Healing common sickness plaguing our “NATION”

Healing common sickness plaguing our “NATION”

to say please give me the strip yard what I
thought we would do to set this up real quick with Ruben is that first of all
give a round of applause the most I allowed who come here with us today and
as you all know there’s a situation where the government is trying to get
rid of natural herbalist you’ve seen what happened to seve and there’s
doctors all over the earth that are now being censured taken down and also
exterminated killed for actually going against the pharmaceutical apparatus I
think the most time that he will allow the church to have such a one as Truman
who can help us through these times you understand so we have to give the most I
a handful allowing the spirit to come on Truman at to help us right now what I
thought I would do I thought we would do just for an hour not opportunity I was
gonna ask him a few questions based on the normal things our people the earth
is dealing with right now and and what would be a suggestion and remedy for
what we know come in all the time concerning certain health questions and
what I have to ask you Truman if you don’t mind first and foremost the
majority of our people in the earth in the neighborhoods are being prescribed
high blood pressure medicine okay so first doctor Truman I would like you to
give us some insight on this whether or not our people should take it and what’s
really going on with the high rate and prescription drugs when it comes to high
blood pressure high blood pressure and all the different drugs you get from a
medical doctor that he prescribed for you they’re all toxins the body
doesn’t recognize and doesn’t operate on chemicals it operates in on nourishment
and that nourishment has the spark of the most high in it and and those
chemical drugs are made by man to replace those natural chemicals that’s
what man has done consistently to try to constantly become God and and replace
God in in in everything and and you see it all around it we see it all around us
but yes so anything that they’re going to prescribe is a band-aid that’s gonna
excite the body with a chemical that’s going to give you later a reaction
sooner or later that chemical is the body’s gonna reject it then they’re
going to give you a different drug or two or three drugs so that you’ve got a
drug for the drug for the drug for the drug and and pretty soon hmm
you’re feeling like a zombie yeah and you and you you’re not clear-headed
anymore and and and and you and the quality of your life goes down and down
and down and finally they say well you know you you just have to live with it
everybody else does etc etc and and it and then they and then they put you to
sleep that’s it they kill you so what can our people do when it comes to high
blood pressure what should what is the alternative to that well the alternative
to high blood pressure is herbs like cayenne pepper and garlic stuff you got
in your everyday clock all kitchen in your kitchen yes sir
look at that cayenne pepper and garlic right plenty of it everything everything
you cook if you make any kind of vegetable or or if you’re making some
chicken or whatever garlic and and ginger on everything
ginger detoxes you it detoxes the lymphatic glands and
keeps them working the garlic is a natural antibiotic
and so when you’re combined and but don’t take that Cayenne late at night
because it’s a stimulant and it will keep you awake
so you’re taking your Cayenne as a stimulant earlier in the day when you
can use all that energy not at night when you’re trying to rest and sleep so
Cayenne is wonderful but it let’s take it during the day garlic is good all the
time garlic fresh raw garlic and mincing it
up chopping it up getting it on everything you can it’s a natural
antibiotic and between the two they that alone can lower the high blood pressure
and then if we need more help and then we’re gonna look at the rest of the body
because a lot of times there are complications there are things going on
in the body that you’re not really looking at you’re looking at a symptom
and you don’t realize it’s a chain reaction coming from somewhere else and
that’s where we have to look at look at the foundation the foundation is going
to be a diet it’s going to be a diet that is easy to burn plenty of nutrition
nutrients that are feeding the brain the body and and and and it’s a complete
system so that’s what the most high had me create well Truman just specifically
real quick on high blood pressure right yes sir you have a lot of people they
respond and ask well what’s going on with the medication there could be side
effects for me stopping my medication so what what do you suggest when someone
come to you and say I’m on high blood pressure medicine it’s giving me all
these different side effects how can I come off of these medicines what would
you what would you respond with and and the answer is that you continue on your
medication as you tiptoe your way into the herb you don’t come into these oh
it’s not cold turkey you have to transition that’s it okay great that’s
what they need to know you put that medication you know
the shelf and you’re trying to back away from it okay you’re trying to but if you
need it you back on it okay you’re continuing to fortify and nourish
yourself with the remedy and you’re bringing on the remedy and you’re
starting with a little bit you’re gentle with yourself yeah if the dose is 30
drops three times a day you’re gonna start with six drops the first day and
make sure that it isn’t some kind of an herb that you’re gonna get a reaction to
and you just step your way into the dosage day by day increasing it till
you’re up to the dose and if it doesn’t take 30 drops three times a day to get
rid of the to remedy the problem maybe it only free for you that maybe only
takes ten to fifteen drops okay so you know that way it makes it less expensive
a two ounce bottle of herbal tincture at 15 drops three times a day will last you
two months byah and by the first month you should buy
the first few weeks you should start senior in control or if not in total
control of the problem okay so so real quick when it comes to that they would
have to go to your webpage to get the the herb or or what you were suggesting
on what daily regimen opposed to the medication helped wean them off via
medication right yes so give us the website real quick okay the website is
herbal health review calm herbal okay yeah
h er b al health HEA LTH review ar e VI e w herbal health review calm and when
you get there you’re gonna want to click on common conditions okay now let me ask
you this because diabetes now that’s that’s been diagnosed in the poor
communities but for over two decades now everyone we know is diagnosed with
diabetes what is your answer to that is that a real issue amongst our people and
if the diagnosed with diabetes what will be the
alternative what is the alternative options opposed to the you know the
insulin because the insulin is really first of all let the brothers and
sisters know what insulin does and and and it’s ill effects of insulin well it
you get you hooked on it and you can’t it it weakens the body and and takes
over the action of the pancreas that’s trying to make insulin and and what
little it is making it replaces it to where it just stops making any at all
the idea with these medications is to hook you on the medications and get you
to ignore what what you could do nutritionally because diabetes is a
nutritional disorder you don’t have the proper nutrients in your body so there
is a report step by step procedures and it’s again starts with that herbal
health review.com and when you’re on common conditions you’re clicking on the
common conditions tab and you’re going down ABCD till you get the diabetes and
when you get there it’s gonna give you the things that you need to do it’s
gonna talk about the new nutrients to start with but the real answer for the
nutritional thing doesn’t lie in the diabetes report that’s how to get rid of
the diabetes but let’s get to the cause then let’s go to the diabetes report and
the cause again is nutrition so where do we start
we go again herbal health review.com we click on common conditions and the
very first report is make lifestyle changes make lifestyle changes when you
click on that it tells you exactly how much water each person is supposed to
drink every day then it tells you about b12 and folic acid which will get rid of
anemia be one of the things that will get rid of anemia but it’ll do more than
it’ll revitalize every cell in your body now that’s nutrition so the b12 and
folic acid that’s where that’s the first thing that’s in in the make lifestyle
changes the second thing is vitamin d3 and every every one who is of color and
it’s deficient in vitamin d3 because we have that color because we’ve been under
the Sun and the Sun had been giving us all this vitamin d3 and all of a sudden
we’re not living in the Sun anymore we’re living in an apartment building or
somewhere and very and going to an office job and we don’t see the sunshine
we’re living in a place where you don’t get a lot of Sun and they blocking the
Sun through chemtrails and everything else yes exactly right yeah and they’re
poisoning the air they’re poisoning the water they’re poisoning the food and
then they’re telling you that eating junk food is just fine you don’t need
nutrition and then all you need to do is what they’re telling you is to go to the
doctor that’s it because they’re in the government is in the drug business
the FDA gives five billion dollars every year to give the pharmaceutical industry
everything at once it gets five billion dollars every year the FDA does from the
pharmaceutical industry it’s collusion it’s collusion and it’s mass murder and
they’ve been doing it for decades I’ve been doing it since 1940 that’s when all
this started and so so but the main thing here so on so on diabetes though
what should someone do on insulin so what do they do so they want to get the
diet right they’re going to go to that make lifestyle changes report they want
to start take making sure they’re getting enough water they want to make
sure they’re getting these nutrients and they may not pick every single thing in
that report what about the insulin though what do they do with that the
insulin is going that they’re going to use a simple mineral called chromium and
a lot of other things that are listed in the diabetes report
okay if you do if you if you take care of the nutritional things first make
sure your diet is right with the make lifestyle changes and if you have any
question you don’t have to know everything you call the manufacturer who
manufactures all these natural remedies that’s health and herbs that is your
free consultation team that will coach you through any of these problems and
they’re not going to ask you for a donation I’m gonna ask you for a
donation products I don’t I don’t okay the only that’s the only way I roll
okay Tim helped you make all this happen and guess what a donation giving them a
donation is way cheaper than what we give in these hospitals and doctors and
what we’re and what we’re paying you know as far as price you know and as far
as health care goes we’re paying with our lives so I need to ask you this
Truman real quick right there’s two things I want to touch you on before you
you can go ahead and flowba cat but there’s a few there there’s constant
scenarios sickness or illness why’s that we always get and I wanted to be able to
ask you these questions for the rest of the population out there let me ask you
this about this right first first I want to hit the HIV thing
right because I’m just reading a report where a doctor in Spain he injected
himself with someone who was HIV positive and they hid his they hit this
particular news article in which he injected himself with blood in Spain
right HIV proven that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS right out and they suppress all of
this doctors information and study so what he did live on TV in Spain he
injected himself I just looked at this study this morning he injected himself
with HIV on live television and say you can you can track me for the rest of my
life he says because this is what he dropped that the vaccines itself had a
trait where the majority of people that ever took a vaccine could have some
trait of what they would call HIV it’s more so a genetic disorder that’s just
due to people receiving vaccines it’s not really a disease at all so what he
did was he did this and they suppress it on purpose so they can push the
pharmaceuticals can put could push a Z T now this is documented in medical
circles that he did this on purpose to prove that they’ve been lying to the
population and they parlayed this from a gay disease to destroy in the black and
poor communities throughout the earth with AZT so what would be your
suggestion if someone is diagnosed with quote-unquote HIV which they can not
diagnose anyone based on how you answer a survey actually he said that HIV is
not spreading through sexual contact it’s something that’s given through the
vaccines it’s a abnormal it’s an abnormal now
this report I’m gonna talk about this out of the actual right it’s a normal
reaction to the change of genetics it’s a deficiency based on the change of
genetics that’s all it is there’s nothing that can happen with someone
having sex with one person and give it to another person but if the person
answered the same questions that the other person answered they would say you
got HIV too based on your answer of a survey they come to you and say the
doctors have diagnosed me with HIV what would you say sure so so again
we’re gonna get the diet right yeah we’re gonna set the foundation you can’t
build a building unless you’ve got a foundation okay so we’re so number one
we’ve got the most high numbers right that’s right we got it we got a diet
number three now we’re looking at how we can correct and cleanse and detoxify the
body so when we go down at the bottom of that make lifestyle changes report and
we get down after we’ve got into the diet and the and and the out acid
alkaline report and getting everything all balanced out
then we set the stage but then down further in the make lifestyle changes
before it it says unclog the liver rejuvenate the bowel clean the blood
that’s what we need to do we need to get it out of the body we need to cleanse
the we need to restart the engine with a solid foundation and then and then we
are unclogging the liver and we’re using a colon and liver cleansing liquid if
there is no constipation I consider constipation people that are
constipated and so many are and don’t know it is that if you’re having a bowel
movement and you’re flushing the toilet and it doesn’t break up in a cloud you
are constipated it’s got to have enough moisture you’ve got to drink enough
water you’ve got to get that foundation right drink it enough water then you can
flush out then you have enough water to flush the body out to clean it out and
so when you’re when you’re doing this and you’re using that CAC liquid is for
people who it’s a blood cleansing digestive cleansing liver cleansing
bowel cleansing formulation that every again you’ll start and it says one to
three tablespoons but you’re gonna start with a teaspoon and and for the first
day and then two teaspoons the second day or three you’re gonna work your way
into anything and you’re gonna start take it enough of that CAC liquid if
you’re not constipated if you are constipated
you’re going to use something called C AC T so that you can drink cups and cups
of this tea to rehabilitate the peristaltic tone of the muscle action in
the in the colon so it will go back to work again but that T is not habit for
me it will clean you out retrain the bowel to go back to work and
get rid of constipation that’s what the tea is for and then you work then then
you don’t need the tea anymore my son he was diagnosed four years ago
with several illness illnesses he was a very healthy boy until he was
through my research through you know my journey I did a lot of research on
vaccine and things of that nature and I really believed that it was the vaccines
because my son was a healthy boy yeah you know so and I hear this all the time
every day so he was I know through time through this autonomia obstruction
syndrome achalasia and many other things that has to do
with like the GI tract so when he collapse he his esophagus to his anus
collapse he’s like paralyzed nothing was working
I think so the most hike through time he’s healing what the doctors the GI
doctor a motility doctor actually fairly PA that I still go and follow-up they
told me that his nerves are completely shattered from the beginning of his
stomach to the cold yeah okay so my question is what is the best herbal
remedy to give a child where he can the nurse can heal because if the nurse
doesn’t work at all how can he contract exactly and digest
right and and and that’s and that’s where this herbal tea is going to help
to heal those nerves and it’s going to increase that peristaltic muscle tone to
where then it’s gonna go back to work again that’s exactly what that tea does
what’s the name of that tea again treatment called C a CT okay stock
number four one one zero and and so so so you’re you’re taking enough of this
herbal tea and and your for a child or for adults starting with a little bit
and increasing it until they’re comfortably cleaning out and you’re
making sure that the diet is rich with nutrients in that make lifestyle changes
report and and and over a period of time you’re going to see that’s going to heal
because he’s getting all the nutrition and it can heal itself
and he’s getting a diet that’s easy to digest and break the nutrients down and
go ahead yeah you know yeah they’re feeding him through a tube right so
you’re gonna have to liquefy everything and put it through that tube so you’re
gonna so when you so win it any time it says take a capsule or a tablet or a
powder you’re gonna find out you’re gonna talk to your team they’re at five
four one seven nine one eighty four hundred and your team is going to going
to coach you because they have kids these are ladies that make this and they
have lots of kids and and they help and and and well my the owner is my
granddaughter and she blessed me with five little
girls five great grand children so yeah so so they know they know and they and
they’re doing this because nobody is making any money doing this we’ve all
been so destroyed financially we will never have any money
because in the same thing with the granddaughter she’s been under attack
from the government and and but she won’t quit because the most high when I
asked her again a couple of days ago I said what keeps you going
she says well it’s a labor of love for God I got to do it that’s right I got to
do it and all that shit she was under siege under siege by the FDA come into
her laboratory and an health food store coming in there and stained and set
across her desk for 100 days and to put her out of business and before they did
that they did that to other health food stores in the town and they collapsed
and went out of business and they got to her and she wouldn’t quit she said God
the Most High won’t let me quit and then she won’t
so she but and even and even what to the chagrin of the FDA agents who did that
to her after 100 days they dr. hand across her desk and they said
you’re the only person we’ve ever done this to who’s still in business and
won’t quit and you totally complied with every one of our rules we admire you
we’re not coming back they haven’t been back for three years but they caused so
much damage them out there they did damage though yeah like you know look
they’re so so just know that this is a family labor of love thing and that’s
what that’s what we do and that’s why I take donations and and we’re medical
doctor would be asking you for two or three hundred dollars a visit you know
whatever whatever you’ve given me for our donation
it says not much and I know it and you know it but that’s it that’s what it is
and I I accept that five dollar donation I got for that one hour work that I did
would gratefully and with humble thank thankfulness from you guys I know that
if you had more you give more but you if you don’t somebody’s got to step up and
that’s me okay yes right Truman let me ask you this and
it’s important that we support each other especially in these times when
they’re trying to they trying to stomp us out they trying to kill us they
trying to destroy sue the pharmaceuticals and there’s not too many
brothers and sisters like him left okay so I think the most time for you and
your family let me ask you two things in specific then and we can turn it over
right of course I have to deal with the big one last which is the C word cancer
right but before we go there let’s deal with we have an inordinate number of
sisters dealing with thyroid issues right
what is the root of the thyroid issue and how if they could when they come to
you and say I’m having thyroid issues what can I do to you know to ease the
pain or cure myself all together – L fibroid fight fibroids
that’s the one I want fibroid fibroids thirty-third eyebrows that’s the one
excuse me 30 days goodbye not coming back
fibroid – so so there’s a way to totally heal fibroid issues they donate when
they cut it out which is painful then it grows back again very often they
know that they’re just waiting for the you to come back again all the time so
so what is the source of a way to fibroids come from that’s what I needed
fibroids where do they come from and how do the sisters heal them if it’s a
nutritional disorder and and the fibroids are it’s from blood that’s not
clean and it’s causing a tumor that and if and if the body is weak enough that
tumor will be cancerous and oh we’ve got to deal with cancer so that it is a
blood cleansing diet get we get that diet right then we go over to the breast
and all cancer report and we read that and when we do that then the brothers
and the sisters who have cancers are coming back to me and telling me ten
days my cancer they can’t find it anymore
mmm ten days right one case one case in point stretch stretching the topic is a
Tyrone Porter brother Tyrone Porter out there in Mississippi called me up a
little over a year ago and he said I got one kidney it’s bleeding and it’s got a
cancer on it and they told me that go home and die and he said what can we do
about it and I said well brother the first thing we’re gonna do is pray about
it and we did and then we and then we talked about that breast and all cancer
report and then we put together the herbs that are going to be a good give
him a good diet and then and then we gave him anti-cancer herbal formulations
like number ten eighty four ten eighty four is a multiple cancer herbal formula
are called it CF first I called it cancer formula the FDA said oh no you
can’t say that and then I said well let’s call it CF and they said oh no
that’s you can’t say that finally you know what they call the cancer formula
they said okay you call it 1084 that’s it that’s all you get to know that’s
what they want you to know nothing they don’t want you to know the name of the
cancer formula hmm so so it’s 1084 so I saw your so and
when you go on the website better health herbs calm and you and you type in the
search engine 1084 and it brings up this 1084 or herbal liquid that has all these
herbs in it you’re gonna see all the herbs in there that are all for and
against cancer gonna be about a dozen of them or more and and these multiple
herbs that are going in and they’re cleaning the blood but that’s where
where I left off with at the bottom of that make lifestyle changes report where
it’s talking about unclog the liver and rejuvenate the bowel and clean the blood
that’s what it takes for fibroid tumors that’s what it takes for cancer that’s
what it takes for HIV and then you then you lay into these 1084 cancer herbs and
then you look at some another cancer formula called hoxsey that’s got
chaparral in it and you add that and you’re taking these and you and you and
your your diets right and and you’re and you’re cutting out sugars because sugar
feeds tumors and cancers so you you even cut back on your sugars from your fruit
you cut down on your fruit and and instead you’re making sure that that
bowel is keeping cleaned out though with that CAC liquid for people who don’t
have constipation and the CAC tea that that does get rid of constipation you
make sure that bowel is cleaned out but the key then is a powder a powder
called special fiber powder number forty eight thirty seven and that that powder
turns into a gel and it goes and so you you use enough of the powder so you’re
using enough of the CAC liquid or the CAC T to clean the bowel out and keep
the bow loose then you’re using this fiber powder to absorb all the toxins
the vaccines the heavy metal all the toxins they put in your body is going to
go into this fiber powder it’s gonna be a gel that that turns and you got to
drink it right away you powder that turns to a gel so you’re
going to drink it right away and it’s gonna slide through your body and it’s
gonna take all the moisture all the liquid is gonna suck it right into that
gel and all the heavy metals and all the all the toxins in your body are gonna go
right into that gel and that gel is gonna slide through there and it’s gonna
hit the liver and that’s where you know about something called milk thistle seed
extract that gives you 60% new liver cells every 120 days that then you’re
and and so for during this two-week process of where you’re cleansing and
detoxifying and flushing out the colon and gently of course and and you’re
absorbing everything into this gel that is that is the gel is caused by the
psyllium seed husk fiber that turns to a gel and it just pulls all the toxins to
it but then it’s got all the green foods in it that also detoxify and nourish as
it’s going as well but it’s a but it’s on a fiber powder and so you’ve got that
you’ve got the psyllium husk seed powder you’ve got the green foods all of that
and then you’ve got something called montmorillonite bentonite clay and that
montmorillonite bentonite clay is carrying an electric charge an ionic
charge and that charge is negative the N and the heavy metals and the toxins are
causative lis charged and pulling all of those toxins into that clay and it’s and
so so and and you’re protecting the liver with the milk thistle seed extract
so nothing can toxify you you could eat drink poison and you wouldn’t absorb it
when you’re when you’re taking milk thistle milk thistle if you went to a
medical doctor and you said I just ate poison mushrooms they said I’m gonna die
he says well let me get some milk thistle seed extract because that’s all
they know about that’s one time they’re gonna use an herb
because that’s what’s in the PDR so that’s it so it’s so now we are
protecting the liver nothing’s getting into it and at the same time it’s
building brand-new liver cells at the rate of 60% new liver cells every 120
days so now you’re protecting the liver and you’re cleaning and you’re throwing
all this debris and junk and toxins and heavy metals and everything at the liver
it’s bouncing off the liver going into the bowel and that’s when that gel
finally has collected all the moisture and everything in your body and made it
to the bowel made it to the colon and it’s and now it’s mopping up and
absorbing every bit of this debris and toxins and heavy metals out of the colon
and you don’t reabsorb it it’s a beautiful system and that’s how you do
it that’s how you and-and-and and that’s how you set the
stage for cancer for fibroids for cleaning the blood and then if you’ve
got fibroids there is a fibroid report that tells you how to make a suppository
and it talks about a black salve that you mix with castor oil and you and you
and every time you’re looking at a product that you like the black salve
then you could click on it and you can put it in your shopping cart and because
you can order all this online or you can call them on the telephone and tell them
to put it together for you put the fibroid things together for me and add
it up and tell me how much it is is what you do and then they get back to you and
they say okay that your fibroid products are gonna cost you so much money and I
don’t know probably maybe a couple hundred dollars for all the things you
need or less and and and then they put it together for you and ship it all out
and ship it on to you but you but you’ve got the report that tells you how to
make the suppository which things you need how long to do it
what nights to do it because you’re going to do the
to do the fibroid suppository five nights a week you’re gonna pick the five
nights these are the best five nights for you so that yes go ahead what I have
a question how about children with autism autism yes is there any you know
cure free if there’s any you know any medical you know medicine but not
medical medicine herbal medicine treat sure you look at the autism report and
and on the herbal health review calm common condition under autism one of the
first things it’s going to say is a heavy-metal detox with garlic coriander
cilantro ginger it’s gonna have these kinds of herbs in there and then when
you go to the store and you’re shopping get some cilantro because it’s gonna mop
up and it’s gonna pull heavy metals out of your body
so so you’re gonna help that heavy metal detox but that’s where it starts let’s
mop up and get those out and then let’s still colon and liver cleansing let’s
mop up all the vaccines and everything that that have gone through the this
child and and let’s mop all this up and clean it up and get it out of the body
and nourish that kid back to health and the most high will do the rest we can
open it up for questions now but let me ask you Truman uh like I grew up with
asthma right and I knew the point of entry I’ve mentioned this many days
before I remember woman giving me a vaccine and I couldn’t breathe it was
about at the age of four and then I was diagnosed with asthma and they told my
mother I was born with it but I knew about five or six what woman gave me
asthma but anyway I’ve been cleaned from it as far as you know I’m good now I’ve
been using I’ve been using things like the Himalayan salt clay inhaler and
anytime I’m having breathing issues or I don’t even have them anymore I would
take a few things of that and my lungs are fine
let me ask you four mothers that are suffering with their children with
asthma right what are their the alternatives like I use the Himalayan
salt with the clay right with the clay inhaler
yeah but opposed to the inhaler because I remember growing up after I take the
inhaler my heart I would have heart palpitations and sometimes my heart
would actually hurt you can feel it yeah so I know children are going through
this and it’s personable to me having to grow up with it right so I’m asking you
if a parent is dilling mother or father with a child who’s diagnosed with asthma
which is which is the vaccine damage scenario what can they do to heal their
child completely from it okay again we’ll get back to the diet make sure the
child is getting the best diet possible yes some kids are real picky
I won’t eat this and won’t eat that and that’s a rule again can be a real
problem so we’re doing the best I can to make sure we can make things you know
appealing to the child so you’ll eat the right things and get and get enough
nourishment making sure that they’re getting a multiple vitamin for that are
for kids that is the best multiple vitamin in the
world it’s called intra kid number 2301 and and so so we’re making sure it again
that we’re giving them the correct diet then we’re looking at the asthma report
that’s going to give us respiratory herbs that are gonna help with
congestion to help to break up the congestion and we’re gonna so there’s
many different respiratory herbal formulations for asthma for all kinds of
respiratory disorders that are in there they’re gonna help so you’re gonna see
the herbs that are going to help but we’re also gonna make sure that we’re
doing the heavy-metal detox for this child because that is what caused this
asthma in this case and we’re so we’re gonna make sure that get those out of
there we’re gonna make sure and do that detox cleaning out that liver and and
and and and and and and absorbing all that out of the the bowel with that
fiber powder we’re gonna do those kinds of things and then you can also
are using a vaporizer you can vaporize eucalyptus and and other oils that are
going to be open up the respiratory system you can use the the
state-of-the-art natural antibiotic the safest antibiotic on the planet which is
called colloidal silver water and so that’s why the most high had me invent a
device that makes it because it’s $60 a quart but you can buy the device to make
it for its $90 but with your discount a GOCC discount which is the discount code
is health zero one when you go to the website health zero one gives you a 15%
discount discount off of anything you order from that website
but but what we’re doing is we’re using the inhalers that he’s using that with
the you know with that Himalayan salt and eucalyptus oil and and and things
like that vaporizing it but we’re also using herbs that are breaking up the
congestion we’re nourishing him we’re taking us we’re taking out the heavy
metals out of the body so but and and and and we’re detoxing with that colon
and liver cleansing tea if there’s constipation or the liquid if there’s no
constipation and the fiber powder to absorb everything and as we go through
that and nourish him and and more Rickett it’ll disappear it should go
away and if it doesn’t you keep talking to the to your team and say okay I’ve
done this I’ve done that what do you think now and they’re gonna stay with
you and they’re gonna coach and make sure that you get through it and get
over it every every bit of it is work but this is the most different kind of a
system because no one’s ever had a system where you can call somebody up
and they’re gonna coach you through natural remedies into you until you are
well and they’re not going to ask you for a ton of money and they’re going to
give you a discount on the medicines that they’re making
nobody’s ever put anything like that together before but the most I put it
together for us if anyone have any questions you can
come on up you’re lying on up yes my question is I’ve been for days passing
stones kidney stones for days I passed already too but I’m still in severe a
lot of severe pain yes I would like to know what I could do
kidney stones yeah get you go to again going to the website you’ll see the
report on herbal health review.com and you go to common conditions and you
click on kidney bladder and it’s going to give you how to get rid of kidney
stones how how to take marshmallow root tea which will then coat over the stones
and then and and then it will also act as a diuretic the marshmallow root tea
you make it once in the morning you bring a quart of water to boil pull
it off the burner take the lid off put 1 tablespoon of marshmallow root tea and
there stir it up a little bit let it cool down and drink it throughout hot or
cold throughout the day and 2 to 3 hours before bed you stop drinking liquids if
you’re thirsty sip but don’t drink a lot of liquids before bed otherwise you’re
gonna be up all night so we try to shut down the we drink plenty of liquids all
day long half your body weight in ounces if you weigh 200 pounds you want 100
ounces of water every day half you’re half your weight in ounces of water so
you’re getting plenty of water all day long that quart of marshmallow root tea
we’re gonna count that as part of the liquids so she’s you’re using that
that’s coat meat coating over the stones but then you’re getting a formula called
number 12 46 kidney bladder formula you’re taking 30 drops three times a day
that is also nourishing the urinary tract and and and it’s got multiple
urinary tract herbs in there to soothe and and heal and get rid of infections
in the urinary tract so that’s that then then you get something called schizandra
Barry schizandra Barry because that’s going to get rid of any
kidney urinary tract infection then your didn’t you’ve got it those those are the
three main things then they’re going to be listing other herbs if you have more
inflammation and pain you’re going to take more nettles and and and if you
need more diuretics one of the greatest diuretics is watermelon seed that’s the
what’s the reason there’s no seeds in the watermelons because it gets rid of
kidney bladder problems hi doctor its thyroid trouble when elders started to
ask about but what about those that have taken the radiation of some treatment
is there any help for that and then and I’m gonna sit down you once we take
these herbs do we have to continue them throughout our lifetime or is this a
clean sweep once you take it can we say now we’re healthy and just live on a
healthy diet absolutely the correct thing is the answer is yes you don’t
have to do these these are not like drugs you do not have to take them the
rest of your life you do that cleanse that detoxify get your diet right then
you live on the diet and you get rid of you then you don’t have to cleanse and
detoxify anymore the kidneys are healed you don’t have to heal them again you’re
done cancer is gone cancer was gone in in in Tyrone in Tyrone Porter the guy
with the one kidney and the bleeding cancer he called me up and he said in
five days he called me several times during that
time but in five days he called me up and he says my kidney isn’t bleeding
anymore he said that’s wonderful he says I’m on
my way to my oncologist in ten days he’s gonna check and see how my cancer is
doing what should I expect and I said well we prayed about it so it won’t be
there it’s gone and when he got back ten days later I said well what happened he
said well my kidney isn’t bleeding anymore and they can’t find the cancer
anymore it’s been 10 that’s been a total of 15 days goodbye cancer
Tyron Porter Mississippi and and they had him coming back they kept telling
him and tell him you still have cancer we want to do this and we want to do
that and and and they had him scared and so forth and and so we went through the
cancer cure twice just to make sure it was gone
and and and it’s been over a year no cancer he’s he’s well he’s a happy
bricklayer with one kidney that’s working and he and he don’t take this
stuff anymore about the thyroid situation and then
lastly for the cayenne pepper are we talking about teaspoon full of cayenne
pepper are we talking about taking capsules of cayenne for higher blood
pressure or how is that or do I need to go to this website and there’s something
available okay for high blood pressure in that cayenne pepper it’s gonna be
cheaper if you get it by the pound and you can take it you can put it in things
but if you can’t tolerate you know good doses of care of cayenne we’re talking
about maybe a half a teaspoon two to three times a day taking it early not at
night it will keep you awake right so so so the powder is but if you can’t handle
the powder and it’s too hot and so forth yes take a ticket with ginger ginger
will cool it down or put it in a capsule and take a Cayenne kept cayenne capsule
and a Cayenne a ginger capsule or and that will cool down the cayenne Cayenne
and adding ginger the ginger cools down the cayenne and your stomach
so then then and the thyroid the answer is a formula called number 11 96
it’s called gland rejuvenator it it’s with were the most high had me take all
the different glands of the body create formulations for each gland all the
gland formulas together and give the person work on all of the glands at the
same time tyroid pituitary adrenal glands etc all of them at the same time
in one formula called 1196 1tsp three times
a day goodbye thyroid problems okay just
lastly I said that about eight times if you have with these herbs and things
that you’re talking about giving to children are they something that they
can taste tolerate these teas or are they something that you’re gonna be like
I can’t drink that you can you can hide the flavor you can hide the flavor with
raw honey you can hide the flavor with oils like peppermint clove those kinds
of things will hide the flavor so you can use it and and the safe sweetener is
stevia stevia leaf and if you want one that looks like sugar tastes like sugar
that’s xylitol they used to make it from corn cobs about six months ago it became
available from birch trees and it’s made from wood and it looks and tastes like
sugar and there’s no sugar so the and did that answer your
questions okay yes ma’am chello um so um for children who have
been vaccinated and lack focus what do you recommend again the heavy metal
detox and then you want to look at herbs that have gota Kola and and ginkgo and
and and you’re gonna see that anytime you type in the word memory in the
search engine on there that they’re gonna bring you up memory herbs and and
fo tie bow tie is a mental rejuvenator and so Foat I would be a mental
rejuvenator gota kola is gonna clear the mind ginkgo is going to cause
circulation to the brain and to the head if we need that more circulation and
then we’re gonna look at is it a circulatory problem because we can
increase it the circulation with niacin we can increase increase the circulation
with circulation herbs like butcher’s broom and so forth so yes that’s the
direction we go in and quickly for dark dark underneath your underneath your
eyes whether you get these dark patches that’s the kidney bladder go on that
kidney bladder cleanse and flush out that kidney a very quick kidney flush is
one whole lemon in eight ounces of water and drink that down and and then in a
bowl another two or three hours do it again two times in a day one lemon
in about eight ounces the water will flush out the kidneys inexpensive kidney
flush with renal adrenal fatigue or adrenal fatigue is that something that
is this or that’s something that’s made up because I I looked up on the website
I mean I looked up online and I seen these symptoms and it says that the
symptoms that I have by now it’s a mom usually under stress our my side on my
side of my kidneys or starts to hurt I went to the to the doctor they checked
it they said my kidneys are healthy and I when I went on the website on sue me
online I’ve seen adrenal fatigue but I went to the doctor they just laughed and
said this there’s something that doesn’t exist is there something that they help
for adrenal yeah well that’s what they always say when they don’t understand
anything it really don’t exist it’s all in your head
let’s send you to the psychiatrist that you know that cancer you got really
don’t exist you know yeah that they’re evil they do all all day long it’s a sad
story but adrenal fatigue yeah you can have hypoglycemia and that’s adrenal
fatigue and that and yeah that’s that’s a journal fatigue so there so again that
working on all of the glands at the same time really makes it happen if you’re
just working on the adrenals well all all the other glands have been beat up
just because that adrenal is not working the others have been being punished and
then you go along and you’re helping the adrenals but you’re not helping the
other guys so we got to help all of number eleven ninety six gland
rejuvenator one teaspoon three times a day rejuvenates all the glands in your
body you go through that for a month or two you’re done all praises to the most
time yes ma’am I would like to ask I don’t
know what more my mom can do she was she had liver cancer and she was they put
her on a waiting list for a liver she received her liver last year and she’s
doing she’s she she’s off and on with her health now last week she was rushed
to the emergency room now they’re saying she has high blood pressure so I don’t
know what to do because my mom also does not listen that’s a common problem yeah
she feels they know best and you know I just I don’t know what to do yeah well
number one we can always pray yeah that’s that’s that word that’s a good
place to start and and and hope that that the spirit would come upon her and
and and awaken her to listen and to listen to her daughter to listen to
reason because there are so many people had been brainwashed doctors doctors
only and and herbs are not there saying that your roots the the most
historically traditionally used foods herbs we’ve been used since the
beginning of time and they’re trying to tell you that they’re worthless and you
shouldn’t do them and you should be afraid of them and unfortunately a lot
of our elder elderly people because since nineteen forty we’ve been
brainwashed yeah yeah so so so number one we got to pray pray that your mom
listens and then keep encouraging her to do to try some of these remedies to get
started on some of them you know hey the doctors the doctors aren’t doing her any
great and wonderful good so why not try something that that she can still take
her medication but and then it’s start on let’s try some of these and then
let’s see if we can leverage leverage her off because because now it’s you
know the it’s the liver and and the liver needs that milk thistle seed
extract to protect it that new live and it will help rebuild and renew the
liver by 60% every 120 days as well as protect it so the Memphis the seed
powder in your power drink the milk thistle seed extract until you don’t
need it anymore and when the livers gone back to work and you got no symptoms and
everything’s wonderful then you don’t use the extract anymore because it’s a
little spendy and you just stay on the milk dosa seed in your power drink for
the rest of your life and keep a brand-new liver
become an old person with a healthy liver even if they’ve been a drinker too
much alcohol in it or drugs or whatever it is that milk
thistle seed will bring that liver back the liver can renew itself yes when they
when I gave her her liver they gave her a piece they gave the other piece to an
infant because my mom is so small so was yeah I mean they said it would grow fit
her body when she received her liver they gave her a child yeah yeah because
it will regrow itself especially if you know about a milquetoast estate then it
will grow like wonderful that’s milk milk thistle seed extract is liver food
it would regenerates the liver and protects it at the same time to give me
there’s a young man that goes to school with my daughter he has epilepsy yeah he
just just started with this this summer and he they started him with several
medicines lower dose but he’s on a very huge amount of medicine now that he’s
just his head is foggy he can’t concentrate at school let’s try some CBD
oil yeah I’m getting good reports about kids that don’t have seizures anymore on
CBD oil and then look at the seizures report on that website because that’s
going to give the other seizure IDs okay sure yo Ola before we get the next
question let me say this for anyone who’s dealing with family members who
might be hesitant the best way to deal with it because what they’re doing is
they’re attaching what you believe in or whatever the case is with what you’re
bringing the best way to deal with it as an alternative is to say mom there’s a
doctor I need you to speak to because they’ll be they’ll be more apt to listen
to a professional than their daughter or a family member who they think is going
the wrong way based on a belief system regardless of whether or not this is the
truth is how people perceive it so the best thing to do if we really looking
out for our family and what we want them to get the help that’s needed you say
mom I have a doctor that’s a specialist in this area that can give you a great
alternative would you like to speak to him and then you make that connection
and then she’ll know that she’s dealing with a sane credible doctor dr. Truman
don’t just tell you about the herbs he lets you know how your body can receive
the herbs doctors never do that you go into a hospital a doctor and say okay
prescribe something for me they don’t tell you how it works with your your
actual body so so he’ll break it down to the lowest degree for your parents let
you know this is how all your kidney work design and this these are the
things the most I may tell them naturally speak into the mic we can’t
hear you about like painful periods for example I
get like cramps at like stop the word I can’t do anything pastry berries chase
chase three berries tincture 30 drops three times a day let’s start there and
any questions be sure and call your team and let them know that it worked or it
didn’t work yes be pleased Shalom dr. Shalom
I wouldn’t have of ms/ms multiple sclerosis yes
multiple sclerosis you want to look at the multiple sclerosis report and is
going to talk about various herbs in it and the system but again always start
with a good diet a good diet then look at the MS report
and it’ll give you a step by step procedure how to work with MS and so you
can walk your way out of it and be sure and call the ladies and and because
they’re gonna walk with you through your journey do you think that ms comes from
the diet why people get MS what’s the core reason for ms it’s toxic exposure
lead mercury that they poison the air they poison the water they poison the
food the vaccines it’s all played a part in and and and and creating what they’re
calling a mess thank you for coming here i just have a quick question speak right
into the microphone so one of my sisters in the truth she just had a baby like
two months ago since the baby was born no vaccines it’s two months the baby has
been in the hospital the entire time from a stomach infection so i’m
wondering if my sister if she can take anything i may be through the breast
milk with the baby be healed they gave they gave the baby the vitamin
casein yeah so using when they given those shots may be bringing up putting
other stuff in it yeah exactly exactly so they poisoned the baby when yes and
and so again the bat now the baby’s having digestive disorders mom needs to
take bacteria the friendly bacteria called acidophilus so she’s gonna take
the acidophilus powder or the acidophilus capsules and that’s gonna
give her the friendly bacteria acidophilus powder or capsules you’ll
find it on the website you’ll find it in the make lifestyle changes report it’s
gonna say acidophilus you can click on any of those items in the report and
it’ll bring up the product so you can look at it so the mom will take and the
mom yes the mom takes the bacteria yes and the mom takes the heavy-metal detox
so that the baby will get it in the breast milk yes okay thank you so much
yeah we’re gonna make this quick and again how do we know the vaccines didn’t
cause an issue if you don’t get the vaccine that’s how you know the vaccine
didn’t cause the issue because they want to tell you they’re gonna deny it to the
to the hill each time you understand and we put it out there over and over and
over it and we understand that we’re pressured
in these medical facilities but you have to understand that the most I didn’t
setup vaccines for help the most I gave us herbs for health they’re gonna deny
it to the hilt and now the doctors and the hospital is not gonna have to deal
with the issues of your child being sick you’re gonna go home with the issue so
it’s time for us to stand up against this stuff and just use what the most
I’ve given us right that’s how you know vaccines didn’t cause the issue because
your child didn’t get one now you can you can automatically route vaccines out
if there is an issue yes do you know anything for like psoriasis whether it’s
internally or externally psoriasis yes you’re gonna find on on this website
you’re gonna find a psoriasis a cream and you’re gonna find a psoriasis report
that you can look at and we’re gonna but it’s diet and it’s blood cleansing and
and then the psoriasis cream and and the psoriasis report looking at at all it’ll
walk you right through it and then you call them there and ask them if there’s
any questions it along the way you’re you’re calling those folks okay
okay you’ll do it shallow on shallow Wallman thank you all praise time thank
you give trooping a round of applause and again if there’s any issues medical
issues that’s going on between you and your family just call the phone number
let them know what the issues are and they’ll put together package for you
okay bless you you

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  36. I’m in Australia and I’m finding it very difficult to figure find Dr Truemens webpage? If someone could help I would appreciate it very much.

  37. Thanks for this info gocc a huge wake up call for me i need to change my diet and take vitamins everday for a start. My health has been bad these last few years and i know its from the garbage food ive been eating. May TMH bless yall for this lesson.

  38. They have killed many of us with disease. Sadly we still trust these devils with our health. I am not sure if I can trust this guy either . Just trust in the Lord.

  39. You suppose to know who you are talking to, or looking at when you see them.if you don't you are walking unprotected. I am an ethnobotany researcher. The Lord allowed the angels to teach me.
    Spirits of Infirmity is what the LORD called them. Study the trees and edible weeds. Peterson Field guide will help you get started. Meriwether foraging Texas will also give some help with identification. .
    There are herbs that help you get rid of the diabetic devil. I fought him and put him off me in 24 hours. Walk in the truth and the light. Eat the herbs for food. Eat the bitter herbs. I have found in my research, very effective diuretics, pain relievers, blood pressure medicines, foods necessary for diabetes. … I'm a registered nurse. I did nursing over 16 years. Now all I use is herbs. Herbs you can harvest or grow yourself.
    Now what

  40. The best way to use her s for health is to incorporate them in your diet daily. We are under attack. So learn what's edible and harvest it. Buying the herbs sometime it is a deterrent.
    I applaud GOCC. I tried to encourage those of my church and my friends and family to use herbs. I was unsuccessful at that time. But GOD showed me how they kill unclean spirits and devils. He showed me how the enemy is trying to rid the land of the herbs so we won't be able to combat the devil.

  41. Elder Rachaa I can help your people. The only requirement is a people willing to live Holy. I don't fellowship dishonest unholy people.

  42. Where do I learn more? I'm in costa rica and doctors and medicine killed my mom. I want to learn more to protect my family

  43. Elder Rawchaa, sir you and your ministry is infecting positively my family like wild fire. We now know we are Ephraim, and are so into your ministry. I'm located in Colorado, and I'm connected with Elder Sabi of NM, and Elder Ahzan of TX. My cousin is in Boston. We love your ministry.

  44. Bring the balm…. Health&Healing for the 12 Tribe's! Peace and Blessings!

  45. I've said this soooo many times to my family and clients; stick to real and whole foods to heal. I make and sell cold press ginger, with no fake foods, just a twist of lemon. I use ginger every day, several times a day. If I ate the wrong thing, I make sure not to eat it again, then I drink a shot of ginger to soothe and balance out my ph. To reduce high blood pressure, change your diet, reduce sodium and feed the body natural food. To purchase real 100% cold press ginger with NO additives, no preservatives, go to www.myraclebodies.com

  46. Educate yourself on the insulin index https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Insulin_index ; bottom line, change your diet to live foods. Foods that metabolize so that nutrients get into your body and brain.

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