Heal Ulcerative Colitis Naturally with Ayurvedic Medicines & Diet

Good evening everyone. Ankita Ji is doing a camp with Dr. Vikram Chauhan in Mumbai and this is Sujeet Ji who is suffering with Ulcerative colitis. I would say he was suffering because he’s totally cured now. Please do share your experience with us. Sir, please tell us about your problem and how long you have been taking our treatment? I had suffered with ulcerative colitis and I have been taking medicines since January 2018. How long you have been suffering from Ulcerative colitis? Since January, 2018. In the beginning I started taking allopathic treatment; initially they were giving me medicines for Piles haemorrhoids. Then I visited some other doctor, he also told me that I am having piles, but later on after doing colonoscopy, I got to know that it is ulcerative colitis, then the doctor gave me two or three medicines and “Omnacortil” and “Mesacol” for pain relief. I felt fine while taking these medicines then the symptoms got flared up whenever I ate some wrong food. Then I met Sir in June, 2018. Dr. Vikram Sir Yes, during the camp. He gave me 4 or 5 medicines along with diet chart. Can you name the medicines? Pitta Balance, Vatsakadi Churna, kutuzghan Vati and Arjuna Capsules and one more is Praval Panchamrit. I took all these medicines and now my ulcerative colitis has been cured, I have been told to avoid milk and milk products. You have to avoid milk and milk products. I eat only khichdi made by moong dal (Green Gram) and Green Vegetables. Can you name some of them? Lauki (Bottle gourd) Karela( Bitter Gourd). Basically, all the vining vegetables you eat? Yes How long it has been taken to treat your disease? It took one and a half year. How long you have been suffering? From two and a half years? One and a half year. And it took the same amount of years to be cured. I got relief, but then sometimes when I changed my diet and again this flared up. This is the main concern that needs to be understood, ignoring diet was the main reason for flare up. In 99% of the ulcerative colitis patients, diet plays 100% role in order to get cured or get worse the condition so they have to take care of this. Now I won’t do it again. Yes follow your diet. Basically, you follow your diet strictly. Ma’am what is your name? My name is Kanchan. Where did you come from? I came from Vashi. So you visited here first time? Yes Since you’re also suffering from this problem. What types of problems you faced that you discussed with the doctor and took treatment, but if you have any queries then do ask to Sujeet as he is here. I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for last 20 years when I was at your age. I had bleeding motions, mucus and pain in abdomen along with loose motion. Sometimes it went up to 20 or 25 times a day. She needs to take an injection in every 4 week, but it is not able to control fully and again she has to take tomorrow, she is now following the diet and taking treatment from last 3 months from Dr. Vikram Chauhan. From where did you get the reference of Planet Ayurveda? I have seen more than hundred videos of Ulcerative colitis patients who have been cured by the Dr. Vikram Chauhan. I have seen interviews of hundreds of patients with hundreds of questions, then finally I called Chandigarh. I got some online information and we are taking medicines from the last three months. So what did you get from those more than hundreds of videos? That it has 100% cure. So you have seen those hundred videos of patients? We have seen the reviews that they already had the same health concern, by which we have been going through, then our faith developed and we believed that there’s no alternative. Ayurveda is the only solution and he is the referred doctor and fortunately he is in our city. All credit goes to Ankita Ji as only she organizes the camp. Thank you. So Ankita Ji this camp is held in your city and I guess since yesterday we have seen more than 100 patients till now. More than 150. Patients of UC? No, all types of patients. How is your experience since you are not contacted with Ayurveda before, but you’re contacted with Planet Ayurveda for…? From last 8 to 9 years, but I have seen histories of cancer, ulcerative colitis, ITP and Kidney transplant have been cured here. Even my father in law’s Parkinsonism has been cured within 3 months. I have full faith in Dr. Vikram Sir so I recommend everyone and you’ll be cured. I thank you to all. You all have given your time.

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