Gut Health What We Do And Don’t Know – Antibiotics

Gut Health What We Do And Don’t Know – Antibiotics

Greetings. Eric Bakker coming back again. Thanks for tuning in. We’re doing a series on what we do and don’t
know about the gut microbiome, they’re the gut bacteria. What we do know, there are plenty of published
studies about antibiotics that say how bad they are. There are in fact hundreds of studies that
show how bad they are. They’re coming out more and more all the time. Some people never recover from antibiotics. This could be two or three times they’ve had
them, say, in a short period of time. So, the more you have antibiotics in a shorter
period of time, the higher the likelihood you’re going to get a big problem.If you look
at a journal published in the UK some years ago, I think it was a psychology journal,
it showed that even one or two rounds of antibiotics within a short period of time can really increase
your risk of developing anxiety or depression. In the American Journal of Gastroenterology,
they discovered that if you have three rounds or more of antibiotics in a five year period,
you increase your risk of inflammatory bowel disease by 1.5 times. So, you know, Crohn’s or Colitis. Now, if you couple that on top of that with
taking ibuprofen, Paracetamol, having a couple of cans of beer, and living quite an indiscriminate
lifestyle, you seriously increase your risk of all kinds of different problems. We’re talking heart disease, diabetes, many
different conditions can stem from antibiotics. Now how the hell can that be? Well, it’s because they’re going to wipe out
bacteria indiscriminately. Good and bad, you know, the ugly and the beautiful. But they just get trashed, they get destroyed. It’s like the Marines coming into Iraq and
just whatever, just bombing everything. Everything gets flattened. And unfortunately, we get collateral damage. I’m not saying the Marines are doing a bad
job. They’re following orders. But, a lot of people that are innocent will
get taken out. Whole cities get destroyed as innocent citizens
in warfare. And it’s the same in the gut. If we start throwing napalm around everywhere,
well, we’re going to damage a lot of stuff. And sometimes it can take years or a lifetime
to get that growth back again. So, I’ll often show a patient a picture of
the Amazon forest and say, “Check this out. You can see trees. You can see bushes and shrubs. What you can’t see are all the millions of
insects crawling everywhere. All the tiny little spiders and all the tiny
little bits of moss and lichen growing. The things you can’t see.” Now let’s come along and do a bit of deforestation
on a Sunday morning, you know, after church. We’ll come in there and we’ll just blow the
whole lot away because we want to have a few hamburgers off the land. Now, we come back in five years, what do we
find? A couple of trees are growing back, but all
those bugs and ants and moss, they’ll likely never come back. And if they do it could be a hundred years. And not many people live 100 years.The point
I’m making here is, be very very careful about antibiotics. I consider them probably one of the worst
drugs ever created by humans for humans. This video hopefully will be watched in 100
years or 20 years or 50 years from now and someone’s going to say, “Man, that guy was
right on”, You know? “I’m glad we stopped giving people that junk
because we ruined so many lives.” Out of all of the medications I’ve been involved
with in all the years of being a naturopath, I’ve not seen as much damage to people as
I have with antibiotics.So, take that as a warning, folks. Take that as a serious warning that you should
not use them. A study was published recently in American
Medical Journal, I think was through Harvard or Mayo, one of those clinics, that showed
that over 60% of people, when they went to the doctor for a sore throat, they got an
antibiotic prescription. Now, according to that medical journal, it
should have been less than 10%. It’s not the doctor’s fault. They doctor’s been taught that he or she should
give that prescription, okay? That’s what they’re taught. So they’re just working according to what
their education level is.But the patient should be more discerning and more careful and try
and understand how damaging these drugs really can be, and there are other options, like
gargling, for example. Colloidal silver spray in the throat. Gargling with maybe one drop of tea tree oil
in a glass of tepid water. There are many many ways you can overcome
a sore throat by using a natural aide. You don’t need to take drugs all the time
for small things. So, the risk I see with antibiotics is far
too great for the benefit for the majority of people. But, I’m not for one moment denying the fact
that we need antibiotics. We need them as a top shelf for serious bacterial
infections. But the amount of people that receive them
for viral infections, it’s crazy. How do you know if you’ve got a viral problem
or a bacteria problem? Well, half the time you don’t know that. But, doctors generally will give. In doubt, they’ll just give anyway. This is what I find with the majority of people
who I see who say that the antibiotics work for a cold or a flu. They say, “Oh, I got so sick, I was producing
green phlegm and mucus. I had a fever. I was really sick, so I went to the doctor
and I got antibiotics because I needed them. And then not long after, four or five days
later, I felt a lot better.” Well, what likely happens, the person gets
sick, sick, sicker, they get up to a high point, and that’s when they go to the doctor
instead of right at the onset, they go right when they’re usually very sick. And at that point, their [inaudible] immune
responses kick in anyway. Their lymphocytes have kicked in, the killer
cells have kicked in, their memory cells, their help cells, their cytochondrial response,
so everything there is already in motion by the body to overcome that infection providing
the person is intelligent enough to understand that coke and fries and watching Netflix ’til
2:00 am is probably not a good idea when you’re sick.Providing the patient gets a lot of rest
and sleep and cold drinks, maybe some chicken broth, we call it Jewish penicillin, you know? Providing the patient can take a bit of time
off or have less stress in their life, 99.99.5% chance that they’ll overcome that infection,
unless of course they’re 85 with pneumonia in bed or something. Those are different scenarios. I’m talking the average person like you and
me out there. So, if you make allowances and allow the body
to overcome that infection, you will likely not need an antibiotic. Look what grandma said, “Sweat it out. Go to bed. Ride the fever”. Let the fever get there high enough to kill
that pathogen in the body. The body is supremely intelligent, and man
is supremely stupid with drugs. So, I just hope that this message gets through
to a lot of people. So, what we do know, we know that antibiotics
create massive devastation and destruction in the body. But what we don’t know, with a lot of people,
is how that devastation can pan out for them in terms of eventually developing anxiety
or depression. Even weight gain. Studies have shown that antibiotic can really
fatten people up, okay? Hog farmers love antibiotics because they’ll
tell you they can double the weight of a hog in a year just by giving antibiotics. We don’t know why hogs or pigs or chickens
or other animals get fattened up, but we do know it works. Now, if you’re farming animals and you’re
getting paid per pound, you want to get as lot of pounds as possible out of that animal. So, you’re going to give a lot of antibiotics. And of course, when you eat that meat, you’re
getting that antibiotic. So, make sure that you get antibiotic free
chicken, you get grass fed antibiotic meat, if you’re going to eat those kind of foods,
you’re probably not going to trash your gut as much. Take care of your body. We’ll catch up in the next video.

13 Replies to “Gut Health What We Do And Don’t Know – Antibiotics”

  1. How I wish you were seeing patients again… I am suffering from terrible yeast infection that I believe I got from taking many rounds of antibiotics and I can't seem to get better. I am so grateful for your wonderful videos. I learn so much. Thank you!

  2. I got on Antibiotiques for severals years now I lost my spleen after a tumor inside.
    They gave me antibiotics « oraciline »the doctor told take it for the rest of your life and I got more infections, they gave me stronger, riphampicine and since that one I became extremly weak with chronique fatigue and my body cannot restart.
    I really don’t know how I can deal with this I have no resistance to stress anymore I took weight I m totally lost.

  3. Hey dr. Eric, I've been having lots of gas and sticky stools that stick to the toilet bowl and they are very hard to pass because of being so sticky, can you give me some advice on this? Am I missing some enzymes?

  4. I agree 110% with you. I am living this nightmare after 5 different antibiotics in a six month period. Antibiotics are being handed out like candy. ☹️ it's now going on my third year trying to get better. I have bladder issues IC from it. I am in NY.

  5. Damn – I took some without the necessity to have them even cause the doctor said a year or so ago that there was some bacteria around.. later the test came back negative but I've been sick for a year and now slowly getting better after killing candida and eating a pretty strict diet. I sure have learned a lesson ?

  6. Thank you so much for this video! I love your comparison to the forest!
    After years of stomach problems, 6 months ago I was diagnosed with Helicobacter Pyroli, have got 7 days triple cure prescribed (pantoprazol, claritromycin and amoxicillin) but despite all the extra – garlic, mastic gum and broccoli sprouts for a month – HP is still there. Now I had gastroscopy and biopsies were taken for cultivation to check where HP will react on. It showed HP was resistant to a first antibiotics, so now I have got a new prescription for 10 days of moxifloxacin and amoxicillin.
    But now I’m afraid to take it… HP makes my life miserable so I want to eradicate this bug. Maybe to take the antibiotics and the same time to add probiotics like sauerkraut?
    What are your thoughts?
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated!

  7. 2013 took 2 courses for tonsilitis. and then i got an std. in these past 5.5 years ive already taken around 15 different antibiotics for both repeating tonsilitis and prostatitis. developed anxiety after 2 years of treatment. cbd helps a lot. life is nightmare , im only 26. good luck all

  8. I woke up with a black tongue scared the sh*t out of me brushed it with lemon juice it went away but it doesn't matter it comes back and I feel intoxicated when it happens. …

  9. Eric I have a hiatel hernia a doctors in the UK have had me on ppi's for the last 20 years. They tell me I have no choice. They won't fix my hernia.. My calcium is low and a have calf muscle twitches. If I stop taking them I get heartburn. What can I do or do I really have no choice. Thank you.

  10. Hi Eric, what is your opinion about taking antibiotics for a dental implant? As you can imagine the dentist will prescribe antibiotics. Is anything else that can be taken instead?

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