Health Benefits of Okra the Lady’s Finger

Okra, better known as Lady’s Finger or gumbo,
has been around for a long time. Over 3,500 years ago, this tropical vegetable
was loved, and used, by the ancient Egyptians and today, it’s still enjoyed by many, both
as a tasty vegetable and for its health benefits. Before we tell you about this interesting
vegetable, just a quick note, we’d appreciate if you’d please subscribe to our channel
if you haven’t already done so. We’re all about natural home remedies and
are excited to be able to share tips with you! So let’s start: 1 Okra is a fibre-rich vegetable that enhances
the digestive system; it helps ease proper bowel movements for regularity and there are
less issues with bloating, cramping and excess gas, and here’s a good thing, it also helps
to prevent constipation. 2 Antioxidants are helpful when it comes to
fighting off free radicals and okra’s high vitamin C content assists in boosting the
immune system. This particular vitamin stimulates the immune
system to create more white blood cells, handy for fighting off other foreign pathogens & materials
in the body that can put the immune system at risk. 3 Okra is abundant in vitamins and minerals,
including potassium, which helps to relax the blood vessels and arteries, therefore
reducing blood pressure and putting less strain on the cardiovascular system. 4 Vitamin A antioxidants protect skin health
by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and scars. They fight free radicals so they can’t do
any more damage and even better, they repair damage already done to cells! 5 The benefits for your hair are considerable! Taking tired and lifeless hair and giving
it back some ‘bounce’, conditioning and moisturizing your hair and leaving it feeling
soft! Okra also fights dandruff and improves the
overall scalp condition, and to top it all off, it gives your hair a beautiful shine,
naturally! These are only some of the health benefits
of okra. We’ll cover more of them in another video
so keep a watch out for it. You can consume this vegetable in a number
of ways. Coated with seasoned flour or corn meal and
fried is one way.

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