Herbal Cure of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in Ayurveda | Natural Treatment – Real Testimonial

Herbal Cure of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in Ayurveda | Natural Treatment – Real Testimonial

Greetings, Ma’am and Sir! Greetings! I welcome you to Planet Ayurveda centre. Thanks! Ma’am, I would like to know your name? Mehu And sir your name? Deepak Aggarwal Sir, where have you come from? Mohali, Sector 68. Thank you, sir. What health issues did your daughter have regarding which you contacted Dr. Vikram Chauhan? She was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since birth. Where else did you take treatment? In the beginning we didn’t know it was Atopic but gradually it increased and we started allopathic treatment and took it for not more than 2- 3 months that also not regularly. We applied the ointment once or twice in a month. Then we shifted to homeopathy, but as everyone says before the disease gets cured it flares up which is sign that it is coming out of the body and the same thing happened in our case. But it just kept increasing so we searched on the internet for Ayurvedic treatment and came across a video of Dr. Vikram Chauhan’s patient. What type of medicines did Dr. Vikram prescribe your daughter? Totally Ayurvedic! We quite liked the response. Sir guided us really well, treatment was very good. When did you contact Dr. Vikram? We came in March, 2017. How much difference do you see in your daughter’s condition? There’s a lot of improvement in her condition, now. I would say she’s 80% improved. Sir has asked us to continue the medicines, let’s see what happens next. Sir, please show us your daughter’s prescription! What changes did Dr. Vikram Chauhan make in your daughter’s diet? He had asked us to restrict milk products and spicy & sour foods. There are lot of viewers who are watching this video, what message would you like to give them? I would say that don’t go for allopathic treatment and definitely come to Planet Ayurveda once. You’ll get very good treatment according to me. I’m speaking from my own experience, everything will be good. Thank you sir for coming to Planet Ayurveda centre and giving such good information to our viewers. Thanks a lot!

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  1. I suffer to from DA. I am pitta/Vata male 44. Suffering for 20 years now. Scalp, beard, chest. And now rhumatism. Pls help! Thx

  2. planet ayurveda, Dr. one of my relative is suffering from Pompholyx. every year in a particular season (currently she is suffering), this eczima occurs. can you give permanent solution for it plz?

  3. I also have atopic ezcema in the private parts. I saw some ayurveda in Singapore her said is not ezcema bt Dr allopathic said ezcema. Please give me best ayurveda address in Singapore thank u

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