, the top hat idea is just dinosaur droppings.

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