Herbal Face pack at home – Tamil Beauty tips by jessie Evangelin Tamil Beauty Angel

Herbal Face pack at home – Tamil Beauty tips by jessie Evangelin Tamil Beauty Angel

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today we are going to see a tip of neem face pack It will be a best solution for many problems like alergie, sensitive skin, pimples, rashes etc.. Let me tell you that how to make a pack But, before getting into the show, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy.. just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime.. whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification Friends, lets get into the show At first, let me tell you the required ingredients Alovera gel You can use alovera leaf also Turmeric powder for face neem leaf Do grind those leaves without adding any water in it… mixture should be soft Now i gonna mix those all the ingredients and will show you how to apply you can take an amount of pack based on our need.. even you can apply this for whole body.. not only girls boys also can use this pack.. when boys using you can skip that turmeric powder and mix only those alovera and neem thats enough For my face 2 spoons i have taken 2 spoons little bit of turmeric powder alovera gel half spoon Mix well these mixture.. till that alovera gel get dissolved it has mixed well.. its ready to apply on face Friends i have applied… it will get itch or something else because neem will clean your face it will remove your total dead cells Let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes …just leave as much as maximum time then it will be very effective.. I gonna wait for 15 mins after dried let me show you.. See viewers, i have washed and wiped my face very well.. If you used already that’s fine.. if not let me explain.. Neem will be very effective, very super pack.. even many people use to search for neem face wash You may have a doubt that how can get rid by using neem pack… but don’t worry it will work for sure… It was itchy at first.. now its not so, my all dirts and dead cell has been removed.. Not only that.. it is very healthy for our skin. You should use this pack for atleast weekly or monthly one time .. because it is very healthy to skin After trying you should share your comments to me friends, it is such easy tip do comment that what you feel about my tip let me tell you the plus about neem Using neem will be very healthy to our skin It helps to remove bacteria, dead cells etc.. from our skin it will cure even chicken box marks on your body or face so overall.. if you want to keep your face healthy always then use this pack ever Other face pack and all will give you glowness, fairness but if you want healthy skin then use this neem face pack If you cant maintain this fir weekly means then use atleast for monthly basis.. everyone can use this kids, parents, girls or boys everyone can use this pack.. when boys using please skip that turmeric powder share this tip to all, friends and relatives do like , do share, do comment that what you feel about my tip Not only that you can suggest me to upload my next video on any other issues. If you aware of any beauty tips share with me.. let me try once if it is really gud then i will upload that video friends your like, comment and subscribe are only my encouragement. if you wish to encourage me.. then do what i have listed before.. Thank so much to make me here.. even in future i wish to have your support. will meet you in next video Love you so much And please take care

100 Replies to “Herbal Face pack at home – Tamil Beauty tips by jessie Evangelin Tamil Beauty Angel”

  1. Sis, whiteheads aluthi eduthu 7yrs ah nose full ah and lips ku keela black ah iruku , Erytop oilment potu, inum dark agiruchu plsssss tips solunga, I feel very sad

  2. Hi sis Na unga videos ellam pathuruken. Rompave nalla iruku. Enaku face la marukal iruku sis atha epadi clear panrathu plz reply plz sis

  3. sis enaku hair la irukura eeru pogavematiku…penu illa but eerudan iruku..elamey try panitan pogala…plz give some tips sis

  4. Darling na etha try pannan v.good result glowing ,bright aa irukku, 2 times try panna pimples lam pochu thank you very much darling jessie love you umma

  5. Sis dailyum indha face pack podalama pls reply me fast I used it today and it gave a refreshing feeling to my skin neraya pimples iruku sis pls reply sis

  6. hi sisy.. enaku oru doubt neenga daily hair ku enna oil use pantrienga.. oil use panunathuku aparam hair shiny ah iruka vera ethum cream use pantriengala.. kandipa sollunga & rply panunga

  7. It is working good as I am a boy, instead of termuric I used multhani metti powder and menthulu, it works well.
    thanks sister for your tips

  8. Jessi medam nan edhu pottalum enakku kalar kedakkala pimbul pogala idhu potta kandippa result kedakuma ples medam sollunga unga pH num kandippa kudunga medam ples ples ples

  9. hi sisy how are u Na skin lite creem use pannitu vittuten ippo face fulla burns and romba blacka aayidichi skin normala aaguradhukku oru nalla tips sollunga neem face back use pannalama please tell me sisy reply me please

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