Hair Mask For EXTREME HAIR GROWTH | Indian Ayurvedic Secret|Sushmita’s Diaries

Hair Mask For EXTREME HAIR GROWTH | Indian Ayurvedic Secret|Sushmita’s Diaries

hi everyone a lot of you asked me how to grow hair long really fast so today I am sharing the preperation method of an Ayurvedic hair pack which really helped my hair grow long so let’s get started all the ingredients mention in the video are available either at Indian grocery stores or online the first ingredient is Indian gooseberry or Amla Amla has been used in India for centuries as the ultimate hair tonic it’s a superfood for hair extremely high in vitamin C Amla has twice the antioxidant power of acai berry it nourishes the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth Amla also stops premature graying and turns the hair dark naturally when the fruit is dried in the Sun it looks like so I’m using the amla powder here I have picked up random brands and you may also use any brand easily available to you the next is reetha or soap nut reetha has mild cleansing powers that clean the hair and scalp without stripping the natural oils away it is a great alternative to chemically loaded shampoos reetha is traditionally used in India as a natural hair cleanser I would use the Reetha powder here the third ingredient is my favorite and that’s shikakai I have grown up watching my mom and aunts use shikakai for growing long and thick hair it also helps in fighting dandruff and making the hair super shiny the next powerful hair growth agent is bhringraj the word bhringraj is derived from ancient Sanskrit language which literally means the king of hair bhringraj if used regularly can grow hair even on bald patches it is also used as a natural hair dyeing agent you can use fresh leaves if they are available to you I am using the powder the next we would need methi dana or fenugreek seeds I have done so many videos highlighting the amazing hair growth properties of fenugreek seeds I would leave a few video links in the description box below when used regularly fenugreek seeds help in the regrowth of lost hair besides conditioning them properly I have soaked around 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight like so it would be easy in grinding them they have swelled up so nicely the other hair growth ingredient would be castor oil again I have done so many videos about how castor oil can transform your hair it is one of the best yet most underrated oils of all times please check the info box for these video links castor oil is easily available at all pharmacies, stores and even online the next is coconut oil I am using coconut oil to deeply condition the hair natural and Ayurvedic remedies sometimes make the hair a bit frizzy adding a spoonful of coconut oil will tame the frizz you can also use olive oil olive oil or sesame oil I’m also using a handful of curry leaves here it is optional if you don’t get it then you may skip it however curry leaves are good for hair growth and color they are loaded with beta-carotene and amino acids that control hair fall and strengthen the hair follicle red hibiscus flower is another important ingredient traditionally hibiscus flowers and green leaves are used to grow long and thick hair in South India they are loaded with amino acids alpha hydroxy acids ,vitamin A and vitamin C it is recommended to use the bright red variety with five petals please do not use any other variant you may also use the dry hibiscus petals available online I have plugged a few fresh ones from my garden you may check the info box to see the method of preparing hibiscus flower oil for longer and thicker hair the last ingredient is optional I am using a red fragrant variety of organic rose roses conditioned the itchy scalp and control dandruff I always use them in hair packs as they nourish hair follicle and promote hair growth the red fragrant variety is grown in home gardens and is also available outside temples,shrines and other places of worship please don’t use rose water as most brands contain paraben which causes cancer now it’s time to prepare the mask and for it I’m using an iron vessel for ages hair packs are prepared and sold in iron pots in India using an iron vessel helps in making the hair super dark if you don’t get it kindly use a glass or a plastic vessel firstly we need to grind the petals and leaves into a fine paste I’m dropping the methi seeds curry leaves hibiscus and rose petals in my kitchen grinder use minimum water to grind it into a fine paste the paste is ready its consistency has to be thick and not runny now let’s take two tablespoons each of Amla reetha shikakai and bhringraj powder I’m just eye balling the quantity mix it all well now add water spoon by spoon and begin mixing adding too much water at time will result in lump formation the paste has to be thick and lump free like so now let’s add the flower and methi paste whip it all well add around 1 tablespoon each of coconut and castor oil keep the consistency of the mask thick like henna so it stays intact in the hair and doesn’t drip around apply the mask thoroughly from scalp to length and leave it at least for two hours shampoo and condition later using this hair pack once a week will help your hair grow extremely long dark and thick if you found this video useful then share it so it can help others don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos also visit my website for more Beauty reviews I have left all the details in the info box below and I’ll see you all very soon bye!

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  1. Definitely try this one too..M watching Ur all videos n try it..I feel sum changes in my hair…Glossy n wanna grow hair like u…Thnk n keep share more videos…

  2. Plzzz…mam mujhe koyi upai bataye maine bohut kuch try kiya but mere bal lamba hota hi nahi mai kya karo?????

  3. doesn't this mask when washed leave dry powders in you hair? When amla , rheeta and shikakai are a shampoo in itself do u think a chemical shampoo used on top strips away the goodness?

  4. Hello , didi Sushmita ! 🙂 I have tried making soapnut shampoo but the results aren't good ! :'( Pls help me , didi ! You have very beautiful hair like princess ! <3 🙂

  5. If we have to use it once a week, is there a way to make a big patch and preserve it somehow for a long period of time?

  6. Hi susmita
    Thanks for this mask. You told to use iron vessel so do we need to left the mask for sometime in the vessel or we can apply without it?
    Please let me know the time if we need to leave it in vessel.

  7. Hi I wanted to try this, can u pls clarify me that u are using some other brand called yeah but in link to buy u gave khadi brand… is that works same as hesh (in results ).. what's the brand of bhringraj powder…

  8. Do we need to keep this mixture aside for some time or directly have to apply keep it on hair for 2hrs…
    Clarify it

  9. Hi I am new to ur channel. I had very thick and long hair. After kids i had a major hair fall. Now my hair is very thin and short. Can it help to regrow my hair? Also can i use this mask on 10 years old as well?

  10. Sara duniya ka saman ka list dekha detey. Whole body ko acha rakhne ke liye a2z samaan use karne ko batayenge. Inke jaise ke pass hi itna time hai

  11. Hello Mam,I have been following your channel for quite some time now.Mam ,I am 22 years old girl and from last six months I have noticed grey hair,they are partially grey ,not at full length especially around my crown area.I have used your homemade Currey leave oil too, please help me to get rid of them naturally.I have beautiful silky hair but due to these grey ones ,I am no more able to flaunt and cherish them.
    Please help out?,will be grateful.

  12. Hello Sushmita , Good morning , me apane balo me hair color use karti hoo to ye mask mere balo k lie useful hai? Please reply ?

  13. Respected mam
    I have light brown hair n i don't want them to darken with use of this remedy what should i do what should i skip will amy of these ingridients datken my hair?

  14. I have very light hair and don't want it to get darker. Can you recommend a method that won't make my hair darker? Thanks 🙂

  15. Hiii di mujhe b apke jaise long thick hairs chahie bt mere hairs chhote aur thin h aur PCOD se hair loss b h so kya ye remedy work kregi mere hair growth me

  16. Hi Sushmita, at first I should really appreciate your work, it's great.But i wanted to know, Can we apply this mask after oiling the hair overnight?

  17. I have very thin hair n baldness is just starting on my front part of my hair ,,, cutted my hair vry short….. I am going to try it lets see Before n after i am going to post the pics of my hair.

  18. Aapne first kis terha se badhaye wo bataiye.aap toh sab kuch laga laga kr several oils bata rahi hain .jb apke bal chote the jb apne kya lagaya shuru me jis se ye growth hone lage .aap toh sab kuch lagane ko bolrahe .showing so many videos .main thing that u used when ur hair was small .what did u used .that give me link or share me correct video that u used

  19. Good one. I have an issue with my hair. After a certain length, the ends become thin and start curling. It becomes so thin, that I need to chop it off. Can anything be done here?

  20. Hello ma'am. I tried this hair pack on my hair. However, I found that this pack sticks to the hair and even after washing my hair twice there was some residue left in my hair. After conditioning my hair I dried it with a towel and combed using a serum and I could see the residue in my comb as well. What can ve done to clean the hair well?

  21. I use herbal sls and paraben free shampoos for regular use and also try out natural homemade hair mask which are shown in your videos. I feel they all are effective and I am very much satisfied with the results, however my hair is going frizzy after shampooing (although I oil before shampooing), please suggest a good conditioner or serum (natural and harmless) to apply to control the frizz and get a smooth silky look.

    Thanks and keep up the great work that you are doing 🙂

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