Hand Tremor Treatment Natural – Master Health

Hand Tremor Treatment Natural – Master Health

Hand tremor treatment is there a natural
way to handle it? I’m gonna explain. Hey I’m Dr. Ekberg with Wellness For Life
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don’t miss anything. So in a previous video I had a viewer with hand tremors
who said that his hand tremors improved after he did some breathing exercises
that I had recommended for cold hands and feet so he had both cold hands and feet
and he had hand tremors and he wanted to know was it possible that working on one
could improve the other. So the answer is absolutely yes. And in this video we’re
gonna take a look at some of the mechanisms behind that what happens when
you’re breathing is you’re affecting the frontal lobe so the frontal lobe is the
action part of the brain it’s the executive part it’s the thinking part
abstract thought it it manages it’s where motivation is most of the things
that make you human is because we have a larger and more sophisticated frontal
lobe than any other animal on the planet and something that’s really important
and we’ll get to also in a second is 85% of what that frontal lobe does is it
turns things off it inhibits things so that’s that little blue line here it
shows where things if it’s a minus sign it means it inhibits it turns things
office with the plus sign it means it turns things on so let’s talk about a
stress response let’s say that you’re standing in the street and you’re not
really paying attention and you see a bus coming at you you glance over and
your body wants to get out of the way you don’t even have to think about it
the the the action is taken care of for you
because there is a sympathetic or a fight/flight response that’s gonna kick
in and save your life so just to simplify things we’ll call the upper
brainstem the sympathetic and that’s your your stress response
so that stress response before you even really have a chance to think about it
it’s going to increase your heart rate it’s going to increase vasoconstriction
and the combination of increased heart rate and vasoconstriction means your
blood pressure goes up and the blood travels faster out to the muscles and
the body parts that can perform work and get you out of the way you also get more
cortisol because cortisol increases blood sugar and blood sugar extra blood
sugar is good in an emergency your body also up regulates LDL low-density
lipoproteins the bad cholesterol which of course isn’t bad it’s absolutely
appropriate for different situations and if you’re in an emergency there’s a
chance that you’re gonna get injured cholesterol is part of wound healing and
clotting mechanisms so your body makes sure you get plenty of it and you’re
also going to breathe faster because you want to get lots of air into your lungs
to provide oxygen so all of these things happen instantaneously in order to save
your life while you’re doing that the upper brainstem the sympathetic inhibits
the lower brainstem the parasympathetic and the reason it does that is that you
have limited resources in the body you only have so much blood so the brain has
to decide the brain stem actually decides where does this go where is it
best used in this moment so if you got to get away from a bus then it’s best
used in your circulatory and your muscular system if you’re at rest if you
just had a good meal then the blood is best used to digest food and to support
your immune system and handle reproduction and healing it’s an
either/or it’s like a seesaw when you have a stress response the red area and
you’re sympathetic kicks in and it’s going to turn off that parasympathetic
the feed read system so that you can get that blood so you can get those Reese
for the emergency this is what happens the sympathetic is always going to
override your parasympathetic because a bus comin at you is always more
important and digesting your last meal this is important but if you don’t get
away from the bus you don’t get it second chance now the brain the frontal
lobe has the ability to override this so first the sympathetic kicks in it
turns off the parasympathetic and then the frontal lobe takes a look the
executive function it evaluates and it says okay getting away from that bus was
a good idea but now we’re safe let’s calm things down again so now that
frontal lobe which is 85% inhibitory turning things off it starts to inhibit
that stress response so now your heart rate comes down your vasoconstriction releases so that you get more vasodilation so you get more blood
flow into the periphery so all of these things go down and now that the frontal
lobe inhibits the sympathetics then that’s the same thing as stimulating the
parasympathetics because if you turn off something that turns off that’s the same
thing as turning something on so now you’re kicking in your digestion your
immune system reproduction and so forth so these are two different states
whenever you’re stressed then your body is going to favor the sympathetic side
and part of what it does there it’s also going to send some take some blood away
from the frontal lobe because you don’t need all of that
right now the frontal lobe the parasympathetic is associated with calm
being calm having peace being creative having abstract thought being able to do
things and having fine motor skills so if you’re if you are painting or if
you’re making a watch or a model airplane you do that best in the
parasympathetic the sympathetic the the stress response
it’s more about reaction it puts you back into your animal instincts because
you don’t have to think you just have to act just have to get out of there
and therefore gross motor skills are much more useful you just need to make
large movements and when you have a tremor that’s when the brain doesn’t
inhibit certain things the the ability to have no movement is when things are
inhibited when that frontal lobe is strong enough to turn things off that’s
when you have no tremor tremor is associated with stress and with gross
motor skills and everyone that has the tremor can probably attest to the fact
that when they’re stressed it gets worse so when you do breathing exercises when
you slow your breath down especially the out-breath then you’re going to activate
your parasympathetic nervous system you’re going to activate your frontal
lobe you’re going to bring the blood flow back into the frontal lobe you’re
going to develop more inhibition and more calm peace creative fine motor
skills you’re going to improve all the things that have to do with healing so
once you start understanding all these mechanisms you understand how ingenious
the body is and that they’re very very few variables really that’s so many
conditions whether it’s cold hands or tremor or an ulcer or a poor immune
system or erectile dysfunction that it all fits into this model and also high
blood pressure cold hands and feet high cholesterol all of this fits that same
model and it’s not going to fix everything but a simplest thing as
breathing can start improving all of it so it’s a central mechanism that we’re
looking for and that’s what holistic health is all about it’s understanding
the central mechanisms and helping the body return to normal hope that was
helpful thanks for watching if you enjoyed this sort of content and you’re
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and also please share this because this is things that people are suffering from
all the things that we’re talking about the symptoms the degenerative disease
the high blood pressure medication the cholesterol medication the antacids
there is a reason if we just help the body get back to normal you don’t need
those and you’re allowing the body to function the way it’s supposed to so
share this information with as many people as you possibly can if you care
about them and you want to help them live better lives thanks for watching

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  1. I have been conditioned to think 'A new video with a title that doesn't seem to apply to me… Well, I bet I'm about to learn all kinds of useful and interesting information anyway.' and am always rewarded and having that reinforced here on Wellness for Life.

  2. Thank you Dr Ekberg! Yes I will definitely share this useful information. Thank you again for sharing and teaching us the mechanisms of the the body…Look forward to more from you…

  3. Very interesting. I have a friend with this, i will have to send him the link. Watched in full and left a like my friend.

  4. i have tremors when i stretch my hands, the tremors are visible mostly in the fingers. i see the tremors when i am gripping something which is a bit heavy. i am becoming a dentist and will have to do a lot of hand work in future. i searched alot and found out that maybe stress is the underlying cause. i am not in stress all the time ,but whenever i stretch and extend my hands i see tremors in the fingers. i saw them while holding scalpel during dissection.It's so embarrassing kindly help me out.

  5. What about epilepsy? I have epilepsy, but everytime I have hand tremors and pain in the arn, I can't calm myself. I get scared a lot, and then my knees and thighs shake, but I don't have the attack after.

  6. Dr. My question how to cure anxiety i have social anxiety i can speak when anxiety is coming and i can speak well in front of many peolpe thats my big problem.

  7. Sir,I am 23 years old,my hands are always shrink.when I pick a cup of water and some works my Hands are shacking why.please I am scard?

  8. good day doc.. can u recommend me effective vitamins to take to get rid my hand tremor. im 32y/o and i am currently experiencing hand tremor during working on electronic things such as soldering as well as welding

  9. Sir, my left hand shake last 18 yrs..now m 27 yr old…my mri report…a A line show in my ryt brain prt.,doctor gave me medicines but no result…..plz tell me some treatment ,how to get rid it.

  10. Hi doc im 27 years old today i was drinking cool drink with my left hand.
    I realised that my hand shaking so fast.
    Dont know what to do.
    Would u plz tell me what to do.

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