Growing Rosemary and What to Do with It

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thanks a lot. Hey guys, thanks for coming to this week’s live! We’re on live number
nine, and we’re gonna be talking about growing rosemary today my name is
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so we’re going to talk today about growing rosemary and a couple weeks ago
we talked about growing lemongrass they’re kind of similar in the way
they’re grown rosemary rosemary honest officinalis I think I’m saying that
right is native to the Mediterranean he had rose marinus means do of the sea
so it was a beautiful name and the reason why it’s called that is because
it grew on the warm sunny hillsides Mediterranean right here to see so
that’s how rosemary got her name so she’s a Mediterranean plant which makes
it makes sense that she grows really well and so eight and above you can grow
rosemary outside in the ground in those growing zones and you know we’re round
she’ll get really well however in Zone seven and below you can
grow rosemary in the ground but most of the time you’re probably going to have
to figure out how to apply there over winter and rosemary or to protect her
somehow so if you’re in zone 7 or below if you have a self facing wall you can
plant there and it’ll protect you your plant from the wind and the elements and
things like that but the tips of the of the branches these make freeze so your
mileage may vary on that particular piece of advice you’ll have to just see
how she does so rosemary is a really easy to grow plant for most of us not
our in zone 8 and above there’s three ways that you can grow rosemary and one
of those is starting it by seed propagating the cuttings and just
basically going to your local garden center and and buying a plan and
planting so if you want to try your hand at seeds this is probably going to be a
pretty difficult endeavor they’re not that easy to to grow that way but if you
want to here’s how you would do now ok so rosemary I’ve never grown it from
seed but in looking up and researching what the seeds are like the seeds are
tiny and the way I usually do all C’s is I will usually take them and
pitch them and you know just kind of put them over the surface of the soil and
cap them in now because these seeds takes so long to germinate you’re going
to want to start on like 22 weeks before you’re ready to transplant your your
plant into the garden or into a pot or whatever they take like 15 million 15 to
20 days to germinate and they need like almost perfect conditions like 65 to 70
degrees temperature and they need light to germinate so not all seeds need like
determinate many seeds will germinate without light and then once they have
some greenery on them then the light but not rosemary rosemary needs the light so
here’s two ways you can deal with you can either try to sprout rosemary in a
grow light box and I have an article on my blog just you can go there and in the
search bar just looks like you can have you can grow or sprout her in there and
it would probably keep the ambient temperature right around 65 to 70
degrees if you use like the light bulbs that I recommend and you can bring you
know your tray within two inches of the light and that should be pretty close to
perfect conditions for rosemary but that’s just a guess because I’ve never
done that the next way they grow Rosemary’s you can propagate your cuttings so if you were going to take a
cutting of rosemary here’s like a really frog
rosemary branch right and can you see how it’s like really light in color here
and then as it gets down here it’s a little more wood okay you would cut your
cutting directly under a note that’s just where the leaves are growing and
then you would strip the oh the leaves off and then you just put it apart
with the notes into some water now that’s just really the quick overview if
you want better instructions I did that video class I did that video last week
on how to get freelance from your plant cuttings and that has more in-depth
information and all the different ways that your plants here is like full
disclosure though is that I did rosemary in some planting media yeah it doesn’t
seem to be working out very well I’m not really sure why I’ve got all the
conditions right as far as I know but they’re the only ones a secret turning
brown and maybe rotting I don’t really know
so I’m going to try it again and propagate in water and then I’ll let you
guys know which way works better for me probably it is supposed to be really
easy so if you want to catch that video you can’t find it in the group video
section on my youtube channel or if you just want to read the instructions
that’s on my blog how to get free plants from your plant cuttings is the name of
the post yeah you know you can just check out the instructions there so the
third way that you can grow rosemary is just to go to a garden center and buy it
now here’s my caveat about buying plants that you intend to eat or use in
medicine or garden centers the thing with buying your plants at a garden
center is this is that they spray their plants you know in order to keep on bug
free and everything and nice looking to sell they spray those plants with
pesticides so I think we all kind of know that but another thing that they do
and I’m not sure if they do it with rosemary but my suspicion is they might
because it’s a perennial and they could have them around for quite a while but
they do it with roses and what they do is they inject the the soil I believe
this is how they do it they inject the soil with the pesticide that actually
gets taken up through the roots and it becomes part of the plant basically so
that would be like a systemic pesticide and so the reason
why I know that is because I bought three beautiful roses few months back
and when I started thinking about like how I could use the petals or how soon
can I use the rose hips I started doing some research and realized in my
research that the half-life for these pesticides can be years so for the one
that they use for the roses it’s like two years so I know I won’t be using my
roses for about four so just make sure to do your research when you are
thinking about buying plants from the garden center for you know to eat or to
use as medicine or whatever I got mine from the garden center and mine is right
now about I don’t know three four feet wide it’s been in there for three or
four years so I don’t mind using it now it tastes great it smells great and so
I’m good with it but you know everybody has to decide what they want to do so if
you do buy your plant from a garden center though this is how you plant it
what you’re going to do is you’re going to you’re going to work some compost
into the top layer and then you’ll plant turn there now some of the things you
want to keep in mind is that you want the soil to be about between six and
seven as far as pH level goes you want it to be light and well-drained soil so
no clay soil where it’s going to pull inside or whatever and if you were to
plant your rosemary plant in clay soil it would just make a bowl and the water
would just collect there and it would your rosemary plant would probably
separate root but she needs full Sun I’ll tell you about my plant my plant is
planted in a place where she gets morning Sun and then the afternoon
volatile Sun she’s in the shade and that’s probably good for my area because
we get like over a hundred degrees you know for a couple of months and so you
know that way she doesn’t dry out and all that stuff but in other places that
are cooler than where I live you know full Sun would probably be fine and
probably be beneficial actually some of the pests and diseases that you might
see on your rosemary plant were like white flies spider mites scale
mealybugs I actually had a few months ago
something called spittle bugs do you guys know what that is it’s so weird it
looks like somebody just like walked by a rosemary bush and just spit all over
it it’s the weirdest looking thing Shelly
one of the ladies inside of the am a video collaboration that I do talked
about that so if you go over to the growing herbs video and you watch it
it’s in about 2 minutes 30 seconds or something like that
and you’ll be able to get the answer if you have that issue with your rosemary
plant so a couple other things that can happen with rosemary is is that you can
hand get mildew and rot and you might find actually that some of the
instructions for planting rosemary says to plant it like 8 to 24 inches I would
definitely plant it 24 inches apart so that it has a good couple feet you know
to grow out but it’s a huge plant and so I would never plant rosemary here where
I live 8 it’s just a part but you know again your mileage may vary it’s
different everywhere so it might work for you there but here we would probably
get that mildew in that rot and and my rosemary plants would be sharing all
sorts of pests and diseases that they might have if you would avoid planting
so close together the good air circulation and the good drainage it’s
going to be a good safeguard against pests and diseases for your rosemary
plant so if you didn’t want to plant her in the ground because you’re in seven
you know zone 7 and below and it just gets too cold you can plant rosemary in
containers and a lightweight soil mix and then the cool thing about containers
in those zones is that you can just leave the plant outside when it’s warm
bring the plant inside during the cold months and overwinter the plant as far
as feeding the plant I never feed my rosemary plant I don’t even know that I
worked composted manure into it my but I mean that was years ago I never
feed my plant but if you want to and you feel like you need to you can use an
all-purpose fertilizer like you know the kind at a local garden center with the
numbers four four four you know they need raspberry needs a
moderate amount of nitrogen phosphorous and potassium and so one of those would
probably be fine according to whatever the instructions are but if you want to
avoid a synthetic fertilizer which is probably a good idea for those people
that want to do everything you know organically or naturally the problem
with using you synthetic fertilizers is that once it breaks down at leave salt
behind which doesn’t leave a good environment for growing a good ecosystem
and that’s a really important thing you know if you want you know everything to
be nice and natural so instead of using a synthetic fertilizer you could use
something like worm castings to feed you know for nitrogen you could use bone
meal for phosphorous and you can use for potassium either one of the two banana
peel fertilizer recipes that I have on my blog and so all you got to do is go
over to snow family farmstead calm and plug into the search bar banana peel
fertilizer and you should probably be able to get the both of them one of them
is dry and one of them is a liquid version so those are some ideas on how
to feed as far as mulching you can do some mulching if you want to I don’t
like to do mulching here because I get too many like cell bugs and pincher bugs
in turbos not picture buds earwigs I’m sorry yeah they live underneath and if I
have any small plants anywhere near something that I’ve mulched
they’re just third toast there’s no way that they survive sow bugs and earwigs
so I don’t like to use too much mulch because I’m always kind of planting you
know at different times of the year but you could mulch and especially if you’re
in zone 7 and below you might mulch to keep the roots warm in winter
and you know if you don’t have a problem with sow bugs and earwigs you can wulc
during the summer to keep the roots nice and cool harvesting if you’re living in
zone 8 and your rosemarys in the ground you can actually just harvest anytime
you want anytime you need any sprigs of rosemary so that’s what I do mine is in
the ground she never dies back or anything there’s always rosemary
available and so I can just clip whenever I want to if you are living in
zone 7 and below or you just don’t want the plant there anymore you can harvest
the whole plant and just dry the leaves at 95 degrees in the dehydrator or you
can just take all of the you know branches tie them together or maybe if
you have too much you know to several and hang them upside down and just let
them dry that way and then you just strip all of the leaves off of the
branches and store them in glass containers with tight fitting lids and
it should last about a year you can use rosemary in herbal teas and medicines in
cooking you can use it in hygiene products you know it’s really really a
versatile plant and if you can grow it you’re going to want to so if you want
to cook with rosemary you can use like the whole sprigs in roast dishes like
lamb and pork beef my daughter made up a recipe years ago and we just called it
rosemary Merlot beef and it was kind of similar to another recipe that we’d seen
by Julia Child but this one was so good rosemary Merlot beef I’ll try to share
the recipe with you guys once I get it on my blog you try it again but because
it was a few years back but it was delicious
rosemary just made it and really delicious so the whole if you use a
whole sprig the whole flavor of rosemary if you’d like it it just permeates the
whole the whole dish that’s inside of the roasting pan and you can use
rosemary in soups and Stew’s you can use it in sauces and
marinades you can use it to flavor vinegar or oil you can use it in breads
another way I like to use it is to cube up red potatoes and red onions and toss
the rosemary leaves with olive oil and just spread it you know on a sheet pan
and bake so good that way so those are a couple of ideas on how you can cook with
rosemary but the medicinal uses of rosemary are
abundant also the properties that she has our antidepressant antioxidant
rosemary supports the body against arthritis prevents and fights bacteria
relieves gas and promotes peristalsis which is you know importantly it
supports the loosening of the flam in the respiratory system and it’s said to
improve circulation to the brain so it’s used I’ve read somewhere that it’s used
and forgive me I don’t have a reference but that it’s used for older people who
might be losing some of their brain function in Germany it’s actually been
approved to use to treat indigestion and joint problems and stomach problems and
I have a recipe where I used it because you know I have issues with depression
and things like that I used it as an ingredient in my feel-good tea recipe in
my blog post how to calm nerves with herbal teas so there’s a lot of uses for
rosemary some of that I didn’t write them down but there are some ways to use
it in like hygiene products and like soaps and things like that and also in
household products you know like maybe if you make your own scouring powder or
something you can put you know dried rosemary leaves in there and so there’s
just a lot of different uses if you’re interested in more ideas for using herbs
for medicine Heidi has a course it’s the confident herbalist course and it brings
all the ways to use herbs for medicine down to a beginner level and you can
start doing it right away really if you’re taking the
course and it’s a really great one I’m taking it I’ve been taking it for a few
months I’m going through it systematically and slowly and there’s
just hours and hours of good information there so if you’re interested in using
herbs as medicine this is the course that I recommend and if you’re
interested in growing herbs don’t forget to head over to stone family farmstead
calm /youtube to my channel and check out my well not my but our growing herbs
AMA and I’m going to take a few seconds to go down the list and see if I missed
any questions okay so Melinda says I took a cutting
from my mom’s cobalt colored flowered rosemary plant last year and it grew
roots in water now I have a lovely plant from my mom’s plant that’s really good
to know because it really isn’t working very well inside of the planting medium
that I tried last week so I’m hoping that I can propagate my rosemary plant
in water better than that heidi says i use it in facial cleansers for teens
with acne good stuff that’s really good to know okay and so that’s pretty much
about all I had to say about rosemary thanks for being here you guys I’m super
happy that you guys are all here and I’m really happy to do this it’s a lot of
fun for me I hope it’s fun for you too don’t forget to check out the links that
heidi has posted and i’m not sure if it’s this side or that side but whatever
you guys can see them in the comments and if there’s anything else that you
want to know go ahead and feel free and keep posting questions and stuff and
I’ll get in there and you know I’m try to answer them okay thanks a lot for
being here guys talk to you later bye you

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