Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP Wellness Summit Included Crystal Therapy and Aura Readings (HBO)

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP Wellness Summit Included Crystal Therapy and Aura Readings (HBO)

Once upon a time, Gwyneth Paltrow was just a widely
beloved, award-winning actress. But she finally caught a break in 2008, when she launched her nutritional newsletter, Goop, which gave birth to a lifestyle empire. Today, she’s the high priestess of a
many-tentacled, monetized belief system that just sold out its first Wellness Summit… and Mary H.K. Choi got a ticket. — The Goop Wellness Summit is really for anybody who’s looking to have insight,
some autonomy around health. — So it’s not just, like, 600 of
your besties or anything like that. — I really don’t know very many people in the audience, and it’s been really, really nice and very profound for me to interact with some of these women. — The summit feels like you’re living
out the latest Goop newsletter. There are thoughtfully curated gluten-free
vegan dishes, blowouts, wellness panels and, of course, Goop devotees. — Has Goop changed your life? — Well, we’re having collagen martinis later… — Right.
— …as one does. — Elise Loehnen is Goop’s Chief Content Officer. — I might have some bone broth later. The goal of the day is ambitious, it’s to really help people transform, or shift paradigm, for people to walk out of that room
and feel like they’ve been shifted. — The hall is a veritable “what’s that?”
of the multi-trillion dollar wellness industry. Access isn’t cheap. Tickets range from $500, to $1,500— if you want to have lunch with Paltrow. There are also workout classes, crystal
therapy, sound healing, aura readings, and antioxidant I.V. drips with vitamin boosters. — So how much is everything I’m getting right now? — It would probably be around… $500? — Wow. — Sleek, expensive, experimental— and, for the most part, white. Paltrow’s not unlike other lifestyle gurus, but her advice on putting jade eggs into
your vagina inspires a special breed of cynicism. — Do you think any one is
hate-attending this conference? — That’s funny. I’m sure. Maybe. I mean, it’s a big investment of time and money, so… it’s possible. I mean, I think there are probably some skeptics here. — There are, however, medical doctors on the roster— like Dr. Alejandro Junger,
a kind-of gut health rockstar. — The gut is like the root of a plant. It’s where we absorb our nutrients and we send them through the trunks to our leaves, flowers and fruit, which are our hair, skin, and organs. — And TED Talk types like Esther Perel— a therapist who specializes in sex
as a modern-day Dr. Ruth. — So do you actually believe in some of
the other treatments and protocols here, like bee sting therapy or crystals
and things like that? — What does it mean when we say “believe?” Do I have faith in it? It means, do I have a leap that allows me
to engage with the unknown? Yes. Why not? — It’s not that we’re opposed to conventional medicine. We just also are very interested in
alternative medicine, having autonomy. I’ve always been that person who has
sort-of introduced the culture or the media to things that people think are weird. It’s really important, I think, to ask the questions. — Is the ire and flack worth it to you? — Oh yeah, of course.

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  1. It's so cool nowadays people say they have rare health conditions. One time this guy who looks 16 months pregnant and counting, was complaining in a restaurant that he has celiac disease. I was thinking where does he gets his carbs from? Glutenfree air?????? Ow you guys are so special and precious but when it comes down to a cheap burger at Mac nobody is ill anymore ?

  2. Ppl just wasted their money lmaoooooo. I won't say what really needs to be said but WHAT A JOKE! Totally taking advantage of ppl's vulnerability and illnesses. THUMBS DOWN!??

  3. I'm not gonna lie, I think crystal therapy & aura healings & stuff like that can be great spiritual/supernatural aids to healing. 🙂

    That having been said, they should all be used in conjuction with traditional Western medicines & therapies & whatnot, so as to not neglect the physical care of your well-being.

  4. "The gut is the second brain" well that's kinda true. Research does point to gut bacteria having an impact on the brain.

  5. I go to Goop for all my nonexistent needs. They are so convenient and expensive, I love it! Definitely worth buying on Blu-ray, especially the mustard bath and vitamins filled with placebos!

  6. Good on this interviewer for asking some awkward questions in here. I mean how many people can state a celebrity in the face and ask "is the ire and the flak worth it?" After giving a soft interview. Well done.

  7. So many white people. Moreover, the egg in the vagina, I thought that was a joke, nope it's all real. This stuff just proves people will freaking buy anything if a celebrity slaps their name on it.

  8. Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Is Valued at $250 Million. according to money magazine… do you ever feel like you have been cheated?

  9. I can't afford a jade egg. Will a kinder egg work? I always feel good vibes when eating them, so i bet i'd feel super vibed up if i shove one up my vagina. Positive energy, fam? oh, and i started eating wet dirt as well, found that all those natural nutrients really balanced my aura out. If it's natural, it cant hurt you?

  10. I don’t know. I have autoimmune disease and sick of doctors give me meds with side effects and making me worse. I willing to try something different.

  11. The world is not safe with this woman at large!

    Okay but she's powerful! She's of the elite! That's right, this is America! The only free country in the world, except Denmark and a few others. Here we settle our scores with capitalism. If you wanna beat someone, you gotta do it in the arena of the free market.

    Lookout Paltrow! There's a new entrepreneur in town!

  12. Of course vice covered this bullshit unironically lol. God, what happened to you Vice? Shout out to the homie Johnathan Tronley lol.

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