Hepatitis B Alternative Treatment – Real Testimonial

Hepatitis B Alternative Treatment – Real Testimonial

Greetings sir Greetings What’s your name, sir? My name is Abdul gani. For what purpose you came here? I was diagnosed with hepatitis b and for that I contacted DR Vikram Chauhan. He gave me some medicines which I am taking. For what problem you came here? I came here for hepatitis B and also having backache for which I had an MRI also. So for that I also came here. So for how long you took medicine for hepatitis. I was diagnosed with hepatitis b in August 2017 and viral load at that time was 489. After that I had 3 medicines continuously for two months and after that my viral load was reduced to 116. Now you are totally fine. Yes, now I am fully fit, but my medicines are still continued and I feel after taking all these medicines I will be fine. What message you want to give to other patients and viewers who are watching you. I want to tell that I didn’t believe in Ayurveda previously, but when I got sick with this disease and allopathic doctors told that this disease has no treatment. After that, I checked on the net and watched on YouTube about Planet Ayurveda. Then I contacted DR Vikram Chauhan and I sent my full detail to him and the medicines he suggested to me and the medicines I am taking I got very much relief from them. Ok, thank you, sir. Thank you.

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  1. Sir mujhe hepatitis b positive hai. Aur pet may water hai. Gass bahut jayada ban raha hai. Aur weakness bahut jayada hai. Mai Abhi tenvir 300mg le raha hu. Plz suggest me

    I am  from Los Angeles, CA, I was diagnosed with a Hiv/aids disease in 2017. But Thank God for a friend who I met in a grocery store, She told me of a Herbal doctor that healed her from Herpes Virus and Type 2 Diabetes… She gave me his information on how to reach him and today I'm in good health. You should contact Dr. Idahosa via WhatsApp +2348163202332 or Email: [email protected]

  3. Has it become Negative, Hsbag test result as negative, my viral load is already very low. Have you had any patient having chronic Hepatitis B getting negative.

  4. Man you should say thanks to god other wise no possibility only maintain by alopatic medicine tenofovir alafenamide 25mg, tenofovir disoproxil furmate 300mg

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