Hair Care – Baldness – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

[Music] baldness is a condition which can cause some distress and anxiety especially when it occurs at a young age it begins with a loss of hair which gradually results in bald spots on the scalp for many in the case of women there is an overall thinning of hair lack of vitamin b6 or folic acid in the body can lead to loss of hair and baldness stress or even general weakness brought on by chronic or long-standing ailments such as typhoid chronic cold influenza and anemia can cause baldness if you do not clean your hair and scalp regularly dust particles can block the hair follicles causing reduction of hair growth in some cases baldness is a hereditary condition do not worry there are a few simple home remedies to prevent baldness and also rejuvenate your hair growth [Music] take four tablespoons of milk add two tablespoons of liquorice powder also known as miletti add a pinch of saffron also known as Kleiser mix it well apply this paste on the ball patches and leave it as it is overnight take seeds from about seven to eight lemons add about eight to ten black peppercorns grind them together to make a fine paste apply this paste on the ball patches twice a day for a few weeks you might feel a little irritation this helps increase blood circulation and stimulates hair growth take one tablespoon of cinnamon powder also known as dal genie add two tablespoons of honey add about three tablespoons of olive oil [Music] mix it well apply this paste on the ball patches leave it as it is for about 20 minutes before taking a head bath eat well and take care of yourself for more such natural home remedies visit

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